Mike's Way At Jersey Mike's, Explained

There are a lot of sub shops out there, but there's no doubt Jersey Mike's is among the most popular. With thousands of locations nationwide and hundreds more in the works, it's easy for many Americans to get a taste of the Jersey Shore right in their hometown. In fact, almost every state has at least one Jersey Mike's location. Regular customers and first-timers alike have likely noticed the company's standard way of preparing many sandwiches, known as "Mike's Way." But fewer know exactly what it means or the origin of this eponymous style.

Diners who get their subs "Mike's Way" get their chosen meat and cheese, topped with a combination of shredded lettuce, sliced onions, and sliced tomatoes. It's all dressed with a signature blend of olive oil, red wine vinegar, and spices. This "juice," as it's known to fans, might be most at home on the iconic Jersey Mike's Italian sub, but many feel it enhances any of the restaurant's cold sandwiches. This classic collection of toppings and juice adds a crucial freshness, crunch, and tang to subs.

The origins of Mike's Way

Some may also wonder about the Mike of "Mike's Way." He's a real person, the founder of the original Jersey Mike's restaurant (then called Mike's Subs) in the Jersey Shore town of Point Pleasant, back in 1956. "Mike's Way" was his standard process for dressing subs for hungry shore visitors and locals. Although now-CEO Peter Cancro bought the store in the 1970s (when he was still a teenager), he kept the parts that made the original so beloved, including "Mike's Way."

While "Mike's Way" might be the most iconic style, it's not the only topping option available to Jersey Mike's customers. This is part of what really makes Jersey Mike's so popular — alternatives like hot pepper relish, three types of mustard (spicy, yellow, and honey), regular or chipotle mayo, hot sauce, pickles, banana peppers, and more can help diners dial in their favorite flavors. Still, it's hard to argue with a classic like "Mike's Way," a top choice for whichever popular Jersey Mike's menu item you're craving.