13 Best Inexpensive Store-Bought Chocolate Bars

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Picking up a few of your favorite chocolate bars may feel like luxury spending to people who reserve their treat consumption for the most special of occasions. It's a sensible practice, considering how easily buying high-quality chocolate bars can set shoppers back quite a few hard-earned bucks, depending on the brand and the type of chocolate beneath the wrapper. But there are superior chocolate bars on the market set at reasonable prices, widely available at online retailers and brick-and-mortar shops, which makes it easier to indulge without sending your discretionary spending spinning out of control.

We looked for bars priced $4.00 and under with great ratings from customers, plus we used a little real-world experience from our own chocolate-tasting moments. Prices will vary by location, of course, so we chose bars that could be found for the target price at grocery, drug, and big-box retailers, including Amazon, where buying inexpensive chocolate bars gets even more budget-friendly. Some of these selections are popular candy bars, while others are lesser-known options and specialty creations. Regardless of their clout in the world of confections, they're all worthy choices that put enjoying the finer things in life within easy reach.

1. Hershey's Symphony with Almonds & Toffee

It's logical to think a brand that's synonymous with an entire sector of its industry would be reluctant to stray too far from its core product. But Hershey's Symphony with Almonds & Toffee transcends the usual Hershey chocolate experience, and may be one of the most luxurious indulgences you can find under the $4.00 price point. While there's no great innovation here, the candy giant raised the bar both literally and figuratively by conjuring this silky blend of creamy milk chocolate studded with buttery toffee and crunch almonds. There's almost none of the usual Hershey's familiarity here, which might otherwise be a liability for a company trying to produce an item that builds on its legacy. But there's something distinctive about Hershey's taking a chance by making a chocolate bar that elevates the quality of the brand rather than simply rolling out another flavor variation added to the same old formula.

This blockbuster of a bar is a real people pleaser if more than 3,200 reviews averaging 4.8 stars at Amazon are any indication. There are also over 110 reviews averaging 4.3 stars at Walmart for the Giant version, which rings up at $2.98, as well as about 120 reviews averaging 4.2 stars for the XL version, priced at $2.16. Give this cherished and cost-effective chocolate bar its flowers.

2. Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate

The sweet fact about Cadbury chocolate is that this classic chocolatier takes pleasing its customers seriously. Though you can find variations that add gooey caramel centers, and turn sugar and chocolate into popular Easter eggs in the Cadbury portfolio, the simple Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate bar is the gold standard by which all other Cadbury products can be measured. These sumptuous squares begin melting as soon as they hit your tongue, a trick usually reserved for much more expensive chocolate. It's as if the candy was custom-made to conform to your taste buds the moment you taste it. And that's not to mention the extra milkiness, which makes an incredible difference for a milk chocolate bar attempting to distinguish itself from a shelf filled with viable competitors.

Walmart carries Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate for a super-sweet $2.58 per 3.5-ounce bar, a spectacular deal considering the caliber of chocolate you're getting. Over 200 fans on the Walmart site give the bar a roaring 4.5-star average, a ringing endorsement that should help shoppers on the fence make their decision. Amazon shoppers also clamor for the 4-bar multi-pack (priced at $5.60, making each bar an even more reasonable $1.40), and crown the listing with over 1,300 reviews and a 4.2-star average. No need to wait for the spring candy rush to enjoy Cadbury when this exceptional bar is on shelves and sites year-round.

3. Sam's Choice 72% Cocoa Dark Chocolate

The Sam's Choice chocolate bar line from Walmart's signature product series puts forth a premier collection of flavored chocolate, some featuring thoughtful add-ins like orange essence and salted caramel. But the 72% Cocoa Dark Chocolate bar offers the sweetest ride of the bunch for chocolate purists who like their bars unadorned by fancy ingredients. This selection keeps the cocoa at just far enough at the dark end of the spectrum to feel luxe without being bitter or chalky. The thin yet relatively expansive squares make each portion generous, in case you choose to make your chocolate last by eating it one morsel at a time. Every ingot in the foil is embossed with the Sam's Choice seal of approval, an emblem not every item in the Walmart house brand collection receives. It's like Sam Walton personally designated this a top-shelf chocolate choice to show shoppers how fantastic second-brand chocolate can be.

