Cookie Nachos Give The Bar Food Classic A Sweet Twist

You've heard of ice cream pasta, dessert pizza, and even cookie cereal, but have you ever tried to transform your nachos into a sweet after-dinner treat? Introducing cookie nachos, the latest trend that is deceptively delicious. Whether you're playing a prank on your nacho-loving bestie or you want to stretch your artistic limits with a tasty new medium, these cookie nachos are a real work of art that look wildly similar to the famous bar food.


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TikToker @customcookies365 shared their innovative cookie nacho creation that gained over 372,000 views – at first glance, the finished product looks exactly like a plate of traditional nachos covered in beans, meat, cheese, and tomatoes. Shockingly, the dish consists of triangle-shaped sugar cookies, chocolate and vanilla pudding, and cookie toppings. One commenter was totally convinced, saying, "I gasped thinking the strawberry was actually tomato. fooled me bad." Another hungry user commented, "My brain is so confused about what I'm craving now."

Other creative TikTok bakers have also been inspired to create their own cookie nachos. @frostedbymalekbinns shared their hyper-realistic take on TikTok, creating cookie nachos with toppings that look remarkably similar to real olives, guacamole, and sour cream. @loveisbakeable gave the trendy dessert a Barbie makeover, forming pink cookie dough with edible glitter into triangles, topped with pink marshmallows and raspberries, and a side of pink frosting for dipping. These make the perfect movie snack, but you might have to sneak it into the theater!

Who says dessert can't be finger food?

When nachos are translated to a sweeter palate, we can assume that cookies will act as chips, a binding syrup or icing can replace the cheese, and additional toppings may be represented by sprinkles or fruit. With this loose definition, the flavor possibilities for cookie nachos are endless. Stack a handful of nuts and chocolate chips on top of cut-up oatmeal raisin cookies, and drizzle with caramel sauce for a bite of cookie nachos that resembles your favorite trail mix. Or elevate classic childhood desserts by combining a platter of Oreo cookies with a dollop of chocolate pudding and gummy worms to create the ultimate dirt dessert nachos.

If you're fresh out of cookie dough, sweet dessert nachos can even be enjoyed with tortilla chips. According to TikToker @dadaeats, cinnamon sugar tortilla chips are the perfect base for dessert nachos topped with fresh fruit, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. Or you can deep-fry your own tortilla chips and add your preferred sugar for a more custom flavor combination. Add powdered sugar, apple slices, peanuts, and salted caramel sauce for a dessert nacho combo that tastes just like caramel apples. Even ice cream shops have started to offer scoops of ice cream with a side of waffle cone chips as a nacho alternative for dessert lovers.