Reddit Is Debating The Pros And Cons Of Sunday Shopping At Trader Joe's

Is there an ideal time to go grocery shopping? According to some Reddit users, if there is, it's definitely not Sunday at Trader Joe's. On the Reddit thread titled "Trader Joe's," a thread dedicated specifically for TJ's fans, one poster shared a meme featuring a screenshot of Mary J. Blige's halftime performance at this year's Super Bowl. In the screenshot, Blige is lying face up, with her arms and legs spread out.

The meme's caption read: "Me at Trader Joe's on Sunday." The joke, though appearing to be shared in good fun, did spark some debate among the Reddit users. Some agreed wholeheartedly: shopping on the last day of the week at the grocery chain was exhausting. They claimed most of the items were picked over, the store is often crowded, and the lines may be long.

Still, others noted some benefits to doing their weekly stock ups on the seventh day, showing that there might be both pros and cons to this strategy. Here's what the Redditors had to say.

If timed correctly, shopping on Sunday could have many benefits

According to the Reddit users, shopping on Sunday may not only be possible, but also strategic, if planned correctly. "Get in before church lets out and no important football games," one person wrote. Another commenter shared that while their local Trader Joe's can get picked over pretty quickly on Sundays, "​​I discovered that going around 11-12 on Sunday still had full shelves and very few shoppers. People are probably doing church or brunch or coffee," the user wrote.

Given the comments, it's possible that shopping at the store Sunday can actually be a relaxing and carefree process. Another commenter shared a similar sentiment "Mine on Sunday mornings is awesome. Crowds haven't started, and the shelves are packed to the brim." With the right timing, you may be able to dash in and out of fully stocked TJ's with little issues.

Still, some resonated deeply with the meme. "Literally me today," one user wrote followed by two laughing emojis. Another user said they'd also just gone into a Trader Joe's on Sunday and it was overwhelmingly busy, "Omg," they wrote. "S*** was bonkers."

"You are very brave," another user wrote. They noted they would only go shopping on the weekdays during the middle of the day. "I love Trader Joe's but not enough to go on a weekend or in the evening after rush hour," the user said.

While the debate unfolded, one user had a particularly interesting perspective. "Try working at a Trader Joe's on a Sunday," they wrote. "Be nice to your crew member."