The Worst Time Of Week To Go To Trader Joe's

Suppose you are one of those shoppers who believe that Trader Joe's is a destination and not just a stop along the way. In that case, you'll want to know how to avoid the crowds and take advantage of those opportunities where you can leisurely stroll through your favorite grocery store. There is something therapeutic and relaxing about spending an afternoon browsing the products on every aisle. Plus, having the freedom to pick out any item that catches your eye without having to stressfully steer your cart around other shoppers is surprisingly peaceful.

However, Trader Joe's is a sought-after store for a reason. With a variety of vegan and gluten-free options, unique seasonal treats, and new products popping up seemingly every week, it's a popular place to be. Therefore, to embrace all this store offers, you'll want to know when to plan your Trader Joe's outings, or better yet when to avoid going altogether.

One Trader Joe's aficionado, Rachael Engelhardt, spoke with EatingWell about the constant crowds and how to avoid them as a shopper. Usually, the most convenient times to grocery shop are the most crowded as well. While Trader Joe's is usually quite empty during the early mornings and late nights, it's not the most practical shopping time. Of course, weekends are by far the worst time to do your grocery shopping because the vast majority of customers are off of work and school, leading to crowded aisles throughout the day.

Grocery shopping on a busy day can be brutal

Even Reddit users have started debating the pros and cons of Sunday shopping at Trader Joe's, and the conversation involves ways to avoid the inevitable weekend rush. Common Sunday activities like church services and sports games usually lead to a steady stream of shoppers throughout the late morning and early afternoon. A Sunday stroll through the grocery store becomes a methodical guessing game of when most potential shoppers will be preoccupied.

There are many mistakes people make when shopping at Trader Joe's, but one of the biggest is choosing the worst time to go. Beyond the weekend crowds being the worst, weekdays can feel just as bad. While Trader Joe's employees have claimed that early weekday mornings are the best time to shop, afternoons come close to the worst time. From 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., working professionals tend to do some quick shopping before heading home, and that post-school rush is no joke, especially if your Trader Joe's is within walking distance of a high school.

What you need to know before shopping at Trader Joe's is that you will most likely encounter crowds at some point, so differentiating between relaxing trips or ones out of pure necessity will help you mentally prepare for what's to come. While Trader Joe's isn't the only store with novelty products, their prices are more reasonable, which is persuasive for many shoppers. Therefore, avoiding weekends and weekday afternoons will be your saving grace.