Tiered Bar Glass Rimmers Are Extra, But Still A Cool Addition To Your Cart

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If you're an enthusiastic at-home bartender, a frequent cocktail maker, then there's something you need for your bar cart that you almost surely don't have yet. Okay — we admit that "need" is a strong word here, but trust us: This is a game-changer. Many bartenders are swearing off cocktail garnishes as of late, but one garnish that never goes out of style is a tasty and decorative rim for your glass. Plenty of cocktails look and taste way better when topped off with a salt or sugar rim. Despite the nice touch a rim can give your drink, though, executing it can be messy and downright difficult to pull off well. If this is something that you've struggled with in the past, or if you just tend to steer clear of it entirely to avoid the frustration, enter the tiered glass rimmer.

Glass rimmers are not a new invention. They're effectively just special plates to put your salt or sugar mixture in for a perfectly decorated glass. Still, while a glass rimmer certainly makes for a simpler and less messy glass decorating experience than pouring your salt out onto a paper plate, you still need another way of wetting the edge of your glass, and you'll need extra plates for other garnishes. The solution? A glass rimmer with multiple tiers, of course.

The tiered glass rimmer makes fancy cocktails easy

A tiered glass rimmer is exactly what it sounds like. It stores as a plastic cylinder, and when opened, it reveals multiple tiers for holding juice or garnishes. This allows you to fill one with lemon or lime juice for dipping, and the other tiers with salt or a sugar mixture. Not only can you rim your glass entirely using just one item instead of multiple plates, but you can actually have the necessary tools to add different garnishes to different drinks all at the same time, without taking up a lot of counter space. You can even take your salted rim to the next level by using different juices or spices. Is this totally extra? Yes. Do we kind of want to try it anyway? Also, yes.

You can also close up your tiered glass rimmer and store salt and sugar inside for next time, so it's kind of a space-saver for your bar cart. You can find plenty of different options, with more tiers, different sizes to fit different glasses, and different aesthetics to suit your kitchen or bar area. And there are even some like this one that are less than $15.