Popular Jersey Mike's Menu Items, Ranked Worst To Best

There are some sub shops that get all the attention. Take Subway, for example. It's probably the best-known spot to grab a sub pretty much anywhere in the country — and in several other countries as well. But just because a food company is massive doesn't mean that they necessarily have the best meals around. Instead, you may want to look for a smaller, more modest operation that may tend to focus more on the food itself. And when it comes to chain restaurants where you can grab a delicious sub sandwich, Jersey Mike's might just fit the bill.

This chain may not have the instant name recognition that Subway does, but it does have a wide array of delicious sub sandwiches you can choose from. And if you love punctuating your day with a fresh sub, then you're going to want to check it out. Before you do, though, you should make sure you're ordering exactly what you want. That's why we've compiled a list of some of the most popular menu items at Jersey Mike's and ranked them from worst to best. That way, even if you've never been there before, you'll have a better idea of what to order when you stop by.

Let's take a look at popular Jersey Mike's menu items, starting with the worst and making our way to our favorites.

22. Tuna Fish

Look, we don't want to hate on tuna salad too much. In reality, a well-made tuna salad sandwich is absolutely delicious, and it makes for a filling lunch that you'll want to go back to time and time again. But most of the time, we would prefer tuna salad that we've made ourselves at home. We think a lot of other people feel the same way since Jersey Mike's descriptive phrase for their tuna fish sandwich is "freshly made on premises." That's great, but ... well, why shouldn't it be? Can't Jersey Mike's find more to boast about when it comes to this sandwich?

And once you try it for yourself, you're going to realize that this tuna salad is seriously lacking. It's only got celery, mayo, and pepper to accompany the tuna, which leaves you with a pretty boring salad. It doesn't even have eggs in it. You could totally make a better tuna salad at home with very little effort, and you'd probably enjoy it more. We suggest passing on this one and trying one of the many other actually tasty sandwiches on the menu. Next!

21. Bacon Ranch Chicken Cheese Steak

We love bacon ... who doesn't? But if there's one way you could ruin this glorious food, it's by covering it with an ungodly amount of ranch dressing that will utterly drown out that distinct bacon flavor. That's just what Jersey Mike's did in the base of their bacon ranch chicken cheese steak. If that sounds like way too many heavy ingredients to find their way into one sandwich, you're not wrong. Moreover, the chicken in this sandwich is kind of dry. The crispy bacon makes up for it but is completely ruined by how much ranch comes drizzled on top. Add in all that cheese, and you have a sandwich that may give you a heart attack after you take your first bite.

A sub is supposed to be refreshing, and that's pretty much the opposite of this particular sandwich. The different components all have something going for them, sure, but we think they would do better playing as the star in their own separate sandwiches. Put them all together, and there's just way too much going on here.

20. Portabella Chicken Cheese Steak

We love that there are so many sandwiches with mushrooms on them at Jersey Mike's. That's not something you see at every restaurant, so mushroom lovers should rejoice in all the different menu items that cater to them here. However, there's one mushroom recipe we didn't like all that much, and that's the portabella chicken cheese steak. When it comes to a meaty umami flavor and texture, the portabella is doing most of the heavy lifting here — and not the chicken, though you'd think they would play pretty well together. Plus, unfortunately, there aren't enough mushrooms to lend some extra moisture to the dry pieces of chicken.

To top it all off, there are basically no fresh vegetables in this sandwich at all. Sure, you get some grilled onions and peppers in addition to the mushrooms, but that's about it. This may not be the worst sandwich you've ever tried, but compared to the other options on the menu, it's a sad choice. Go with something else if you want to get the most out of your Jersey Mike's experience.

19. Ham and Provolone

Want to make a ham and provolone sandwich at home? Go for it. It's easy to throw together, and neither is it difficult to keep the ingredients in your house. But at a restaurant? We think that it's largely a waste of money to get such a simple sandwich. That's why you won't see us ordering the ham and provolone sandwich from Jersey Mike's anytime soon. Let's just be honest: It's boring. We don't want to buy something that we got from our middle school cafeteria for under $2 back in the day.