About 100 reviewers have bestowed an average of 4.5 stars in their ratings for this beauty, a steal at $2.18 per 3.5-ounce bar. Verified Walmart purchaser Luvs2Climb describes it perfectly as "Rich, full chocolate with a gorgeous feel as it melts in your mouth." Such a gorgeous treat at such a desirable price is a chocolate fan's dream come true.

4. Lindt Classic Recipe White Chocolate

For fans of a lighter chocolate bar, Lindt White makes a supremely smooth and satisfying treat. Sure, the company tinkers with novelties like the Costco-exclusive Lindt advent calendar. But by offering chocolate that steps outside the box by being more cocoa butter than cocoa, Lindt separates itself from the candy crowd in a delicious way. This is no vanilla-flavored white chocolate stand-in; it's the buttery, creamy cocoa butter-based white chocolate that feels like a European specialty that never gets its due in the U.S. But the confectioner, better known for its melt-in-your-mouth Lindt Truffles, asserts itself with a white chocolate bar that's every bit as flavorful as the traditional dark and milk chocolate versions it offers. What puts this snow-colored candy on our list is the smooth opportunity the price-sensitive bar affords fans of a different kind of chocolate.

You'll find Lindt White Chocolate bars at Walmart for a modest $3.26, not too shabby for European-style chocolate with bold ambitions. Over 150 reviews and a 4.6-star average on the site say customers are more than happy to pay such an agreeable price for the privilege this bar provides them. The Target listing for this stand-out sweet, offered at a slightly higher $3.29 price point, has racked up a cool 380 reviews with a 4.7 rating average.

5. Ferrero Rocher Milk Hazelnut

The same magical blend that makes Ferrero Rocher spheres so irresistible can be found in Ferrero Rocher Milk Hazelnut bars. Rather than biting into a tempting candy orb, you can enjoy a layered version of satiny chocolate wrapped around a creamy center layer adorned with crisp hazelnut bits. The Italian chocolate factory reinterpreted its inimitable combination into chocolate bar form in 2022, bringing lovers of these luxurious sweets a new way to savor the classic formula. Break off a square or two to find out how the phenomenal Ferrero Rocher candy gets the edge on the competition.

While the three-piece pack of original Rocher will set you back less than $2.00, you'll find even more to love in bar form for a similarly priced bar. A 3.1-ounce bar is available for $2.48 from Walmart, where a whopping 1,050 reviews from happy consumers equates to a 4.6-star average. At Target, where the bar is slightly higher at $3.29, more than 1,300 chocolate fans have bestowed upon it a 4.6-star average. Numbers like this point to a chocolate bar that's both price-friendly and delicious enough to melt the hearts of chocolate fans.

6. Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Milk Chocolate Squares

As one of America's best and most appreciated chocolatiers, Ghirardelli has the market cornered when it comes to chocolate doled out in single-serving squares. So, it's an easy leap for the company to combine several free-floating squares into a bar. The fact that they've chosen Double Chocolate Milk Chocolate Squares for the task reaffirms their superstar status in the candy business. In this incarnation, the cherished Ghirardelli milk chocolate appears as a snappy outer shell, encasing a sleek ganache-like filling for two alluring textures that merge in confectionary harmony. It's not required, but if you feel like sharing your bar with someone special enough to warrant a bite, it's easy enough to designate a square for them and keep the rest for yourself. Sometimes, sharing is hard.

