The Best Restaurants For Biscuits And Gravy In The US

Biscuits and gravy are one of those breakfast foods that are always a welcomed sight on a restaurant menu. Whether it's the local diner or an upscale bistro, biscuits smothered in thick sausage gravy are just a foolproof combination. It's a hearty breakfast you can never go wrong ordering, especially to renourish yourself after a night out with too many drinks. 

While you can't go wrong with biscuits and gravy, no two plates are created equal. Biscuits, in their flaky and buttery nature, are hard to perfect. It's also common for chefs to have a difficult time mastering a flavorful gravy with the right consistency to coat the biscuits. Thankfully, the U.S. is full of savory renditions of biscuits and gravy that are wonderfully distinct while all being worth a road trip.

We did a search for some of the best biscuits and gravy that are served at restaurants across the U.S. We didn't discriminate by location or type of eatery — we just wanted to find restaurant recipes that are raved about by those who have dined on them. Hopefully, we help you to narrow down the options for a brunch stop during your next cross-country road trip. 

Biscuit Head - Asheville, North Carolina

The Southern U.S. is known for its biscuits and gravy, so it only feels right to start out at Asheville, South Carolina's pride and joy — Biscuit Head. The restaurant has a few locations around the state that serves up a menu full of melt-in-your-mouth biscuits and a whole list of gravy options. Biscuit Head has the classics like fried chicken gravy and pork sausage, but that's just the beginning. The menu also includes vegetarian-friendly options like sweet potato coconut gravy and veggie sausage gravy. You also can't miss the espresso red eye gravy, which is good on pretty much anything on the menu. 

There is definitely more than one way to eat homemade biscuits and gravy at Biscuit Head. Sure, you can stick with a full order, but you can also opt to add gravy to a biscuit breakfast sandwich. Basically, the best way to approach a first visit to Biscuit Head is to go big and go home, and definitely order that extra side of gravy. 

Firefly - Manchester, New Hampshire

Up in New England, Firefly is an American upscale bistro that might not look like the go-to spot for comfort food, but the Manchester, New Hampshire locals know not to judge a book by its cover. Firefly has an unbeatable brunch menu with various Benedicts, omelets, and customizable Bloody Marys. One menu staple that is a must-order for someone at your brunch table is the biscuits and gravy. 

Firefly makes its own homemade sausage gravy to smother over biscuits with two eggs and breakfast potatoes. The plate is made even better when the customer chooses to add a fried chicken upgrade in between those flaky biscuits and luscious gravy. The dish alone is worth making a brunch reservation in advance for Firefly the next time you're in the area, and make sure to come hungry because the menu will certainly tempt you to order more than one dish. 

Biscuit B**** - Seattle, Washington

Biscuit B**** in Seattle, Washington is so good that it's worth using profanity over. The breakfast joint has two locations across the city with a menu made for biscuits and gravy aficionados. It's another menu that features more than one way to enjoy the hearty breakfast combination. There are classic plates like biscuits and gravy with fried eggs. Then, Biscuit B**** takes that base and just keeps piling on. 

The toppings for your biscuits and gravy plate can include, cheese, bacon, Louisana hot links, and more. It's another spot you're almost obligated to order an additional side of gravy at, as you'll be tempted to dunk biscuit sandwiches, sides, and probably just a spoon into the flavor bomb. "I'm from Alabama. My utmost compliment is that the biscuits and sausage gravy are on par with the South. Place is delicious," one Trip Advisor user wrote in a review of Biscuit B****. 

The Silver Skillet - Atlanta, Georgia

The Silver Skillet is an Atlanta, Georgia institution. The restaurant, which has been in the city since the 1950s, has been featured in countless TV shows and movies over the years and is a frequent spot of celebrity clientele. The menu is full of Southern breakfast plates, including their raved-about biscuits and gravy. The prices alone are enough to make your jaw drop. Silver Skillet sells one biscuit smothered in gravy for $3 or two for $5.50. 

The Silver Skillet kitchen staff is whipping up both red-eye gravy and country gravy on a regular basis for their various plates. It's a must to keep up with the demand for the biscuits ordered at nearly every table on a given morning. "Biscuits and gravy are to die for. There was not a crumb left on anyone's plate," one Trip Advisor user wrote in a review. 