The ham in this sandwich is okay, but it's nothing spectacular. The same could be said for the provolone cheese. The fresh vegetables add some crunch and flavor to the mix, but they don't make up for the lack of flavor you get from the main ingredients. All told, this sandwich feels like an echo of another, more flavorful meal.

If you're a really picky eater or you're trying to find a sandwich you can share with a kid, this one may not be a bad option. But otherwise, there are much, much better choices on the menu than this rather disappointing menu item.

18. Brownie

Often, after you eat a large, savory meal, you'll want something that fills the sugary void in your stomach. No matter how full you are, it's always easy to put away just a little bit more of the sweet stuff. Unfortunately, when you go to Jersey Mike's, you're not going to have that many dessert options. It's definitely not a restaurant where you would expect that kind of thing, but we were disappointed with the sweets selection nonetheless. One dessert you should probably just skip over entirely? The brownie.

You may be wondering how someone can mess up a brownie. To be fair, these brownies aren't disgusting, per se. It's just that there's nothing that would keep us going after the first bite or two. The Jersey Mike's browning is really sweet and almost too rich. Of course, you can't go wrong with a dose of chocolate in just about anything, but we think that this dessert is ultimately pretty boring despite the promise of a decadent little treat. If you still want some sweets after you finish your sandwich, you may want to try them out somewhere else.

17. The Veggie

We absolutely love it when restaurants provide vegetarian options for their customers. It's not something you see at every restaurant, but many chains are getting better with their veggie choices. At Jersey Mike's, though, your options are still very limited. One of your only vegetarian-friendly options on the menu is the veggie.

Keep in mind that this sandwich definitely isn't vegan-friendly — it boasts both Swiss and provolone cheese. Then, green bell peppers, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes are added to the mix. Spices finish off the flavor, but that's it. There's literally nothing else on this sandwich. And that leaves veggie lovers in a sad place.

There's no protein replacement here, so you're left with a sandwich that may not even fill you up for the day. And when you consider how bland the taste is, there's a good reason to avoid this option. Veggies and bread taste good together, sure, but is that really what you want to order for lunch? We didn't think so.

16. Roast Beef and Provolone

We love a simple sandwich with uncomplicated ingredients. But sometimes, the subs at Jersey Mike's can be a bit too boring and plain for our preferences. That's why we're not huge fans of the roast beef and provolone sandwich. This sub is really similar to the ham and provolone, but with, you got it, roast beef instead of ham. It ended up in a better spot on our ranking because the roast beef at Jersey Mike's actually is quite good. It's sliced thin, which means you're not going to run into any tough, chewy pieces that you may find in other roast beef sandwiches.

Besides that, though, this sandwich is still as boring as the ham and provolone. It's got nothing going on that sets it apart from the most basic of sandwiches, so it has us wondering why we just don't make something similar at home. If you love roast beef, go for it. If you're looking for something more interesting from your dining experience, though, this order is a no-go.

15. BLT

Here's another sandwich that you could just as easily make at home. There's nothing wrong with the BLT at Jersey Mike's — we just think that it's not worth getting it here when it takes so little effort to cook one of these up on your own. Unlike the BLTs you'll find at a lot of other restaurants, there's nothing that sets this one apart from all the rest. It really is only bacon, lettuce, and tomato. There's nothing else that makes it unique or worth trying. And when it all comes together, it's kind of a paltry sandwich. You'll get more bang for your buck if you order something different off the menu.

As you can imagine, the flavors come together in this sandwich well — just like with any other BLT. However, there's something lacking with the iceberg lettuce, and we wish they would've opted for higher-quality ingredients in this case at least.

