Every Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffle Flavor Ranked Worst To Best

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The Lindt chocolate company has been delighting taste buds since 1845 (via Lindt). What started as a small shop founded by David Sprüngli in Switzerland grew to be a massive success and eventually turned into a factory producing chocolate bars. At the time, chocolate bars tended to be hard and brittle. That all changed in 1879 when, after forgetting to turn a machine off at night, pharmacist and small-time confectioner Rodolphe Lindt accidentally discovered the process for making great smooth and malleable chocolate, changing the taste of chocolate forever. By the end of the 1800s, the two companies had joined together, Sprungli bringing the mass production power and Lindt bringing their signature chocolate.

After the Second World War ended and to commemorate 100 years of the company, Lindt set out to create a special new product. What they made was chocolate so smooth and irresistible that it was said to "taste like liquid gold," according to Lindt. They decided to combine the French word for gold, "or," and the company's name "Lindt," and Lindor was born. The chocolate was sold as bars at that point, but for Christmas in 1969, it decided to make rounded chocolates and wrap them in red paper to resemble Christmas tree ornaments — the rest is history. 

Today, Lindt has taken that recipe and created a whole arsenal of bite-sized chocolate confections. Now, we are here with a definitive ranking of all the Lindor truffles from worst to best.

26. Double Chocolate

We won't mince our words: the Lindor Double Chocolate Truffle is not good. We had such high hopes for this one. Who doesn't want double the chocolate in something? Unfortunately, this was a huge letdown.

The Double Chocolate truffle is wrapped in a red-orange wrapper that is difficult to distinguish from the milk chocolate wrapper unless right next to it. The truffle is pitched as a milk chocolate shell, filled with a rich dark chocolate filling. It sounds good, but it just didn't work. To start, the inside of the truffle was so soft it was practically liquid. This may not sound tasty, but it meant that many of the shells from our bag of truffles cracked, since there was nothing inside helping them to hold their shape. 

The filling itself was also a disappointment. We aren't sure what dark chocolate filling the company is using, but it doesn't taste like any of its other dark chocolate fillings. This one tasted almost like marshmallows — not real marshmallows, but the kind you get in instant hot chocolate packets. This added an unwelcome surprise as we took a bite of our already-broken shell. We will not be having this one again anytime soon.

25. White Chocolate

We honestly thought the white chocolate truffle would come in last place — that will teach us to count our truffles before they are eaten. Luckily for the whole family of white chocolate truffles, they were saved from this disgrace by the truly abysmal Double Chocolate. White chocolate is always thought of as the lesser chocolate, with many not even considering it chocolate at all. That is because, according to Dame Cacao, white chocolate isn't made with cocoa solids, which is the ingredient that actually tastes like chocolate. Instead, it is made with exclusively cocoa butter, the rich, fatty part of chocolate.

Now that we have that cleared up, the reason a lot of people don't like white chocolate and the reason we ranked this one so low is that when reaching for a chocolate truffle, we want...well...chocolate. On its own, white chocolate simply tastes sweet and creamy. The truffle is covered in a bright gold wrapper and has a white chocolate shell with a white chocolate filling. It begs for a flavor — any flavor — to complement it. It acts as a magnificent vessel for other flavors that might otherwise be obstructed by true chocolate. oOn its own, the White Chocolate Lindor Truffle is boring and forgettable.

24. Neapolitan

Underwhelming is the way we would describe this truffle. It's not bad, but it doesn't wow us at all. The Neapolitan Truffle from Lindor is wrapped in a pink foil that is difficult to distinguish from the Strawberries and Cream wrapper. It is a white chocolate base infused with strawberry flecks, filled with white and milk chocolate. The white chocolate is very sweet, and while it allows the strawberry flavor to be noticed, the whole thing just falls flat. 

There are small pieces of strawberries that add a slight texture to the shell. Usually, we would enjoy this textural break, but it seems out of place in this truffle. The strawberry itself is present but incredibly mellow. Once again, the milk and white chocolates mixed together in the center just end up tasting like very bland chocolate. There just isn't a lot going on in this truffle, despite there being three different flavors. Overall, we just weren't feeling the love with these strawberries and cream truffles.

