Snoop Had A Hilarious Mix Up During His Halloween Special With Martha Stewart

Wherever Snoop Dogg goes, his reputation precedes him. When Snoop and Martha Stewart make their grand entrance at the beginning of "Snoop & Martha's Very Tasty Halloween," you may wonder how much of the stage fog comes from a smoke machine. 

The Halloween special, streaming on Peacock October 21, opens with a few of the requisite cannabis puns. Snoop refers to the three teams of contestants as "wake-and-bakers," and Martha Stewart tells them she has "high expectations," with a wink and a nudge for Snoop: "Get it, Snoop? High?" Everyone cackles with Halloween glee.

The three teams of expert bakers appear to be on their game as they rush to create a room-sized haunted house-like experience in addition to four ghoulishly tasty treats in just six hours. By the looks of it, they do all their baking in the oven and not in Snoop's dressing room. We can't say the same for certain about the iconic rapper, as a question from guest judge Alvin Zhou suggests Snoop's thinking is a little cloudy.

Snoop Dogg wanted smoked turkey during his Halloween special

As the three teams of bakers on "Snoop & Martha's Very Tasty Halloween" settle into their work, Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg, and Alvin Zhou settle into throne-like chairs to watch the action in comfort. "This is real nice," Snoop says as he sinks into his cushion. "Fit for a king and a queen, right?"

Zhou decides to make a little conversation and asks Snoop what he would make if he were participating in the challenge. "First thing I would do is get me um ... I would probably get some smoked turkey," Snoop says. Martha Stewart speaks up to set Snoop straight: "But this is dessert."

"Oh, this is dessert. That wouldn't work then," Snoop said, laughing. "Maybe they'll buy some Skittles and burn them." Stewart guessed Snoop brought up turkey because he was hungry — either that or the rapper got his holidays confused and thought this was a Thanksgiving special.