14. Jersey Shore's Favorite

Back in the day, Jersey Mike's was serving up subs before a lot of other restaurants carried sandwiches like this. And in the '50s, people would come to this sandwich shop to order the second sandwich on the menu at the time: the Jersey Shore Favorite. When you're ready to spend the whole day in the sun (or you just want to feel like you are), this sandwich is the way to go. It contains cappacuolo, ham, and provolone, which all come together nicely. It is a bit heavy, but we like it anyway.

A spread of veggies gives you some crunch and more flavor. The lettuce and tomato make this sandwich a bit lighter and more manageable than it would be if it were just stacked high with meat. Yet, while this is a solid sandwich, there are definitely better and more exciting items on the menu. There's been a lot of innovation since the '50s, after all.

13. California Chicken Cheese Steak

In theory, the California chicken cheese steak should be a delicious sandwich. And while it's definitely not bad, it wouldn't be our first choice either. That may have something to do with the chicken, which has a dry texture that isn't too pleasant. Mix that with the white American cheese (they couldn't find literally any better cheese than American?), and you'd think that this is a heavy sandwich that would make you more thirsty than it would fix your hunger pangs.

But we were surprised to find out that this sandwich is also stacked high with veggies. This isn't always the case at Jersey Mike's when you're ordering a hot sandwich, so we liked that this one had something that made it stand out from the pack. While those veggies don't completely make up for the random combo of dry chicken and sad, boring cheese, they do make this sandwich one that we would consider ordering ... if we were in a certain mood, anyway.

However, you should keep in mind that this sandwich isn't available at all Jersey Mike's locations. Visit your local shop to see if you're one of the lucky ones.

12. Club Supreme

If you're looking for a whole lot of meaty flavors in one sandwich, then we have the perfect Jersey Mike's sub for you: the Club Supreme. What's so special about this sandwich? Well, it combines roast beef, turkey, and bacon all in one sandwich, for one. If you want a lot of different types of meat but you're not a fan of the more traditional Italian slices, this sandwich is a great option. In addition to all that meat, you'll also enjoy Swiss cheese, mayo, lettuce, and tomato on this sub. It's a cold sandwich, so it's ideal for lunch or a lighter dinner.

While this sandwich is a good option, this choice of different meats isn't strictly the most creative or interesting combination out there. Jersey Mike's offers some types of meat that you won't see at other sandwich shops, so we think it's a shame to pass those up and go for the most basic meats of the bunch. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to the meat you like on your sandwich. If roast beef, turkey, and bacon are your thing, you won't be disappointed with this order.

11. Stickball Special

The ham at Jersey Mike's isn't fantastic, and that's why the pork-heavy Stickball Special didn't end up with a better spot on our list. But that doesn't mean you should give up on this sandwich completely. It has a lot to offer when you consider the salami and provolone that appear beside that ham. The salami at Jersey Mike's is seriously tasty, and it will lend a deep, rich flavor to the rest of the sandwich. While the salami has an intense flavor, it's balanced nicely by that provolone, which is flavorful but in a mild, refreshing way.

Like most of the cold subs you'll find at Jersey Mike's, this one also comes with lettuce and tomato. These veggies are even more important in sandwiches like this one where the meat tends to be very heavy because they make the whole sandwich feel lighter and more manageable.

Of course, salami isn't for everyone, but if this is one of your favorite types of meat to appear on a sandwich, the Stickball Special may not be a bad way to go.

10. Mike's Famous Philly

Now, we all love a good Philly cheesesteak from time to time. It's something that is warm and comforting, and it'll bring you back to the first time you ever bit into an iteration of this iconic sandwich. Of course, the best place to grab a Philly is in Philadelphia, but we can't all be lucky enough to live there — or wealthy enough to buy a plane ticket whenever we want to grab a top-notch sandwich. So if you don't live in Philly, your best option may be getting the Mike's Famous Philly at Jersey Mike's.

