The Craziest Things Matt Stonie Has Ever Eaten

In the gluttonous world of competitive eating, several names stand out as champions: Joey Chestnut; Takeru Kobayashi; Sonya Thomas. These people flaunt cast-iron stomachs, and they never cower when faced with a culinary challenge that pushes their willpower and appetite to the extreme. But, a courageous and voracious man named Matt Stonie deserves the same accolades as these belly-busting champions.

Sure, he's taken down massive amounts of hot dogs, pies, and other popular competitive eating favorites, and he's set a lot of impressive records along the way. But he's also ingested some pretty crazy stuff — in massive amounts — and mostly just for fun.

Matt Stonie entered the world of competitive eating to make a name for himself, and when you look at the absolute madness he's forced down his gullet over the years, you'll probably agree he's destined to go down as one of the greatest of all time. These are the craziest things Matt Stonie has ever eaten.

Matt Stonie ate dozens and dozens of cupcakes

It's one thing having a voracious appetite, but it's another mustering up the guts to stuff your face with so much food you know full-well the next 48 hours will have you hobbling to the restroom. Well, eating 125 cupcakes in one sitting will have you familiarizing yourself with that porcelain god pretty quickly. Matt Stonie knows this all too well.

Even though the tray of vibrantly colored frosted cupcake tops looks like a party ready to explode, the resulting bloated stomach Stonie shows the camera is cause for anything but a celebration. He manages to take down all 125 in under 10 minutes, tossing those frosted muffins back one by one and washing them down with a quick gulp of water. To make the whole process as efficient as possible, Stonie removes all the wrappers before the timer begins so it's simply a pop-and-go cupcake feast.

You might not want to invite him to your next birthday, however; there won't be any dessert for the rest of the guests.

Matt Stonie drank a lot of honey

Whenever you're discussing a previous night's meal with a friend, you never want to describe your food intake in pounds — that's way too much food. But, for Matt Stonie, adding a few temporary notches to his belt is a weekly activity, and when he discusses his meals, "pound" is a word he throws around regularly. Case in point: the honey challenge.

Stonie finds himself in a sticky predicament, staring at two pound-and-a-half bottles of honey on his kitchen counter, but he knows full-well the only way out is chugging that thick syrupy nectar until it's gone. And man, does he go for it once that stopwatch begins. Slugging it like an energy drink, you can see the wincing in his eyes as he tries to gulp down the molasses-like substance as fast as possible. But, in typical Stonie fashion, the champion comes out on top and polishes off both of those golden plastic bear-bottles.

Bees would be so proud.

Matt Stonie devoured a lot of marshmallows in a minute

Competitive eating goes hand-in-hand with both volume and speed. Sure, taking down seven dozen hot dogs is quite the feat, but how fast can someone make it happen? Matt Stonie knows time is of the essence during his challenges, and he only gave himself one single minute during his 80-marshmallow-eating extravaganza. What a chaotic 60 seconds it was.

Giving yourself one minute to do anything means you have no time to dilly-dally, so when that timer started racing, Stonie began shoving fistfuls of those puffy white morsels into his face with some serious aggression. He had his trusty water right there with him to wash everything down, and once that clock finally hit 60 seconds, our boy was stuffing the last of those 80 marshmallows into his mouth.

If you ever go camping with this guy, make sure you triple down on the s'mores ingredients in case Stonie's appetite takes over.

Matt Stonie ate a party's worth of Super Bowl food

Not only is the Super Bowl a great day to gather with friends and watch an intense football bout while shelling out a healthy dose of smack-talking, but it's also a perfectly acceptable time to put aside the diet and indulge in those cheat foods you're always thinking about. The Super Bowl brings out the glory and the gluttony in us, and when you have an appetite like Matt Stonie, there's a whole lot more gluttony going on. Welcome to the Super Bowl challenge.