23. Blueberries and Cream

There is not much going on in the Blueberries and Cream Truffle truffle. Unlike Lindt's other fruit-flavored white chocolate truffles, there are no pieces of the fruit in the shell. The only place to find some of the blueberries is in the filling and even there it is incredibly subtle. The whole thing is rich and creamy which is nice, but that is about it.

The truffle is wrapped in a blue and purple wrapper, which makes it resemble a blueberry. That's nice, but that is where our compliments end. It is not that the truffle is actively bad — it is that if we wanted a plain white chocolate truffle, we would have eaten one. If we wanted a fruity truffle, we would pick from Lindt's other options which are noticeably better. The Blueberries and Cream Truffle is all talk, and we really wish it would speak up.

22. Almond

Not to be confused with the Almond Butter Truffle, Lindt makes an almond truffle. One might think that it might have pieces of almonds in it or perhaps amaretto liquor. But it does not. In fact, there really is not much in this truffle at all, and what there is, we are not sure we like.

The foil surrounding the truffle is a lovely purple color. The shell is a plain milk chocolate base, with a center containing almond infused milk chocolate. The almond flavor is where we get stuck, and that seems to be dividing reviewers. We found the flavor to be okay, but not almond-y. It had a hit of fruitiness to it, almost but not quite like almond liqueur. In the Amazon reviews one person commented that the filling tasted like cherries. Overall, the consensus seems to be that the flavor is just not where we would like it to be.

21. Fudge Swirl

We are not sure why this particular truffle is called Fudge Swirl. Don't get us wrong, it is good. The Fudge Swirl Truffle is wrapped in a deep gold color, with a bit more brown in it than its white chocolate counterpart. Lindt threw every type of chocolate into this. The shell of the chocolate is milk chocolate, with an inside that blends dark and white chocolate together. We have the swirl, but where is the fudge?

The problem we find is that when you mix rich, dark chocolate and creamy, fatty, white chocolate, you end up with something that tastes shockingly similar to milk chocolate. It's so similar, in fact, that unless eaten next to each other, it's hard to tell a difference in the taste. Lindor Milk Chocolate truffles are amazing, so these are also really good, but they don't feel distinct enough to rank higher. Furthermore, they definitely do not give off fudge notes. This is likely a case where less would have been more.

20. Sea Salt Milk Chocolate

We were excited to try these for the first time, but sadly, they did not live up to our expectations. It's not that they were bad — it is just that when something is pitched as a certain flavor, we expect that flavor to be more than just a mild aftertaste.

The Sea Salt Milk Lindor Truffle features the smooth milk chocolate shell and center we all know and love. Wrapped in a light teal wrapper, this truffle practically melts as it touches your lips and releases its robust, almost excessive, creaminess onto the eater. This is all great, but do you notice what is missing? Oh right, the sea salt!

This is a great milk chocolate truffle, but we know Lindor does a great milk chocolate truffle. The description provided by Lindor says that the sea salt can be found on the milk chocolate shell and in the milk chocolate center. We kindly ask that they point these out to us, as we were unable to locate them, aside from a mildly salty aftertaste. We had hoped that perhaps the outside shell would have a sprinkling of coarse salt on it to really give that punch of salt. Instead, the people at Lindt seemed to try to infuse it into the chocolate itself, dissolving it so that you get neither the textural benefits nor the satisfying pucker of salt granules.

19. Hazelnut Milk Chocolate

The Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Truffle from Lindor was good, but because there is so much market saturation with chocolate hazelnut pieces, we can't quite list them as great. Lindt seems to be trying to ride the coattails of market successes, such as Ferrero Rocher and Nutella.

The Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Truffle comes wrapped in an amber-colored foil. The milk chocolate shell is studded with tiny pieces of hazelnut, which add both a delightful texture and a kiss of hazelnut goodness to the typically sweet and mild chocolate. The center is also made of milk chocolate, with hazelnut flavor infused into the filling. It does feel like perhaps they could have gone further. Perhaps they could have added some physical pieces of hazelnut into the center. We aren't chocolatiers, but we do wish the Hazelnut Milk Chocolate truffle had found more of a way to distinguish itself from other hazelnut chocolates. Overall, though, it is a lovely little truffle and we wouldn't turn it down at a party.