Provisons - Salt Lake City, Utah

Provisions is another American craft kitchen, this time located in Salt Lake City, Utah, that one might not expect to be slinging out amazing plates of biscuits and gravy. Its loyal brunch patrons, however, know better. Provisions is a restaurant that prides itself on using regional and sustainable ingredients, which is reflected flawlessly in the biscuits and gravy plate. The plate starts with buttermilk biscuits that are loaded with a hefty pour of country sausage gravy. They top it with sunny-side-up eggs and a bit of greenery to add color to this plate that everyone at your table will want a bite of. It's okay — it just gives your group an excuse to order the powdered sugar beignets as an appetizer to share. Many Open Table reviews praise the brunch at Provisions, including the biscuits and gravy plate that keeps several customers coming back.

Rustic Diner - Barnum, Minnesota

Amazing biscuits and gravy renditions aren't just limited to big-city restaurant menus. No, some of the best breakfasts in the country come from roadside stops and unassuming diners, like Rustic Diner in Barnum, Minnesota. The breakfast venue has another budget-friendly biscuits and gravy option available for $5.50, or $7 if you want to add eggs. It's one of those places that might not seem like much, but you'll end up having one of the best and most memorable breakfasts ever at Rustic Diner. 

"We have traveled all over the U.S. and have tried biscuits & gravy at hundreds of places. We haven't found one yet that compares to the biscuits & gravy at Lou's Rustic Diner," one Trip Advisor user wrote in a raving review of the dish. Rustic Diner also sells other hearty options like corned beef hash, loaded egg skillets, and plenty of other diner delicacies. 

Doodles - Lexington, Kentucky

Doodles in Lexington, Kentucky is another breakfast and lunch restaurant that is all about local pride. It was started by locals in 2008 and they pride themselves on using regional ingredients in their comfort food dishes. Doodles' biscuits and gravy starts a bit differently with a grilled biscuit to add even more texture to the buttery base. The kitchen staff then loads it up with homemade sausage gravy, two local eggs, and a side of fried potatoes or cheese grits. Truly, it might be one epitome of the immaculate breakfast. It might sound heavy, but customers remark on how well-balanced the plate is without bogging you down after a few bites. "The biscuits and gravy were amazing, nice flaky and crisp outside held up to the gravy with nice big chunks of sausage," one Trip Advisor user wrote in a review of the dish at Doodles. 

Slappy Cakes - Maui, Hawaii

Slappy Cakes is a restaurant with a few locations in Hawaii, Oregon, and Singapore, but it's truly a must-stop spot for those visiting Maui in search of a good breakfast. The restaurant is most notable for its innovative concept of customers making their own pancakes at their table with a built-in griddle. The pancakes are a must-order, but Slappy Cakes menu is full of other inventive breakfast plates worth trying, like Southern smothered biscuits. 

Biscuits and gravy might not be easy to come by in Hawaii, but Slappy Cakes has an excellent execution. The homemade biscuits and gravy plate with eggs are sold for just $9, making it a budget-friendly and filling breakfast to fuel a day on the island. You can even amp up the dish even more with side orders of Portuguese sausage, Spam, or other toppings that make it more of your own creation to stay in the spirit of Slappy Cakes' DIY approach. 

Lucky's Cafe - Cleveland, Ohio

Lucky's Cafe in Cleveland, Ohio has a biscuits and gravy plate that was made famous by Food Network shows like "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" and "The Best Thing I Ever Ate." The farm-to-table restaurant uses fresh ingredients to perfectly execute the humble breakfast plate. The dish already starts out unique with cheddar scallion biscuits that would be delicious to eat on their own. It's taken to the next level with soft scrambled eggs that have a custard-like quality and homemade sausage gravy. 

Lucky's adds some fried hash browns and grapes for good measure, but the biscuits and gravy are the clear stars of the show. Thankfully, Lucky's offers biscuits and gravy on both their weekday and weekend menus so there's never a bad time to order the dish. Some Trip Advisor reviews even declare that the breakfast offering alone is worth a day trip to Cleveland to try. 

Pine State Biscuits - Portland, Oregon

Another excellent stop in the Pacific Northwest for biscuits and gravy is Pine State Biscuits in Portland for a fulfilling breakfast experience. A few North Carolina natives moved to Oregon and brought their passion for authentic Southern biscuits with them in 2006 and have developed a cult following of fans. 

Aside from the restaurant's classic biscuits and gravy, Pine State Biscuits offer plenty of biscuits sandwiches you can load up with gravy, both sausage and shiitake mushroom. To get a better idea of the personality of the menu, the "reggie" breakfast sandwich includes bacon, cheese, and fried chicken smothered with gravy. At Pine State, it's all about going big or going home. "The texture of the bread-to-gravy was balanced well. Food didn't get soggy and was served at the perfect temp. 10/10 would recommend to anyone going to Portland to visit," one Yelp user wrote in a review of the breakfast menu. 

