The Untold Truth Of Martha And Snoop

For some time, there hasn't been a show on TV that has come as close to being as oddly perfect as "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner" Party. On any given episode you might see Martha Stewart try on bling or Snoop crack a few weed jokes while making Cornish game hens. It was equal parts weird, educational, and hilarious. A well-known rapper pairing up with a famous homemaker might have seemed like a recipe destined for failure, but the opposite couldn't be more true.

The show, with its rotating list of celebrity guests like Lil Yachty and Rick Ross, proved to be a ratings blockbuster and a hit with critics, even getting an Emmy nomination. Though the show ended after two seasons, there's nothing wrong with a lil' nostalgia. Here's what you need to know about the very entertaining and one-of-a-kind cooking show that was "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party."

Their friendship is real

The idea of a cooking show with co-hosts Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart sounds not just far-fetched, but absurd. After all, what could a West coast rapper and the domestic goddess have in common? Sure, they might be like oil and water on the surface, with decades between their ages and coming from completely different backgrounds, but their friendship is 100 percent genuine.

The pair have had a strong fondness for one another since they first met when Snoop was a guest on "Martha" back in 2008. Over the years, their friendship has only grown and is what Snoop calls "a natural combination of love, peace, and harmony."

Watch a single episode and it's immediately obvious that the two have great chemistry and enjoy one another. "It's like they are a unit. They exist. It's not fake. It's not put on," said SallyAnn Salsano, the producer of "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party." "It's just what it is. That's why I think it feels so good because you have two people that genuinely love each other and respect each other, for real" (via Inc).

She thinks he's hot

Okay, let's get one thing clear, Snoop and Stewart are just friends. After all, there are about three decades of age difference between the two and Snoop is married. That's not to say that they don't admire each other's looks, though. When Stewart was asked if the pair's in-the-kitchen chemistry could ever bubble into more than a friendship, she quickly nixed any potential coupling up. 

"Snoop is younger than my daughter..." Stewart told "Good Day New York." "We have to have a professional relationship, don't we Snoop?" None of this means, however, that she can't admire Snoop for the dapper man that he is. "He is very attractive, I must say, he really is an attractive human being," Stewart said. "Everybody likes him. It's so nice that he's popular, and the guests really adore him and respond to him nicely. And he has a great sense of humor." 

If the two were a little closer in age and had met a few decades earlier when Stewart was a fashion model, who knows what could have blossomed? 

Snoops adds his own herbs when Martha isn't looking

Watching any sort of TV show with Snoop is going to bring with it a handful of weed references. Marijuana has been a trademark of the rapper's persona since the early '90s, and at this point, it's expected for him to drop a few cannabis one-liners.

When you factor in marijuana-friendly guests like Seth Rogen and Wiz Khalifa, "special herbs" are bound to be a component in the cooking process. "I have herbs and spices that I use with my meals," Snoop told the Los Angeles Times. "And when Martha isn't looking, I sprinkle a little bit in her meals. So it's represented thoroughly on the show. Gotta have it."

So is it possible that Martha Stewart ate edibles on the show? Well, that's anybody's guess, but don't expect to see her rolling a blunt with Snoop anytime soon.

Snoop's always high on set

Saying that Snoop Dogg enjoys weed is as understated as saying that Michael Phelps is a good swimmer. The man isn't just playing a character either, he's very much the stoner buddy to his straight-laced sidekick and enjoys being high once the cameras start rolling.

"He comes onto the set pretty high, and leaves pretty high," joked Stewart, before making sure to clarify that Snoop's "not incompetent or incoherent at all. That's the way he lives" (via The Washington Post).

Cooking under the influence seems to almost be a necessary ingredient for Snoop's style of cooking. How else would one come up with the idea to include potato chips and a dash of Colt 45 in a fried chicken recipe? "Sometimes I may smoke one blunt, sometimes I may smoke 100 blunts," Snoop explained. For him it all comes down to "what's necessary for me to do what I'm doing." Fo shizzle.

