The Only Thing That Could Make Pizza Better Is A Focaccia Crust

Beloved for its versatility and creative flavor possibilities, pizza can be as low-key or as fancy as you like — and still be a hit. Load it with all the best pizza toppings and sauces, and you've got a quick, easy meal perfect for a hungry group to snatch up and devour. Whether you prefer thin crust or fluffy, thick crust stuffed with gooey cheese, you may think there are more topping options than bread variations, but we're here to lead you in a new direction. If your pizza base needs a hefty dose of zest and texture, we think a focaccia crust is the way to go.

Focaccia bread is a favorite among Italian bakers for its light and airy texture, characterized by its signature bubbles formed by gently denting the dough's surface before baking. This bread is also very versatile, as you can tear it up, toast it, dip it into a comforting soup, or use it to make a veggie-laced sandwich. This traditional bake has recently become a delicious trend for a good reason — it's much easier to make than regular pizza dough. 

Making authentic Italian focaccia bread is easy; you don't have to knead the dough! Instead, use a baking tray to get the job done. Bake your focaccia bread with generous drizzles of olive oil and your preferred mixture of savory seasonings. After you dive into that first chewy bite, you'll want to make it again as soon as possible.

How to make the best focaccia bread pizza

Crispy on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside, you can experiment with adding extra Mediterranean-style ingredients into your focaccia like feta, sundried tomatoes, and green olives, or use this foolproof focaccia technique for a malty-tasting bake. 

One recipe for focaccia bread pizza went viral on TikTok – and the comments section was just as helpful as the recipe. Someone brought up a good point regarding the types of yeast you can use for this versatile bread. The commenter used active dry yeast instead of instant, which the creator used, by mixing in ½ teaspoon of sugar and warm water to help it bloom. While either type will work, when using instant yeast, proofing in water isn't needed, and your focaccia will rise 15-20 minutes quicker. 

After mixing the dough, it gets covered and left in the fridge to rest, where it will double in size overnight. However, if you need it sooner, it can be left out at room temperature to double in two hours — but it will be more fragile and less flavorful than you'd get from an eight to 12-hour rest. Later, when the baking process is underway, you can cook some easy pizza sauce or a buttery garlic sauce before experimenting with toppings. Serve your focaccia bread pizza with meaty lumps of sausage or juicy pepperoni slices. Or, if you're a veggie-lover, sauté some mushrooms or spinach — or both — and sprinkle it on your creation.