Coca-Cola's New Mystery Flavor Could Have Gamers Rushing To Stores

Coke is doing it again! The popular soft drink brand is releasing another undefinable mystery flavor. In recent years, they've tried to capture the essence of stars, dreams, and pixels with sodas named Starlight, Dreamworld, and Byte. They've also sold sodas inspired by celebrities, including Marshmello and Rosalía. However, these drinks did not taste like marshmallows or roses to any discernible extent. Nor did the latter taste much like the rosé said to be its inspiration. The latest vague concept to be enshrined by Coke is "League of Legends" experience points, which now have their own flavor called "Ultimate."

So what do these points taste like? That we couldn't say. The flavor could be that of victory, despair, or frustration, depending on how you play the game. As to what the new soda tastes like, we'll have to wait until June 12th to find out because that's when it rolls out nationwide. All we know is that according to Coca-Cola's senior director of global strategy, Oana Vlad, it will mostly taste like Coke. As she admitted to CNN Business, Coke's "mystery flavors" are mostly standard cola drinks, but with what she says is a "10 to 15% twist of something unexpected." Even if the flavor's a flop, it won't matter too much, as this is a limited-time offering, guaranteeing that there will be people (us included) who'll buy at least one bottle to see what it's like.

The game itself is adding Coke-themed content

Of course, Coca-Cola can't just slap the "League of Legends" logo on a can, nor can it use the game's name without an arrangement with parent company Riot Games. It seems the partnership is somewhat of a two-way one, as not only will gamers (and others) be able to suck down +XP-flavored soda, but they can also access various Coke-themed in-game perks. The very first Ultimate mission for LoL players starts today, with successful completion unlocking a special Ultimate emote. There are three missions in all. The Ultimate Teamplay emote comes from getting seven assists in one game, while the Ultimate Gains emote is awarded when you earn 12,000 gold in one game. If you take less than 20 minutes to win a game, the Ultimate Tempo emote is yours. Like Ultimate, these emote-earning missions are a limited-time deal and only good through July 18th.

There's also more Ultimate stuff to be found on the Coca-Cola Creations Hub, which can be accessed by scanning the QR codes on Ultimate cans (or by visiting the website). One thing you can do is use the Ultimate Emote Generator Instagram filter. Another, should you have some cash to spare and are a superfan of either Coke or LoL, is ordering an Ultimate mini-fridge. Stay tuned for more Ultimate swag as additional digital content and/or merch could be released after the soda drops.