Who knows if Stonie is actually a football fan, but he made sure to eat enough Super Bowl food for an entire room of gridiron fanatics. He lays out before him an entire pizza full of toppings, a massive bowl of Doritos chips, three bowls of refried beans, three burgers, and a tub of everyone's favorite Super Bowl staple: buffalo wings (75 of them!). It was enough food to feed a neighborhood, but that didn't stop Stonie from demolishing it. One hour and 20,000 calories (yes, you read that right) later, he was literally so full he couldn't even move.

Matt Stonie demolished a ton of Eggo waffles

Waffles make mornings better, plain and simple. Who can resist drizzling that sweet syrup into those square pools and letting it soak into the bread, making for a delicious way to start the day? Well, while enjoying a waffle or two puts a smile on your face, staring at 100 Eggo discs is a totally different situation. In fact, it might turn you off of waffles for good. Well, luckily for us, Matt Stonie steps up to the challenge so we don't have to.

This was actually the second time Stonie attempted this challenge, and being the gluttonous perfectionist he is, he took another crack at it to improve his time. The first time, back in 2013, it took him a little over a half hour to complete, and he wanted to step his hustle up in preparation for the 2019 SJ Barracuda's World Waffle Eating Championship. After pouring a healthy amount of Aunt Jemima's on each 50-waffle pile, he took down almost eight pounds of Eggos in just over 15 minutes!

Matt Stonie swallowed so much lime Jell-O

The colorful jiggly experience Jello-O offers makes it a huge hit with kids everywhere. Plus, you can mold it into awesome shapes to make dessert time even better. But, Matt Stonie only needs one shape for his gelatin, and that shape is a massive gallon-sized bowl. That's right. He made a gallon of lime-flavored Jello-O, grabbed himself a spoon, and dug in like a fiend.

The first dozen or so bites go great — how could they not (it's Jell-O!)? But, all good things eventually come to an end, and not long into the lime-favored journey you can tell the excitement in each bite's gone away. Soon, it becomes a mind-over-Jell-O situation. However, all it takes is 18 minutes for the contents of the bowl to land in Stonie's stomach. Even though he reigns supreme, he does admit the jiggly texture took a lot to overcome at one point, and he had to fight back gagging.

Matt Stonie struggled through a bunch of raw broccoli

No one liked hearing the words "eat your vegetables" at the dinner table growing up. Who has time for leafy greens when dessert is sitting on the counter just waiting for hungry mouths to devour it? Well, if Matt Stonie's broccoli challenge proves anything, it's that his parents probably didn't have to tell this guy to eat his veggies — he did it on his own in great quantities. But, even those of us who absolutely loved adding roughage to our diets would find it tough to stomach 500 grams (about a pound) of completely raw broccoli.

One pound might not sound like a lot in the world of competitive eating — and it's not — but when you're choking down dry raw broccoli, that pound is a struggle to get through, even with several glasses of water. You can tell just how dry every mouthful is, and Stonie almost upchucks on several occasions. Six minutes into the challenge, however, the broccoli is gone and Stonie walks away a victor yet again.

Matt Stonie took on a bunch of Pocky pieces

Anyone who's eaten Pocky knows you can mow through about a dozen of those chocolate-covered wafer sticks pretty easily before you throw in the towel — after that, you're pretty Pockied out. But, Matt Stonie doesn't tire out easily on any food challenge, so he thought it a good idea to attempt an epic Pocky feat. And, when we say epic, we mean it to its fullest definition. Stonie sat in front of a pile of 1,620 Pocky sticks and pondered his existence before diving in.

Imagine eating over 1,000 pieces of anything? You can't. It's an absurd amount of substance to put into your body. Well, competitive eaters, as we know, turn those "I can'ts" into "I'll trys." But, it isn't always pretty, and victory isn't always achievable. Case in point: this Pocky challenge. Stonie went in with his head held high but left with his pride hanging out to dry.

At one point in the video, Stonie's camera battery dies, leaving the viewers in suspense as to whether or not he completes the daunting task during the blackout. However, when the video picks back up, the Pocky sticks stand undefeated, and his stomach suffers some serious battle wounds. Still, he ate more Pocky than most people will in a lifetime.