18. Stracciatella White

The term stracciatella can refer to any of three different types of foods. The first is a roman soup made with meat broth and beaten eggs, the second is a soft Italian cheese, and the third is a white gelato with ribbons of chocolate mixed in to give it chocolate crunch (via Lauciana Italiana). We are going to go out on a limb and say the Stracciatella White Truffle is based on the third type.

The Stracciatella White Truffle is covered in a pale blue wrapper. The truffle consists of a white chocolate shell with flecks of chocolate that give the shell a nice crunch. The inside is a creamy white chocolate ganache that melts in your mouth. If it sounds like cookies and cream, that is because it is. Perhaps knowing an American market wasn't likely to know what stracciatella was, the bags of truffles that come in the store have "cookies n' cream" above the name. It also tastes remarkably similar to Hershey's Cookies n' Cream bar. This isn't a bad thing, and if you are looking for a spruced-up white chocolate truffle, this one is pretty good. We only wish they had included some more chocolate bits or done something more with the filling. Much like the previous lower-ranking truffles, this is a case of taking a basic truffle and changing one small thing about it.

17. Lindt Spring or Milk and White

The people at Lindt have released the same truffle under different names. Sometimes called the Lindt Spring, and sometimes called the Milk and White, both of these truffles were released as limited edition flavors. The Lindt Spring was released in green and yellow packaging with flowers on it, while the Milk and White was released with a blue package slightly lighter than that of the Dark Chocolate Truffle. They both are advertised as having a milk chocolate shell containing a white chocolate filling.

We tried the flavor under the name Lindt Spring, and we really enjoyed it. Since it is milk and white chocolate, it is definitely on the sweeter side, and not for those looking for deep, dark chocolate. The use of the white chocolate in the center pairs beautifully with the milk chocolate shell and gives a luxuriously creamy mouthfeel. The truffle is simple, yet effective, once again not relying on outside flavors, and focusing entirely on highlighting the quality of their chocolate. We look forward to seeing what name this is released under next time so we can try them again.

16. Orange Milk

Lindor is known for its fantastic, high-quality chocolate. It is too bad that the chocolate gets lost behind the orange in this truffle. Citrus can be difficult to work with, and while chocolate and orange are a delicious pairing, it can be hard to not have one overwhelm the other.

Wrapped in an orange foil wrapper, the Orange Milk Chocolate Truffle features a milk chocolate shell and an orange-infused milk chocolate filling. As soon as you bite into this truffle, the orange is not just present but a bit overpowering. It becomes difficult to taste the milk chocolate through the pungent filling. The Orange Milk Chocolate Truffle is not the worst Lindor truffle, but we would have preferred something that complemented and showcased the excellent use of chocolate, rather than overshadowing it. A dark chocolate filling or shell might have been a nice addition to this chocolate. That being said, reviewers from Home Tester Club really enjoyed its intense orange flavor paired with the creamy smooth consistency we all expect from Lindt.

15. Coconut Chocolate

This truffle is just fine, but it's nothing to write home about. Wrapped in a light blue-green foil, the Coconut Chocolate Truffle features a milk chocolate outside and coconut-flavored white chocolate inside. If you like coconut, you will find the inside pleasant and mild, and even if you do not like coconut, you may still like it. The coconut flavor is present, but not at all overwhelming. There are no pieces of coconut in this truffle — only the flavor.

That being said, something about the coconut takes away a bit of the creaminess of the white chocolate. The company uses real coconut in the center, which is laudable and leads to a pleasant flavor that thankfully does not resemble suntan lotion. However, it means that the filling almost crumbles in your mouth a bit before melting. We also wonder if using dark chocolate might not have balanced the natural sweetness of the coconut and the white chocolate. That being said, it was not bad or unpleasant, and we would definitely choose it over, lets say, a Mounds bar.

