Skip The Skewers And Make S'mores Trays For The Ultimate Camping Dessert

One-dish camping meals make being out in the wilderness so much easier. When your kitchen is a fire pit, throwing everything into one pot is the most convenient way to cook. One-dish desserts are possible, too. Just turn to s'mores for inspiration. If s'mores are the classic camping dessert, then s'mores trays are the ultimate camping dessert. They're sharable, customizable, and have the same delicious flavors you know and love.

A s'mores tray is the casserole of desserts. All you need are the traditional s'mores ingredients of chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers, assembled in a disposable aluminum tray or skillet. Cover the tray in aluminum foil and place it over the fire. In less than 10 minutes, you can dip your spoon into a gooey, warm mass of s'mores.

This creative hack was demonstrated in a TikTok video by user @earthtokesh that received over 3 million views — and for good reason. S'mores trays are perfect for large groups, especially if there's not enough space to crowd around the fire pit. Plus, there's no need to be in uncomfortable proximity to the heat as you toast your marshmallows.

Customizing your s'mores tray

There isn't just one right way to assemble a s'mores tray. The easiest method is to break all of the chocolate and graham cracker pieces apart then toss them into the tray with the marshmallows for a jumble of sweetness. You can also assemble the tray more neatly by layering the ingredients and using the graham cracker halves as a guide for portioning out servings. Alternatively, make a s'mores dip recipe by leaving out the graham crackers entirely and using them like chips to dip into the melted chocolate and marshmallows. TikTok creator @earthtokesh also shows how you can customize your tray, adding chocolate biscuits and fresh raspberries. 


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There are many things you should be adding to s'mores. Peanut butter makes a delicious drizzle, but better yet, throw some peanut butter cups into the tray. Similarly, add caramel chocolate squares and a pinch of flaky salt for a salted-caramel flavor. To make your s'mores tray extra gourmet, add fresh fruit; try splitting bananas and layering them in the tray, or toss in some berries — either before the tray goes into the fire or afterward as a fresh topping. Walnuts, pecans, and almonds, meanwhile, are great for adding texture and help subdue all of that sweetness.