Martha admitted to a contact high

Martha Stewart might not start her day by toking up with Snoop, but that's not to say she hasn't come into contact with the stuff. Apparently, the smoke was sometimes so prominent on the set that it was impossible not to get a contact high from the stuff. "I get kind of high from secondary smoke," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "I'm not a smoker myself, but the smoke is quite thick around the set."

Working with Snoop on the show wasn't the first time the rapper's enjoyment of marijuana rubbed off on Stewart either. During an interview on "Late Night with Seth Myers," she said that while sitting next to Snoop during the lengthy taping of Justin Bieber's Comedy Central roast she also got a contact high.

"I got high just sitting there," Stewart told Seth Myers. "We had to sit on that stage for four hours — it took four hours to film that roast — and the secondary smoke is just as powerful as primary smoke. So I was totally high by the time I got up to that microphone."

Snoop recounted the roast on the "Howard Stern Show" (via Complex), and in his opinion, the secondhand high only improved her performance. "By the time she gets up there to tell her jokes, she's whacked out of her head but she steals the f***ing show," Snoop said. "She was loose as a goose, high as a motherf***er, and she went up there and killed it."

She's not totally against marijuana edibles

Alright, so we've clarified that if Martha Stewart gets a secondhand-smoke-high, it's only by accident. Fair enough. So what about edibles then? With all that delicious food that Snoop and Stewart ate on the show, surely she was a little curious about indulging in a magic brownie or two, right?

TMZ caught up with the show host and didn't hold back about asking her if she'd try any edibles. Stewart jokingly said she may try them "for scientific purposes."  For now though, Stewart is more about making sure any brownies are baked properly. "She'll critique the brownies," Snoop told Jimmy Kimmel. "But she won't enjoy them."

So maybe we won't see a Snoop & Martha's edibles line flooding the market anytime soon, but it sounds like Stewart's at least a little curious about the cannabis treats. The show does have "pot" in its title, so it's only natural that a little bit of the green stuff occasionally finds it's way into whatever the pair is baking. 

Martha made Snoop drink

Snoop and Stewart might not be sharing spliffs, and they might not be sharing any plates of special brownies together, but that doesn't mean the two aren't celebrating their success — and come happy hour, Stewart is all about wetting her whistle. "[S]he forces me to drink alcohol everyday on the show with her," Snoop said in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. 

The rapper doesn't seem to be fudging the truth either. So far, fans have seen the pair enjoy drinks on the show ranging from beer to champagne to bloody marys.

The late night host asked if Snoop wasn't a big drinker and while the rapper admitted he's mostly given up the stuff, he obliges when he's offered a beverage from his co-host. "With her, I have to drink," said Snoop. "So Martha will get you a bit drunk, but it doesn't go the other way?" Kimmel asked, before Snoop quipped back, "We're working on that."

They both learned new skills

"Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party" might have been more entertainment than educational, but that's not to say its stars didn't learn a few things. Both Stewart and Snoop constantly discovered new things about one another, both practical and completely trivial. (Like any friendship, really.)

How many 70-something women with residences in East Hampton, New York, can say they've had a lesson in the meaning of "all hood" and "ball til ya fall" from one of hip-hop's reigning icons? Not many, but Martha can. "I've learned a lot about music from Snoop and our guests," Martha told The Washington Post. "He's extremely knowledgeable, he's also very amusing." 

The education goes both ways, too. Snoop credits his friendship with her for helping him to refine his food etiquette and how to present a meal. "Martha you taught me preparation — the way you prepare a meal before you cook it and then, once it's done, how you prepare the table," Snoop told the Los Angeles Times.

