Chicken Nugget And Waffle Sliders Look Adorably Delicious

Chicken nugget and waffle sliders, like the ones seen in this TikTok video, are the delicious evolution of a breakfast classic people didn't know they needed. And while they certainly look adorable, these bite-sized breakfast sandwiches have the potential to pack some serious flavor. For those who are uninitiated in the ways of chicken and waffles, this unlikely duo is a soul-food staple of the American South that has gone on to permeate the hearts and stomachs of diners across the country. The contrasting flavors and textures of fried chicken against sweet and fluffy waffles make for a comforting dish that will have you coming back again and again.

Chicken and waffles are typically eaten with a knife and fork, but these sliders are a convenient one-bite delivery system for this sweet-and-savory experience. They can even be made spicy by adding cayenne and hot sauce into the syrup glaze, like in the video — a flavor experience that's very popular right now thanks to the hot chicken trend. Don't like extra heat? Omit the spice. Want to use a sweetener besides syrup? Try fresh blueberry jam. Don't care about carbs? Add a dollop of smooth mashed potatoes in the slider. There's a lot of room to have fun with customization.

Other mini breakfast-slider combinations to try

If the McGriddle has taught us anything, it's that there's definitely an audience for savory-sweet breakfast sandwiches. Taking a cue from that McDonald's classic, putting an entire pancake breakfast combo in a little slider isn't out of the question for home cooks. Mini pancakes, like mini waffles, are the perfect sweet vehicles for savory meat, and there might not be a better candidate than a mini breakfast sausage patty. There isn't going to be much textural contrast in this slider, but the overall result shouldn't suffer too much. If anything, it's less of a headache to prepare because you can just throw everything in a tin, drizzle with syrup, and bake.

For a savory-sweet breakfast slider that's really out of the box, try switching the carbs and protein could be a delicious twist to serve with the others. A classic tater tot is small enough to fit in the middle of a bite-sized slider, and also provides a nice crunch. This leaves a sweet protein that could serve as the buns of this sandwich. Honey ham steak comes to mind, but it runs the risk of being too thick and not sweet enough. The best alternative would be to use none other than spam — it's just structurally sound enough to house a tater tot or two. To sweeten it up, use the same teriyaki-like sauce you would find in a spam musubi recipe. Hold it all together with a toothpick, bake, and enjoy!