Latto's New Wingstop Flavor Brings Big Energy To Lemon Herb

Wingstop has made some big changes lately, from adding a new chicken sandwich to the menu and joining the fast-food chicken wars, to eliminating in-restaurant dining in favor of a new futuristic restaurant design that favors take-out orders. But it's adopted another new trend, too – the celebrity fast-food partnership. As for its latest collaboration, "It's Givin" a bold, citrusy flavor. Wingstop has teamed up with musician Latto to create a new meal that stars Lemon Herb Remix wings.

Wingstop's Lemon Herb Remix is a blend of herbs and garlic with lemon, making for a tangy and zesty flavor. In a commercial for the Latto Lemon Herb Remix wings on Twitter, the singer Latto can be seen driving a yellow car with a license plate that says "zesty," wearing all yellow, and bringing a bag of the wings to share with her friends. Latto brings "Big Energy" to the commercial, and fans in the comments on social media seem to have gobbled up that energy faster than a five piece basket of wings.

Latto's Lemon Herb Remix wings

On social media, hungry folks are excited to try Latto's new Wingstop flavor, Lemon Herb Remix. "These sound soooo fire," shared one fan on Twitter, saying they were willing to "take a special trip to the closest one" since they don't have a Wingstop in their area. "Wingstop finna get all my money," shared another. We have a feeling based on past Wingstop limited-time flavors that this one will be a hit. Last year, the chain had two lemon-based remix flavors, Hot Lemon and Lemon Garlic, so clearly lemon is popular enough as a base flavor for the brand to experiment with it again this year. 

The Latto meal comes with 21 classic wings, two dips, and a large order of fries. How does one enjoy the meal just like Latto would? According to the star in a press release, "Go with all flats in my signature flavor and all the ranch." Those who are interested in trying the new flavor without breaking the bank can head to Wingstop on July 29, which is National Chicken Wing Day, and use code FREEWINGS to order five free wings with the purchase of another item. It's a low-stakes way to try something new. No Wingstop in your city? You can always make a copycat Wingstop lemon pepper wings recipe at home, then try remixing it yourself.