We'll start off by saying this: The sandwich is really good, and you'll probably enjoy the combination of steak, onion, peppers, and white American cheese. But if you left it up to us? We would swap out the cheese for a variety that actually tastes good or at least has more complexity, and we might try to add our own spin to it. This sandwich is tasty but boring. Still, there could be worse things.

9. Portabella Cheese Steak

Here's another mushroom number, but this time, the sandwich gets much better marks in our book than its predecessors here. It's the portabella cheese steak, and it's relatively new on the menu. That doesn't mean it doesn't have a place in our hearts as an instant classic, though. As you may have guessed, this hot sub starts out with plenty of steak, to which mushrooms and white American cheese are added. The peppers and onions add some extra flavor (though, admittedly, not a lot of freshness as they're cooked). The velvety texture of the mushrooms works really well with the steak, and the creaminess from the cheese sends it over the top.

Do we wish there were some more fresh ingredients in this sandwich? Yes. And do we wish the steak were slightly less dry than it is? Of course. But if you are looking for one of the better mushroom-filled options on the menu and you still want a sandwich that features plenty of meat, the portabella cheese steak may just be the way to go.

8. The Original Italian

Sometimes, you want a sandwich that's filled to the brim with meat. Maybe you're really hungry, or maybe you just know that you need to get some more protein into your diet. Whatever the case may be, the Original Italian is here to "meat" your needs. Just wait until you read the list of ingredients for this one. When it comes to the meat, you'll be getting prosciuttini, salami, pepperoni, ham, and cappacuolo. Yes — this sandwich comes with five different types of meat. As you've already figured out, we don't love the ham, but all of the other slices are delicious. Of course, with so many types of meat in one sandwich, you don't really get the chance to taste them individually.

Once you add in the veggies, this is a complete meal on its own. You probably won't even have to get chips or dessert to feel full after you finish one of these. It isn't for the faint of heart, but if you don't mind clogging your arteries a bit, the Original Italian should be on your list of must-try sandwiches.

7. Cancro Special

This is truly an odd — and interesting — sandwich. It's probably unlike anything you've seen at another sandwich shop, and you probably haven't dreamt up the concoction in your own kitchen before. But when you try the Cancro Special for yourself, you'll see that what appears at first to be an incredibly odd combination is actually pretty delicious. What makes it so different? For one, the Cancro Special features roast beef along with salami. Who thought of combining roast beef and salami? A Pepsi delivery man ordered the sandwich on his way out of the shop one fateful day in 1974, according to Jersey Mike's. It seemed to be a winning combination, so they put it on the menu for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to roast beef and salami, you'll also find provolone cheese and veggies on this sandwich. If we're honest, though, those are just extras. The real magic is in the mixing of these meats. If you want to try something completely new, the Cancro special is definitely what you should go for.

6. Big Kahuna Cheese Steak

There are a few cheesesteak options on the menu when you take a trip to Jersey Mike's, and if you love cheesesteaks, they're all decent options. But if you really want the best of the best when it comes to a cheesesteak, you have to go with the Big Kahuna Cheese Steak. This sandwich is something special, and it all comes down to one very important ingredient: the jalapeños. They add a serious but not overwhelming spiciness to the sandwich for sure, but they also have an acidic kick to them that makes all the other ingredients taste even better by association.

Speaking about other ingredients, you'll also find steak, white American cheese, onions, mushrooms, and peppers on this sandwich. We kind of wish there were more mushrooms in the mix, but considering all the other amazing parts of this sandwich, we can't complain too much. This is definitely one of the tastiest hot sandwiches on the menu, so it's worth a try if you're looking for something hearty and a little bit spicy. But those with sensitive stomachs? Beware!

5. Club Sub

While this sandwich may seem like it's a little bit on the plain side at first, that's part of the reason why we like it. It's one of those sandwiches that you can always order and feel good about because it has basic ingredients that pretty much everyone enjoys. It's the club sub, and it's like a lot of other club sandwiches you've likely had at different restaurants. For starters, it comes packed with ham, turkey, and applewood smoked bacon. While there isn't a ton of flavor coming from the turkey and the ham, the bacon really adds up for that by adding a kick of fat and a more intensely savory flavor.