14. Dulce de Leche

Dulce de leche is a sweet South American spread similar to — but not the same as — caramel (via Southern Living). Instead of being made primarily from sugar, like caramel, dulce de leche is — as the "leche" part of its name implies — made from milk. Condensed milk is cooked down until the natural and added sugars caramelize and it turns into a thick, smooth spread or sauce. The flavor is richer than caramel, owing to the milk, and offers a high-fat content.

The Dulce de Leche Truffle from Lindor comes in a pale yellow foil. This covers a milk chocolate shell that encases a dulce de leche-infused milk chocolate ganache center. The dulce de leche makes the center even creamier than other truffle centers — who knew that was even possible? The flavor is similar to that of the caramel truffle, but offers a noticeably milder and more creamy flavor. It is definitely on the sweeter side, but if you are looking for a decadent treat, this is the truffle for you.

13. Caramel Milk Chocolate

The Caramel Milk Chocolate truffle seems to have become one of the brand's standards, showing up in mix bags along with their classic milk, dark, and white chocolate truffles. We can see why. The caramel truffles offer a rich sweetness, with just enough of the burnt chocolate bite at the end to keep the taste from being too cloying.

In a caramel colored foil wrapper, the Caramel Milk Chocolate Truffle has a milk chocolate shell with a milk chocolate center that's been infused with caramel. The blend is beautiful. Unlike truffles that have pure caramel in the center, this is not stringy or sticky. It maintains the melting silkiness of the Lindor truffle filling we have all come to expect. This allows you to either take a bite without issue or just pop the whole thing in your mouth without worrying about gluing your mouth shut with the caramel. Paired with the milk chocolate shell, the whole thing is velvety and sublime.

12. Pistachio Milk

Pistachio and chocolate go together beautifully. They can be found together in cakes and cookies, and now in this delightful truffle from Lindt. The Lindt Pistachio Milk Chocolate Truffle is wrapped in a pistachio green foil wrapper. The shell is milk chocolate and the filling is a pistachio cream.

We were glad to see that Lindor decided to make this a milk chocolate truffle. Dark chocolate, in this particular case, likely would have overshadowed the pistachio flavor. White chocolate would have meant losing the opportunity to pair true chocolate and pistachio flavors together.

The whole confection is creamy as a dream, as you would expect from a Lindor truffle. It loses none of its creaminess by incorporating the nut, unlike some of its other flavors. While you may be used to us complaining about texture at this point, you will find no complaints here. This truffle was meant to be just as velvety as it is. We know pistachios are not everybody's thing, but Lindt does it well and has produced a sweet, enjoyable truffle.

11. Matcha White Chocolate

We know matcha is not for everyone, but we really enjoyed the Matcha White Chocolate Truffle. While matcha has been a prominent beverage in other parts of the world, such as Japan where it originated, matcha is only just now starting to take off in the US. In 2021, the United States saw a 202% increase in matcha drink sales (via World Tea News). With this increase in American interest, it looks like the United States is finally getting matcha-flavored treats to enjoy.

Matcha naturally has an earthy flavor profile that, when made incorrectly, can turn from earthy to downright bitter (via Matcha Moments). None of that bitterness is present in Lindor's Matcha White Chocolate Truffle. The truffle is wrapped in green and gold foil paper. It is smooth and sweet, with a touch of the matcha earthy and floral flavor palette. Paired with the white chocolate it creates a mellow and unobtrusive flavor that is exceedingly pleasant. We would love to see more matcha flavors from Lindor in the future, perhaps paired with its milk or dark chocolate.

10. Mint Milk

Mint-flavored anything is hard to do without either tasting like a candy cane or toothpaste. The Milk and Mint Truffle, though, manages to strike just the right balance of mint and chocolaty goodness. The truffle is appropriately wrapped in a dark minty green foil. A peppermint-infused milk chocolate filling is encased in a milk chocolate shell. Where candies, such as the Peppermint Patty, practically punch you in the face with mint, the Lindor Milk and Mint truffle is much more subdued. The mint is present but works to complement the chocolate — not overwhelm it — as it gently melts in your mouth. We were initially worried that using milk chocolate, as well as a chocolate-infused center rather than a straight mint cream, would lead to a wimpy chocolate, but that is not the case. This truffle may not bust through the door, but it arrives with style and grace.