The show's kitchen reflected Martha and Snoop's personalities

Because "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party" was unlike any other cooking show in the history of cooking shows, the kitchen was its own unique entity. This wasn't your standard TV set kitchen by any means, but it's a direct reflection of both Martha and Snoop's personalities. Stewart told Architectural Digest that the idea from the beginning was to have a "split personality kitchen," Snoop on his side of the space and Martha with her's.

Each side was distinctly different. Snoop's was a laid-back purple motif with an array of specialty herbs in the background for him to pick and choose from. Stewart's was more traditional, with lots of copper cookware and white. As expected, both hosts appreciated the differences in style. Stewart loved Snoop's on-set bling, like his 24-karat gold measuring cup, and he was all about her "faux bois" wallpaper. Needless to say, there was nothing cookie-cutter about this kitchen.

Snoop is actually a great cook

Followers of Martha Stewart know that she can cook like nobody's business, but what about the Doggfather? If you ask Martha, he's very much capable of holding his own in the kitchen and brings a certain flair to his cooking that's all his own.

"I love his food, too," Stewart revealed in an interview CBS. "His Cornish game hens that he made yesterday were the best thing so far on this show."

Snoop admitted that particular recipe came from his mother, but was quick to point out that working alongside Martha only made him more confident in the kitchen. "She teaches me how to be [a] better chef, better prepared ... you know, preparation is key 'cause I love to cook with love!"

It's that sort of loving appreciation that comes through when the pair work together. "Martha taught me how to make a pizza," said Snoop. "I'm talking about from scratch!"

Martha never went in Snoop's trailer

"Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party" could almost function as a sociology study as viewers continuously got to watch two very different people explore and learn about each other's worlds. Weed may be a huge part of Snoop's world and persona, but that doesn't mean Stewart was hitting a spliff with the rapper. In fact, Stewart revealed in an interview with Hollywood Reporter that, after agreeing to do the show, she said she'd steer clear of Snoop's personal space.  

"I made a pact early on doing this show that I would never enter Snoop's domain, his trailer," said Stewart, before adding, "all the guests go into his trailer, by the way."

This doesn't mean that she's a prude when it comes to the vices that her co-star or guests of the show choose to partake in. "So someone smokes marijuana? Big deal..." said Stewart. "I'm quite egalitarian and liberal when it comes to stuff like that."

Snoop and Martha talked about doing a cookbook

If you're regularly watching the show and salivating over Martha Stewart and Snoop's creations while frantically jotting down how to make "potato chip fried chicken," you're in luck. A cookbook from the duo could soon be on the way — although it probably won't contain any cannabis recipes. There's no shortage of cookbooks already on the market from celebrities, but who else is going to put out a cookbook that could potentially include both truffle pizza and pork chops with a malt liquor glaze? Nobody, that's who!

"We publish good, tested recipes," Stewart told the Los Angeles Times. "That's important to me." The show has proved that just about anything is possible with these two, so who knows what the future will hold. As Snoop might say though, we can all agree that a Snoop and Martha cookbook would be "off the hizzy."

The show was a critical success

Few people would have predicted that a cooking show with Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart would work, let alone be a hit. That's exactly what the show has turned into though, and as we mentioned earlier, it even received an Emmy nomination. How many other shows with hip-hop royalty and millionaire homemakers can lay claim to that? (Obviously none, considering it's the only show of it's kind.)

The recipes aren't the only thing that's fresh on the show, it has an almost unheard of 100 percent fresh rating with critics on Rotten Tomatoes and fans have voted it a solid 7.1 on IMDb. Stewart gives credit to her co-host in helping to create the show's success. "Snoop works extremely hard, sticks to what he knows, and has perfected his areas of expertise," she told Forbes.  

The show may only got two seasons, but considering that each episode was more revealing than the last — like when we found out Martha partied at Studio 54 — it was quite a wild ride.

The show was a bridge to bring people together

Food and music have a way of bringing people together, so it's only natural that a show featuring one of the biggest characters in music and one of the biggest personalities in food would be a winning platform. Snoop and Martha Stewart were arguably one of the most lovable and oddest couples on TV, and their show was a standout example of unifying people from different backgrounds. It's the underlying message that we're not all that different that Stewart said she loved about the show.