Onions, lettuce, tomato, and mayo top it off for an ideal, simple sandwich. This is the kind of sub you can share with the whole family, and kids and adults alike are sure to gobble it up. Just because it's not the most creative item on the menu doesn't mean it isn't one of the most delicious.

4. Chipotle Chicken Cheese Steak

We love a sub that offers a kick of spice or an unexpected flavor. While a lot of the subs at Jersey Mike's are relatively straightforward, the chipotle chicken cheese steak has something to offer that a lot of the other menu items don't. The chipotle flavoring may only be coming from the chipotle mayo, but that doesn't mean it doesn't pack a serious punch in the flavor department. That mayo seems to pair perfectly well with the chicken, grilled onions and peppers, and white American cheese.

While the chicken in some of the other sandwiches seems kind of dry, the addition of extra mayo here seems to make all the difference. It adds some richness to the overall flavor, which makes the sandwich go down a lot more easily. And though the mayo certainly has some kick, you don't have to worry about this one being too spicy. The smoky chipotle pepper offers more flavor than it does heat.

3. Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak

Buffalo sauce and chicken is one of those flavor combos that it's hard to go wrong with. Whether you're eating wings, a dip, or any other dish that marries these two foods, you know the end result is likely to be pretty mouth-watering. And that's just the case with the buffalo chicken cheese steak sandwich you'll find at Jersey Mike's. Frank's RedHot sauce blesses the chicken in this recipe with a spicy and tangy flavor that you won't get from any other sub at this restaurant. And because it has a kick to it, it earns a top spot on our ranking.

While the hot sauce is doing most of the heavy lifting here, the lettuce, tomato, white American cheese, and blue cheese dressing aren't there for nothing either. We like the creaminess of the cheese and the dressing along with the acidity of the Frank's RedHot — it's an ideal combo. While this may not be the best choice for you if you're super sensitive to spice, it's not so spicy that you won't be able to enjoy it.

2. Grilled Portabella Mushroom and Swiss

Remember how we mentioned that The Veggie sub was just not it? While we appreciate a vegetarian option at chain restaurants, that one is just kind of sad. But there's good news out there for veggie-hungry diners. If you don't eat meat but are still looking for something delicious from Jersey Mike's to enjoy, then you have to snag a grilled portabella mushroom and Swiss sandwich. You're going to get a ton of mushrooms in this sandwich, and they will give you that meat-like texture and taste you love. This is what sets this sandwich apart from The Veggie: It's actually got something substantial to it, and it won't feel like you're just eating a salad on a piece of bread.

This sandwich also comes with grilled onions and peppers, which definitely helps to up the flavor ante. All these grilled veggies come together to provide just the right amount of sweetness to complement the uniquely savory umami flavor of the mushrooms. Plus, as the name suggests, there's also Swiss cheese on top, so you won't miss that extra salty and creamy touch. This meatless sandwich is definitely one of the best on the menu, so check it out.

1. The Number Four

There are some sandwiches that are super simple, but because they combine the best ingredients in just the right ways, they end up being some of our favorites. When it comes to subs at Jersey Mike's, The Number Four definitely fits that bill. It has our two favorite meats that this restaurant carries: prosciuttini and cappacuolo. But since there aren't any other meats in the mix, you really get to focus on the flavors of these slices specifically. They have a rich, hearty flavor that may be a bit different from your typical cold cut, but they're way better, in our opinion.

That meat is paired with provolone cheese, which we definitely prefer to the more common white American cheese you'll see on a lot of Jersey Mike's sandwiches. Lettuce and tomato top it all off for a touch of vegetable freshness.

If you want a sub-eating experience that's somewhat reminiscent of what you would get in Italy, we completely suggest this sub. We think it's the best on the menu!