9. 60% Extra Dark

The 60% Extra Dark is ranked the lowest amongst Lindt's dark chocolate truffles. This truffle has a dark chocolate shell filled with a dark chocolate ganache and wrapped in a black and silver wrapper. We can appreciate that the people at Lindt were trying to create a darker chocolate truffle to appeal to the ever-growing dark chocolate-loving population, but in the end, this one just feels repetitive. At 60%, they really only break into the lower range of what's considered dark chocolate. Ghiradelli, for example, starts its dark chocolate at 60% and goes up to 92%.

You might be wondering why we ranked it below their original dark chocolate flavor, as it has an even lower cocoa percentage. It offers a dark chocolate flavor with the creaminess of milk chocolate. It isn't trying to be something it is not, whereas the 60% Extra Dark is trying to fill a need that it simply can't. Does 60% even count as extra dark? We don't think so, and with other options from Lindt, we don't feel a need to have this truffle when there are better ones available. Stuck between the 50% flagship Dark Chocolate and Lindor's more intense dark chocolates, the 60% Extra Dark just feels redundant. That being said, it is not a bad truffle — in fact, it is a very good truffle, but they make better ones.

8. Dark Chocolate

This is the classic Dark Chocolate Truffle from Lindor. It comes in many of their variety packs and is wrapped in a distinctive dark blue wrapper. Lindor offers three dark chocolate truffles with varying levels of cocoa percentage. According to Amazon, this dark chocolate truffle is the lowest in cocoa at just 50%. It is between 10-20% lower than its other options.

This truffle consists of a dark chocolate shell and a dark chocolate filling. It is a simple, no-frills truffle, but it's effective. As its tagline says, these truffles are "irresistibly smooth." The shell gives way easily beneath the teeth, allowing you to bite into the smooth chocolate center. While it doesn't have the satisfying snap of higher-quality dark chocolates, it is smooth and creamy. This wasn't our favorite dark chocolate truffle, but it wasn't our least favorite, either. 

It would be perfect for someone who does not like really dark chocolate, but wants something with a little more oomph than standard milk chocolate. The Dark Chocolate truffle knows what it is doing. It isn't trying to take over the world or be the stand-out dark chocolate truffle. It is rich and mildly sweet, making it approachable to the masses. Overall, this is a good truffle, but it does not really stand out in the crowd of truffles.

7. Almond Butter

If you are in the market for a peanut-butter alternative, the Lindor Almond Butter Truffle provides a great option. This truffle is wrapped in a deep orange, almost red wrapper. The shell is the classic milk chocolate, which the company says is infused with almond butter, though honestly, we couldn't taste it in the shell. The filling, however, is an almond truffle filling that has a noticeable almond butter flavor. The texture is a little different, and the filling becomes a little more crumbly and less silky. This is not unpleasant, though. 

If you are reaching for this truffle, you are probably familiar with nut butter-filled chocolates where the inside is almost cakey and dry. This truffle has all the richness and fattiness of a nut butter without being dry. The chocolate and nut butter filling is just lovely and creates the perfect blend of chocolate and almond butter. While we think Reese's cups might be one of life's greatest inventions, these just might be better.

6. Strawberries and Cream

This truffle is very cute but, to be perfectly honest, we aren't sure why this is a white chocolate truffle when traditional chocolate and strawberry is such a classic combination — that is, we weren't sure until we tried it. The Strawberries and Cream Truffle from Lindor has a white chocolate truffle shell infused with strawberry bits and a white chocolate and strawberry filling. The whole thing is wrapped in a lovely pink foil. 

After the disappointment of the Neapolitan Truffle, we did not have high hopes for this, but it was fantastic. The strawberry was very pleasant and complemented the cream beautifully. It was neither overpowering nor underwhelming. While we would love to see a classic milk or dark chocolate version (which Lindt has done as a limited edition in the past) we are perfectly content to eat these and are happy to have some white chocolate pieces showing up on the better end of this list.

5. 70% Dark Chocolate Truffle

The 70% Extra Dark Chocolate Lindor Truffle is where dark chocolate truly starts. For now, this is the darkest chocolate truffle the people of Lindt make, although we can always hold out hope for something even more intense. This truffle comes wrapped in a black and gold wrapper and contains a simple but elegant dark chocolate shell with a dark chocolate ganache filling.

