Make A Spooky Skillet Dessert With Pillsbury Ghost Cookies

What's better than ready-to-bake cookie dough? Ready-to-bake cookie dough with Halloween-themed designs like ghosts printed on it. And what's even better than ghost cookies? Baking a batch of them into a giant, spooky cookie dessert in a skillet for maximum deliciousness and minimal cleanup. If you've got a skillet, you can give your friends and family this creepy treat to get them into a Halloween mood.

You only need a few ingredients: a cookie dough base of your choice, ghost sugar cookie dough from Pillsbury, and any other sugary Halloween decorations you'd like to include, such as sprinkles or royal icing. Press your base dough (we recommend pumpkin spice) into the bottom of a well-greased skillet, and then smash the pre-cut Pillsbury ghost cookie dough into the base dough. Bake the whole thing in the oven. The ghost cookies will cook uniformly with the surrounding cookie dough, resulting in a giant cookie covered with whimsical ghosts that each person who gets a slice can enjoy.

How to take the ghost cookie skillet to the next level

The easiest way to elevate a Halloween-themed skillet cookie is by using royal icing decorations. Home bakers and decorative cookie fanatics will be well acquainted with these, but for those who've never worked with these confections, they can be found in retail stores like Target and Walmart or even bought through many online specialty vendors. Royal icing is the best for decorating cookies because it doesn't melt or burn due to the egg whites in the icing. From jack-o-lanterns to witches to characters from your favorite scary movies, there's a royal icing decoration out there to fit your needs.

Another trick you can employ for this cookie skillet treat is topping the finished cookie with plenty of ice cream. There are some interesting Halloween-inspired ice cream flavors out there, but it might be better to go the simpler route to avoid too many clashing flavors or excessive sweetness. Try just using a simple vanilla, chocolate chip, or salted caramel, which will complement the overall dish instead of overpowering it. If you still want to add some Halloween flair, go to town with plenty of Halloween-colored sprinkles, then grab a spoon and dig in!