Walgreens stocks Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Milk Chocolate Squares bars for $3.99 each, putting this brilliant bar near the top of the price scale. You do get 4.8 ounces in each purchase, so there's plenty of chocolate for the cost. We've tasted this one ourselves, and though it's a new kid on the candy block and has yet to be reviewed by its target audience, it's among our favorite treats and one we look forward to picking up regularly to keep our chocolate cache filled to the brim.

7. Lindt Classic Recipe Milk Chocolate

The Lindt Milk Chocolate bar has unique tasting notes of fine European chocolate, the kind that makes you believe you've discovered a secret recipe no one else in America knows about. The good news is these bars are widely available and nicely priced so you can revel in continental elegance with a trip to a store nearby. Unlike flashier members of the chocolate menagerie, Lindt keeps its intentions and its bar pure, providing a direct experience with first-rate chocolate, and chocolate only. Filling lovers can shop elsewhere for low-priced chocolate. This bar belongs to fans of the classics.

It's a natural assumption that this level of chocolate perfection would result in one of the most expensive bars in the candy aisle. But Target carries Lindt Milk Chocolate bars for a sensible $3.39, and over 300 customer reviews have raked in a 4.8-star average from chocolate aficionados who know what they like. An Amazon listing for the 12-pack shows more than 660 reviews at a 4.7-star average, reaffirming that when people who love chocolate find something that satisfies their sweet tooth at a price they adore, they can't help but tell the Internet all about it.

8. Toblerone

The distinctive bar in the triangle box with the hidden bear on the label, Toblerone is surprisingly budget-friendly while adding a stroke of European style to the chocolate bar aisle. The fanciful pyramidal shape of the chocolate wedges is part of the draw, a geometrically pleasing departure from the usual rectangles and squares used in other bars. The use of Swiss chocolate as a base for honey nougat and almond bits helps make this unique formulation a fun find and an inexpensive bar that makes you feel richer than the candy inside the tube.

As long as you're not set on having the oversized Toblerone bar "Friends" fans have seen Joey Tribbiani go gaga for, which is available through Amazon for an eye-popping $179.75, you can make it out of Target only $2.99 lighter. There are reviews from over 480 fellow Toblerone fiends ranking this super steal at an average of 4.8 stars, cluing you into the popularity generated by a different kind of chocolate bar. If you like to throw your crew for a curve by rocking a candy bar that's all lines and angles inside and out, Toblerone is an affordable find that will do the trick.

9. Kinder Bueno

If you're a chocolate aficionado interested in a continental candy bar of a different sort, skip the Kinder Egg with the troublesome toys inside, and head straight for a Kinder Bueno bar instead. You'll get four segmented logs of crispy wafer coated in silken chocolate, with a fluffy dollop of hazelnut cream in the center and a darker drizzle on top. We know from first-hand experience that the flavor is exemplary, but it's the textures that bring this mass-produced creation to a higher level. The bar feels like a specialty item from a deluxe candy store manned by a sugar magician more than a grocery store impulse item. Yet, you can find the bars at many major food and big box retailers, standing shoulder to shoulder with more familiar options. That only makes this one even more of a treasure.

Kroger stores carry Kinder Bueno bars for $2.29 each, while a bulk package of 30 two-log bars from Amazon is available for about $20, making every bar less than a dollar apiece. With about 11,000 customer ratings and a 4.8-star average on the listing, there's no shortage of consumer evidence corroborating our notion that Kinder Bueno is a bueno bar, indeed.

10. Gatsby Almond Dark Chocolate

The name Gatsby conjures images of decadence and hedonism, the perfect association for Gatsby Almond Dark Chocolate, a shimmering, embossed plank of dark chocolate embedded with roasted almonds. This modern chocolate bar was seen on Shark Tank, boasting dairy- and gluten-free options for candy fans with special dietary needs. Slick design work on the label that features art deco designs and a bow tie logo with a martini glass in place of the letter Y gives a dash of glamor to a candy bar that might be as at home at a cocktail party as in your snack drawer.

