To Debone A Rotisserie Chicken, Use The Viral Bag Hack

If rotisserie chicken doesn't already have a permanent spot on your weekly grocery list, we have one question: What are you waiting for? It's a convenient and relatively cheap protein option, with Costco's cult-favorite rotisserie chicken — for example — ringing in at a mere $4.99. Rotisserie chicken is delicious; many would argue that the store-bought kind even tastes better than homemade. And it's low-waste: Assuming you can get it home before digging in, Mashed has plenty of genius tricks for using up leftover rotisserie chicken so that you utilize every ounce of the bird. Plus, now, with the help of a clever hack, deboning it is nothing short of a breeze.

As seen in a viral TikTok video shared by user @katierreames, all you need to debone your rotisserie chicken is a gallon-sized sealable plastic bag. While the chicken is still warm, remove any string that might be wrapped around the bird and place the entire thing inside of the plastic bag. Then, basically, you give the chicken a good massage, making sure to flip the bag over a few times. In just a matter of minutes, your rotisserie chicken should be almost completely deboned, shredded, and ready for use in dishes such as leftover rotisserie chicken soup.

You may still need to get your hands a little dirty

Deboning a rotisserie chicken looks easy with this viral trick, but you may still need to get your hands a little dirty when employing it. As TikTok user @keslercoouple found when giving the bag hack a try, there might still be some hand-picking required, but they still declared the trick faster and said they didn't "hate it as much." Ultimately, many commenters found the process to be easier and less messy than others.


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If you use the TikToker's trick, you may want to comb through the meat after it's been massaged to remove any smaller bones that might have gotten mixed in, which you can do while wearing a pair of disposable gloves — although as many pointed out, you could just use rubber gloves instead of a bag in the first place. Another thing to keep in mind is that this hack will result in the white and dark meat of the chicken being mixed. If you have a preference for one over the other, using this Costco worker-approved method of deboning rotisserie chicken may be better to keep the two types of meat separate.

Don't throw those bones away when you're done, either, as they can be used to make classic homemade chicken stock. Believe it or not, there are some great uses for the juices from the rotisserie chicken that have pooled at the bottom of the plastic tray.