The people at Lindt have truly shown their mastery of chocolate with this one. Without any additional flavors or textures, the truffle is wholly reliant on itself to meet the bar and it is up to the challenge. There was an audible snap when we bit into one of the truffles. The snap is the mark of good, high-quality chocolate. It has the rich, deep flavor and aroma that accompanies dark chocolate. The inside manages to balance its earthy bitterness with silky smoothness that leaves you wanting more. We would happily eat these again, and they would likely be the first to go in a mixed bag.

4. Dark Caramel Sea Salt

There are a number of caramel-filled Lindor truffles. What sets this truffle apart from all of the others is that, instead of using a milk chocolate shell, it uses a dark chocolate shell, and that makes all the difference in the world.

The Dark Caramel Sea Salt Truffle comes in a blue-green foil. The shell is a sea salt-infused dark chocolate, and the filling is a silky soft caramel. As with their other salted products, the salt does not shine through the way we would have liked, but that is forgiven by the exceptionality of the rest of the truffle. While the other caramel truffles are so sweet they verge on cloying, the dark chocolate of this truffle cuts the sweetness like a knife, giving a complex, mature flavor. This truffle was almost a home run, and we say "almost" because the salt is still just a hint at the end. Had more salt flakes been incorporated, it would have given a whole new body to the truffle. The dark chocolate itself also could have been darker; it would have been better to use the 60% shell instead of its original dark shell. With those, this truffle would have been knocked right out of the park.

3. Mangoes and Cream

The Mangoes and Cream White Chocolate Truffle was definitely the breakout star coming from Lindor. As we have said, we don't usually expect much from white chocolate. How can it compare to the complexity of cacao? Well, this truffle managed. This is exactly how a white chocolate should be used. It is fruity, creamy, and not overly sweet. What more could we ask for?

The Mangoes and Cream White Chocolate Truffle is wrapped in a yellow gold wrapper. The shell is a base of white chocolate with pieces of mango set into it. The filling is a smooth white chocolate infused with mango flavor. This all leads to creamy truffle that, when popped into your mouth, gives a burst of fruity flavor that is pleasant and not at all overpowering. Its flavor reminds us pleasantly of a mango lassi. Where some fruit flavors end up tasting artificial, Lindt has done an excellent job making this taste like fresh, real mango. We will absolutely be having these again.

2. Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel

This is one of our favorite truffles. While we would love to see some sea salt sprinkled on top for texture and flavor, the salt was noticeable in this chocolate. Wrapped in a deep aqua-colored foil, the Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Truffle features a milk chocolate shell infused with sea salt. The filling is milk chocolate with salty caramel and it is divine. This is a sweet treat we could eat all day — seriously, it is a problem. We had many more chocolates to try, but wanted to just keep eating these truffles. The salt is pleasantly present and lingers on the tongue. It makes us wonder why the salted milk chocolate truffle couldn't have done the saltiness this well. The caramel has a robust, full flavor that elevates the center wonderfully. There really isn't much to improve upon for this truffle, and we hope it sticks around for a long time.

1. Milk Chocolate

A true classic, the liquid gold, the Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffle is our favorite: the perfect blend of elegance and decadence. Wrapped in a distinguished bright red foil, this milk chocolate shell is filled with even more milk chocolate inside. To say it is rich would be an understatement. This truffle is smooth as velvet and soft as a pillow. The soft filling, while solid in its shell, almost instantly turns into liquid when placed in your mouth for a marvelous sensory experience.

If there is a downside to this truffle, it is that because it is such a high quality, delicate chocolate — if you hold it for too long, it will start to melt before you can eat it. However, this just emphasizes how well crafted this chocolate is. It may not be fancy; there are no additional flavors or textures. With this truffle, Lindt lets its chocolate craftsmanship stand on its own. It showcases its mastery of chocolatiering, which has gained it a rightly deserved reputation as one of the best in the world. It is no wonder this truffle is Amazon's fourth best-selling chocolate truffle.