PerKup Cafe - Des Moines, Iowa

West Des Moines, Iowa has a true gem with PerKup Cafe. The breakfast and lunch joint is all about making things themselves — PerKup tries to avoid anything that comes in a package. Additionally, no comfort food seems to be off-limits for the menu, which is a dream when it comes to breakfast. The restaurant has been in its current location since 2015 after outgrowing its original building due to its beloved customers. 

PerKup's biscuits and gravy is homemade and hard to resist. It's made even better when you spruce it up with eggs and hash browns on the side. PerKup Cafe doesn't add anything wild or unexpected to its biscuits and gravy. The restaurant staff would rather just execute every simple element as close to perfectly as possible. "Biscuits and gravy are delicate and fresh," one Facebook user wrote in a review of PerKup Cafe. "Best breakfast in town."

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits - Chicago, Ilinois

Chicago, Illinois is home to a baker's heaven and it's called Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits. The restaurant has a menu filled with sweet and savory pies, loaded biscuits, quiches, and more to enjoy any time of the day. Bang Bang sells a basic biscuit covered in gravy that might be simple, but you'll be hard-pressed not to eat it all. It's also just the right size to justify ordering more than one of the menu's tantalizing options. 

The restaurant allows for customizations to the biscuits and gravy plate so you can add all of the eggs, breakfast meat, and cheese (even a creamy pimento spread) to make it an even more filling meal than just the basic variation. No matter how many toppings you add, the flaky biscuit and the creamy gravy will remain the stars of the plate. 

Loveless Cafe - Nashville, Tennessee

Loveless Cafe is a Nashville, Tennessee institution that has been serving up hot biscuits with every meal since 1951. The landmark restaurant serves breakfast, supper, and any meal you could want in between, and many include ways to enjoy biscuits and gravy. Because biscuits are complimentary, it's simple to order a side of sausage gravy to dunk those flaky delights into. You can also opt for a meat-centric meal with gravy, like the country fried steak with white gravy or the country ham with red eye gravy, to eat with the biscuits. 

Loveless also has a country breakfast bowl that's made for biscuits and gravy lovers. It starts with the customer picking a meat option between pulled pork, fried chicken, bacon, or sausage, Then, the bowl is filled with fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, cheese, and sausage gravy before being topped with another biscuit. It's the kind of meal you will probably need to take a nap after, but that is encouraged at the Loveless Cafe. 

Egg - Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Over on Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, Egg is one foodie haven that every visitor needs to check out at least once on their trip. The breakfast and lunch place serves up tantalizing options like peanut butter french toast and a mini croque madame featuring a quail egg. There are so many tempting options, but the homemade buttermilk biscuits with "super-sage" sausage gravy shouldn't be overlooked. Egg even offers the plate as a side or a take-and-bake option to help make your decision-making easier. 

Egg's biscuits and gravy are herby and flavorful. It's not your average sausage gravy, but you don't want it to be. The flavors of sage and sausage are best enjoyed via a buttery biscuit vehicle. "The biscuits and gravy are freakin amazing though, even the carry-out biscuits and gravy are really good and reasonably priced," one Yelp user wrote in a review of Egg. 

Callie's Hot Little Biscuits - Charleston, South Carolina

It's hard to visit Charleston, South Carolina, and not make a stop at one of Callie's Hot Little Biscuits' several locations across the city for breakfast, lunch, and late-night bites. It's a biscuit haven that's a mainstay in the Southern town, serving up a biscuits and gravy sandwich that is not to be missed. Callie's is unique as the kitchen makes several flavors of sweet and savory biscuits, including country ham, cheese and chive, and sharp cheddar, that can really differentiate the biscuits and gravy from dishes available at other restaurants. 

Also, if you visit Charleston and fall in love with Callie's, you can sign up for a biscuit subscription service to replicate the brunch experience at home. "You also cannot go wrong with the classic biscuit and gravy combo. The price point is fair as the sandwiches come in a decent size; definitely filling," one Trip Advisor user wrote in a review of Callie's Hot Little Biscuits. 

Vovomeena - Phoenix, Arizona

Whenever you find yourself in Phoenix, Arizona with a craving for a satisfying brunch, Vovomeena is the answer. Their brunch menu is so good that they won't ever allow any substitutions, even if you ask nicely. The star of the menu is the buttermilk biscuit that is swimming in white Schreiner's sausage gravy and topped with two eggs for good measure. 

