Cheeseburger Crescents Are An Ideal Game-Day Appetizer

Being a football fan (or maybe just a football fan adjacent) has quickly become a full-time job now that the college and NFL seasons are well underway. Even if you're only planning on tuning in to a single game on Saturday or Sunday, you're committing to at least three hours in front of the television, according to Pro Football Network — which, coincidentally, is almost the exact same amount of time that AM Dietetics says it takes for the average person to start feeling hunger pangs after their last meal.

With that in mind, it might be wise to offer something a bit more satisfying than the typical chips and dip, especially since we're pretty sure that nobody wants to deal with a hangry football fan whose team didn't get the results they were hoping for. Cheeseburger crescents may be the hail mary for your game-day snack spread. They are significantly less messy than a plate of buffalo wings and easy to whip up for a crowd.

Start by cooking and cooling your ground beef, which you could do on game day eve to make this appetizer even easier to assemble. Next, roll out your crescent dough on a baking sheet and fill it with cooked meat, cheese, and any other fixings you enjoy on a traditional cheeseburger, such as pickles, grilled onions, ketchup, or bacon. Finally, roll the crescents up and bake according to the packaging until they're golden brown and ready to enjoy.

This game-day appetizer can wear several uniforms

Cheeseburger crescents are an ideal game-day appetizer that leaves plenty of room for interpretation. For example, you could try elevating the look of this hearty snack by assembling your crescent dough to form a giant ring rather than making several dozen individual rolls. This method also leaves the perfect spot in the middle for a ramekin of homemade sauce such as a copycat Big Mac sauce or TikTok's trendy cottage cheese ranch.

Of course, you could also experiment with what goes inside of your crescent rolls. The dish could easily take on the identity of a Philly cheesesteak with ground beef, provolone cheese, peppers, onions, and mushrooms, or you could give it a Mexican twist by mixing your ground beef with taco seasoning and cheese and pairing with salsa on the side. Kansas City Chiefs fans may enjoy crescent rolls stuffed with their city's unique style of barbeque — though some tuning in to watch Travis Kelce's team might prefer that their crescent rolls be filled with chicken and "seemingly ranch" à la Taylor Swift. You could even go the dessert route with this concept so there will be at least one sweet ending to your game-day soirée.

Needless to say, this appetizer can wear several uniforms throughout the football season, allowing you to shake up your game-day spread and make it a touchdown every week.