Due to shipping costs, there are no purchases available from the Gatsby website, which means you'll find it at select retailers like Walmart, selling for $3.84 per 2.8-ounce bar. That's smaller than some of the other top-rated inexpensive bars, and the package recommends three servings per bar, which means you'll want to dole it out with great consideration. But with 400 Walmart customer reviews and a 4.8-star average, Gatsby is clearly doing something very right with its premium chocolate bars. All luxury treats should be so cost-conscious. 

11. Endangered Species Caramel, Sea Salt, and Dark Chocolate

Fair-trade chocolate can sometimes come at a premium, pushing bar prices into the budget-breaking realm. Not so for Endangered Species. The company's Caramel, Sea Salt, and Dark Chocolate bar expertly combine the rich flavors of high-quality ingredients obtained via sustainable methods. And somehow, this bar can be had for less than $4.00. Yes, you may find it at specialty stores with a much higher mark-up and a loftier price tag. But if you shop smartly and watch your pennies, you can walk away with a bargain from a bar that you'll feel good about enjoying, thanks to responsible business practices that other chocolate companies don't always adhere to.

Target shelves Endangered Species Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt, and Caramel for $3.49, a generous offering for such an all-around swell candy experience. Nearly 500 satisfied customers have weighed in with rave reviews and a 4.7-star average, with reviewers like Mary from SD on the Target website proclaiming, "This was just the right balance of dark chocolate and caramel!" The balance certainly seems to give Endangered Species a winning edge in the cheaper chocolate competition, especially with this rave-worth combination in the collection.

12. Hu Simple Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa

Plant-based diners have a responsible chocolate maker to rejoice about in Hu 70% Cocoa Simple Dark Chocolate. This fully vegan bar is pure organic bliss for choosy chocolate fanatics who love their candy as pure as their intentions for healthful eating. The label boasts a bevy of positive "no" statements, including no refined or cane sugar, no palm oil, and no dairy or soy. What there is in the recipe is organic versions of cacao, coconut sugar, and cocoa butter — that's it. When this company puts "simple" in the name of its chocolate, it isn't exaggerating. The only way to make this bar simpler is to sell it without a wrapper.

About 130 reviews produce a 4.7-star average at Target for this humbly human chocolate bar. Reviewer esmer on Target.com asserts the purity of the product, saying, "Best tasting dark chocolate with clean ingredients on the market." Target's price of $4.99 per 2.1-ounce bar does hit the higher notes on the pricing scale for our round-up, especially considering the smaller size of the bar. But if you're particular about your chocolate and don't want to sacrifice more cash than necessary while snacking as responsibly as possible, Hu offers a fantastic compromise.

13. Great Value Dark Chocolate

The most surprising selection on the list just might be Great Value Dark Chocolate Bar, a stunningly smooth entry into the world of affordable chocolate that looks and tastes like bars priced much higher. This bar offers thick ingots of tempered chocolate that give a delightful snap when broken, yet melt on your tongue like a gourmet confection. The label doesn't show off with flashy foil or eye-catching graphics; this bar blends in with other Great Value candy items and could even be overlooked among the bigger names on the shelf. But that would be a mistake. What's waiting within the wrapper is a sweet reward for bargain shoppers willing to take a chance on what could have been a flop of a store-brand chocolate bar, but turns out to be a smashing success.

This is one chocolate bar we've tried repeatedly, so we can attest to the quality. For a super-low $1.00 plus change, you can grab a generous 3.52-ounce bar at your local Walmart or Walmart Neighborhood Market and have a beautiful take on chocolate that tastes great as-is, as well as melting down into a phenomenal base for almond bark or other homemade treats. Living well has never been so practical.

How we chose our chocolate bars

To pick the best inexpensive chocolate bars you can buy at the store, we perused customer reviews and chose selections that had high marks, as well as using our familiarity with several of the bars chosen to secure our listing.