Eric André's Favorite Food Spots Across The Country — Exclusive

Being a comedian has its perks. As he travels across the country, Eric André has the opportunity to try new foods and restaurants nearly everywhere he goes. That sets the bar high. However, it also means he has some excellent recommendations. Recently, we spoke to André in an exclusive interview, during which he (appropriately) was eating a sandwich. Unfortunately, he did not remember where that sandwich came from. Nevertheless, André had some other restaurant suggestions for us.

The strongest recommendation André had for us is also backed by comics Jack Black and Chris Garcia. On their recommendation, André tried a San Francisco burrito restaurant. "Took my breath away," André says. The burrito in question was from Taqueria Cancun in San Francisco. "I got a super burrito. I got it with either chorizo or carne asada," he explains. "This burrito made me cry. It was so good." With that kind of recommendation, how can we not try this burrito?

An NYC-style deli and long-lost Florida favorites

Frequently hopping from one side of the country to the other, Eric André loves to grab a sandwich in his home state of Florida. "There's also cool delis out there — Poppies Deli in Delray Beach," Andre says. From pastrami and matzah ball soup to delicious bakery items, Poppies serves all the New York City deli classics. Maturity and constant travel have caused André's palate to evolve beyond his Florida favorites. Tastes sure have changed for the comedian since he was a kid, when Ruby Tuesday and Macaroni Grill were among his preferred places to eat in his hometown of Boca Raton.

Sadly, some of André's favorite Boca eateries are no more. Two sports-themed restaurants noted by André, Wilt Chamberlain's and Pete Rose's (named for the athletes), have closed. Still, the memories of well-loved meals live on. As a sports fan, André' will have to stick to his favorite treat, Drumsticks, during this year's Super Bowl, which will include an ad from the ice cream favorite, featuring André in the company's campaign to make the Monday after gameday a holiday.

To make Super Bowl Monday a national holiday, sign the #DrumstickMonday petition. Signers will also be entered in the Drumsticks sweepstakes to have their #DrumstickMonday dreams fulfilled.