It's another example of a classic plate executed correctly, which is why people continue to come back to Vovomeena just to eat it. "Went with a dish that is served everywhere, but rarely perfect, biscuits & gravy," one Trip Advisor review reads. "The biscuits & gravy (with a splash of Cholula) was divine. Flavorful, rich, full of sausage, creamy, eggs cooked perfectly." While the biscuits and gravy entree is undoubtedly filling, it leaves just enough room for you to add one of Vovomeena's famous Portuguese donuts to your plate for dessert.

Pies 'n' Thighs - New York, New York

New York City is full of hundreds of breakfast options that make it hard to choose just one on any given morning. For those searching for a buzzworthy variation of Southern biscuits and gravy, Pies 'n' Thighs is the way to go. The restaurant serves up fried chicken, biscuits, and slices of homemade pie on a menu that begs you to order one of everything. For the savory breakfast staple, Pies 'n' Thighs takes a buttermilk biscuit and smothers it in sausage gravy. Sure, it sounds one-note, but the explosion of flavors is anything but. To jazz it up a bit, the menu does include an option that adds scrambled eggs and cheese. "Go here and eat some amazing biscuits and the gravy will make you want to smack yo momma," one Yelp user wrote in a review of Pies 'n' Thighs' breakfast. 

Norma's Cafe - Dallas, Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the options for biscuits and gravy at Dallas breakfast chain Norma's Cafe. Now with a few locations around Dallas, Norma's started with humble beginnings in 1956. To this day, the restaurant keeps with its goal of making it feel like home, especially when it comes to its homemade cooking. 

There are plenty of ways to eat biscuits and gravy at Norma's, including a basic side order for just $4. Many loyal diners recommend the Old Number 7, which features a biscuit, scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash browns smothered in sausage gravy. But wait — then the chefs top it with cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes, and a whole other biscuit to make it more ridiculous. For the meat eaters, there are options for biscuits and gravy served with country-fried steak, fried chicken, or sausage with just as many toppings. Norma's also has Southern sides to compliment the biscuits and gravy combinations, like grits or a "Big Ole cinnamon roll." 

Big City Coffee - Boise, Idaho

No matter what time or day of the week it is, the kitchen at Big City Coffee in Boise, Idaho is probably preparing an order of biscuits and gravy. The all-day breakfast joint, which has been around for more than 20 years, is known for its impressive breakfast menu filled with perfected classics served in a cozy environment. 

Rosie's biscuits and gravy is a massive plate with hearty portions of both namesake ingredients, plus some bacon for added flavor. It's another diner that will allow you to amp up the original with eggs, cheese, and sausage for a brunch that will guarantee that you'll need a nap afterward. "Moved to Indiana and crave/miss the biscuits and gravy. To date I've never found a replacement," one Yelp user wrote in a review of Big City Coffee. "There is nothing on the menu that will disappoint."

District Biskuits - Kansas City, Missouri

District Biskuits started as a pop-up restaurant by a Kansas City, Missouri native with a passion for mastering the art of biscuit baking. The restaurant, now with a permanent location in the city, serves up biscuits any way you want them, including smothered in gravy. District Biskuits boasts that the biscuits and gravy dish is "done right (our way)," which is a quality that you have to truly taste to fully conceptualize. 

The breakfast and lunch menu also includes items like jumbo chicken tenders, Nashville hot fried chicken, fried sweet potatoes, and more to jazz up your meal, but the biscuits and gravy are a must-order dish. "The biscuits were crispy on the outside flaky on the inside. The gravy was the real deal with plenty of sausage! All ingredients tasted 'made from scratch,'" one Facebook user wrote in a review of their breakfast at District Biskuits. 

Dixie Belles Cafe - Orlando, Florida

Dixie Belles Cafe in Orlando, Florida prides itself on serving the best sausage gravy in town, and many people who have stopped by for breakfast wholeheartedly seem to agree. The restaurant, which has been open since 2007, is a well-situated stop for people going to and from the busy airport in the city. It's another breakfast menu with more than one way to indulge in the savory combination, including a basic side of biscuits and gravy. One dish not to miss is the Barnyard King "A Manly Meal" which comes with either country fried steak or smoked sausage on a biscuit with breakfast potatoes and eggs that are all smothered in that famous sausage gravy. There is also the Country Platter, which includes biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage, and eggs any way you want them. "Delicious! No wonder they are famous for their biscuits and gravy. Extremely reasonable prices too," one Yelp user wrote in a review of Dixie Belles Cafe.