"Well, I think that cultures can clash, and cultures can actually meld," she said.  "We all want to know things, we all want to know what's good — food, lifestyle, setting a table, making a drink" (via CBS News).

Guests on the show like Post Malone and Fat Joe might not have all that much in common with Stewart on the surface, but everyone seemed to have a good time, and Stewart readily admitted that the show pulled her outside of her bubble. "I'm wearing bling. I never wear bling!"

Martha and Snoop have swapped prison stories

The unlikely pair has bonded over many things, including a shared experience: prison. Martha Stewart served five months in prison for insider trading, while Snoop Dogg, who has been arrested several times, did multiple stints in prison for possession of cocaine and other charges.

Going to prison is not very common — only about 3% of the American population has served time at one point in their life. So the odds that two celebrities who are also former convicts would become friends and star in a cooking show together is pretty low. But these two are the types of people who "beat the odds" and live to tell the tales.

While on a special episode of "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen, Snoop Dogg was asked by an audience member to share his favorite story that Stewart told him about prison, and his answer did not disappoint. "She told me that when she went in there, they told her to put some newspapers on her to protect herself from getting stabbed, and she was like, 'Why not use my magazines?'"

The duo has co-hosted a Halloween special

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg may already have some of the lengthiest resumes in Hollywood, but that didn't stop them from adding a Halloween special to the list in October 2021 when their show "Snoop and Martha's Very Tasty Halloween" premiered on Peacock.

The competition baking show had teams create spooky and edible concoctions for the judges to critique, and along the way, there were, of course, plenty of moments that caused cackles. Snoop made a marijuana reference at seemingly every opportunity, and his love for the comedy niche (and weed) rubbed off on his co-host, as Stewart made her own cannabis cracks.

The show didn't go off without any awkward moments, though, as Snoop spent a small portion of it tasting a treat in a rather suggestive way, tempting viewers to exit the streaming service, or at least fast forward. One of the contestants was thrilled by Snoop's behavior, though, and shared that he's admired him since the mid-90's. We're glad someone was amused.

Snoop and Martha are Puppy Bowl-hosting pros

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are no strangers to hosting duties, and that includes the most adorable sporting event there is, the Puppy Bowl. In 2021, the duo co-hosted the annual event, and in 2022 they were asked to return, this time as coaches. Stewart was in charge of Team Ruff, and Snoop Dogg coached Team Fluff, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The two friends were elated to be sharing this duty again. Stewart noted, "I'm so excited that Snoop and I are back to kick off Puppy Bowl XVIII and help a bunch of deserving pups find their forever homes!" as reported by People. Snoop expressed his excitement by saying, "I am honored to be co-hosting the only sporting event on the planet guaranteed to raise the 'woof' with the magnificent Martha Stewart!"

The Puppy Bowl wasn't the only Super Bowl event that Snoop was a part of in 2022. He also headlined the Halftime Show with other superstars including Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and 50 Cent.

They don't have a cookbook together, but they each have their own

Fans are still waiting on Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg to collaborate for a cookbook, but until then, they'll have to settle for the stars' individual cookbooks. Stewart. being the lifestyle mogul that she is, has of course published dozens of books, specializing in various food categories like one pot meals, vegetables, and even grilling. There aren't many cooks who have quite as prolific a cookbook catalog as Stewart.

Snoop Dogg has his own cookbook, as well. The rapper published "From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen" in 2018.

And although Snoop has never mentioned receiving advice from Stewart on writing his cookbook, he did look to the expert when releasing his gin, Indoggo. "She knows how to set up a drink and I value her opinion, so I was excited for her to try it out," he told Wine Enthusiast, adding that they had a virtual toast when she first tried his spirit. Now that is a Zoom meeting we would love to be a part of.

Martha and Snoop both have their own wine

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg have a lot in common, and it's even extended into business ventures. For years now, Snoop Dogg has had a partnership with the wine brand 19 Crimes, and in 2021 he continued his partnership with the company.

"I knew when I was linking up with one of the most successful brands in the market, we were going to make a splash. I've been a fan of 19 Crimes and what they stand for since the start and I can't wait to bring what we're doing to the entire world," he shared with the Wine Industry Network Advisor. Snoop's wines with the brand include a California red blend and a California rosé.

Now, Martha Stewart has teamed up with 19 Crimes to release her own wine. "I am thrilled to announce the launch of Martha's Chard in partnership with 19 Crimes," she said of her 2022 beverage release (via Food & Wine). We're hopeful that the new partnership of Stewart's leads to a wine collaboration between her and Snoop. We would be the first ones to drink it.

They've starred in multiple commercials together

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart's star power is undeniable, and brands have taken notice. Both have had their share of individual endorsements, but there's something magical (and lucrative, we presume) about the two together, and they've starred in multiple commercials for some of the biggest brands in the United States.

Back in 2017, the pair worked with T-Mobile for a 30-second commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. In 2022, Snoop and Stewart resurfaced on the advertisement scene for a product they're both familiar with: a lighter. Working with BIC, the company smartly tailored the commercial script to highlight and hint at their respective preferred uses for the product — Stewart's being grilling and Snoop's being smoking.

Perhaps their best appearance was in 2020 when Stewart and Snoop filmed an advertisement for Tostitos products. The commercial pointed out exactly how we all feel about this duo: "They're good apart, but even better together."

Martha Stewart once got a (fake) tattoo of Snoop Dogg

Friendships can come and go, but tattoos last forever. So, what better way to seal your bond than through ink? That seemed to be Martha Stewart's thinking when she posted a photo to her Instagram in 2023 showcasing a new upper-arm tattoo of Snoop Dogg's face. "My Dogg! Thanks for the amazing tattoo @scottcampbell. Forever linked in ink to my favorite @snoopdogg," Stewart wrote. The post featured her sitting next to famed celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell. 

Fans bombarded the comments wondering if the tattoo was real. Some astute Instagram users gleaned insight by homing in on the timing of the post. The photo was shared on February 10, just two days before Super Bowl LVII. Stewart and Snoop Dogg were already announced to appear together in a Super Bowl commercial that year, leading some to believe the Instagram post was merely a teaser.

They were absolutely right. The image was a still shot from a Martha-Snoop Sketchers commercial that aired during the big game. Real or not, most people seemed to enjoy Stewart's tattoo post, including some of her famous friends. "Just when I thought I couldn't love you more," actress Ellen Pompeo wrote. Comedian Amy Schumer, meanwhile, added a simple message of encouragement: "Live queen!🔥"

Martha was initially charmed by Snoop's giggle

By now, everyone knows about Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg's friendship, but most are still in the dark about how, exactly, this relationship took root. Stewart recently pulled back the curtain on the origins of the duo's unlikely friendship. During a 2023 interview with Sports Illustrated to promote her cover of the magazine's swimsuit edition, the lifestyle guru said she initially took to the rapper because of his laugh. 

"Well, Snoop came on my show, and what was really charming about Snoop, first of all, was his giggle. He giggles in a very, very nice way," Stewart recalled. "And his quest for learning! He is a real student, and that's what really appealed to me."

The two solidified their friendship further when they both appeared on the "Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber" in 2015. "We sat next to each other for hours [...] All he did was smoke, and everybody was in such a good mood and we were all roasting each other," the media mogul recounted. "And luckily, Snoop's secondhand smoke really kind of eased the pain for me a lot, and it was hysterical because I just felt, 'Okay! I'll go with the flow here.' After like six billion views around the world, it turned out to be one of the best things—and it cemented my relationship with Snoop."