Matt Stonie attacked a massive plate of pork ribs

For those who love their meat, stripping some succulent barbecue off of a rib is one of the greatest joys in life. And, a beast like Matt Stonie loves a good rib as much as the next guy. Or, the next 99 guys. In an attempt to put every carnivore to shame, he orders two massive trays of pork ribs, stacks all 100 of them on a serving tray, and attempts to finish the whole thing.

What exactly does the calorie count look like for a heaping pile of 100 sauce-drenched ribs? Stonie was faced with about 15,000 of them, but he went into battle with his head held high. During the challenge he explains the ribs are St. Louis style, which means the meat sticks to the bones as opposed to tenderly falling right off. This makes things a bit more challenging (a little more legwork for the mouth muscles), but you can tell Stonie thoroughly enjoys the flavor. And, the empty plate in front of him 50 minutes later proves it.

Matt Stonie ate way too many Big Macs

That iconic McDonald's burger is named "Big Mac" for a reason. It's big, it's filling, and people probably shouldn't eat more than one of them during a single meal — or even a single day. Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun are enough ingredients to satisfy anyone's appetite. Except, of course, for people like Matt Stonie. This guy doesn't settle for one measly Big Mac. In Stonie's world, he takes them down by the dozens.

Two dozen plus one to be exact. Big Macs should never come in orders of 25, but Stonie isn't your average patron. Those golden arches indicated a Mac challenge, and he stepped up to the plate with a cast-iron appetite ready to conquer 25 sandwiches. The sheer insanity it takes to attempt this is unfathomable, but Stonie reaches the finish line in only 22 minutes. That's less than one minute per Big Mac! It's safe to say he might hold off on his next McDonald's excursion for a few years. You can only Big Mac so hard before taking a long break.

Matt Stonie ate a whole lot of Pop Rocks

Why settle for a boring old chocolate bar when you can experience candy? Pop Rocks offers fructose fanatics a physical experience as they eat. The fizzing and popping of the colored crystalized "rocks" makes for an awesome treat, and when the party in your mouth finally fizzles out, you often crave more. But, Matt Stonie figured out just how many Pop Rocks warrants a crackling mouth-rave coming to an early close.

Usually Pop Rocks are consumed by the packet, not by the bowl. But, this is Stonie we're talking about, and he doesn't know the meaning of a standard serving size. Apparently, a serving of Pop Rocks to Stonie is 350 packets, and that's exactly what he poured into a massive clear bowl in an attempt to shovel the 14,000 calories into his face, all while popping and fizzing his heart out.

Well, things didn't exactly work out the way he thought. Completely underestimating how terrible the crystal sugar intake would taste, he bailed out long before the pile was finished. But, he definitely put a bigger dent in it than the average human could even fathom. Next time, Stonie. Next time.

Matt Stonie set records with a big pile of Peeps

No Easter basket is complete without those neon-colored rows of marshmallow Peeps poking out the top. They really only pop up around Easter time (and a few other holidays in limited amounts), and Matt Stonie decided to make a festive feast out of the gooey treats. In typical Stonie style, he loaded up on boxes of Peeps and dumped 200 of them into a big serving bowl, ready to dive head-first into the sugar-laden bushel. The entire bowl held over 1,300 grams of sugar, but Stonie attacked it with the force of 1,000 stomachs.

One after another, he forces down the fluffy chicks. He doesn't exactly look like he's enjoying it, but he maintains a solid pace throughout all 14 minutes of the mission. Alas, Stonie comes out ahead, toppling the epic bowl of Easter goodies and earning himself yet another incredible "W" on the scoreboard of eating challenges and setting a world record. 

The next year, in 2017, Stonie ate 255 Peeps in an eating competition and broke the world record he'd already set himself.

Matt Stonie ate more mashed potatoes than you serve at Thanksgiving

Garlic mashed potatoes are one of those side dishes you're always happy to see passed around the table during dinner. They're fluffy, tasty, and the ultimate comfort food. But, potatoes are also quite filling — that starch is no joke when you indulge in too much. Matt Stonie, however, doesn't know the meaning of "too much," so he made himself a monstrous 15-pound bowl doused in gravy and gave his stomach the test of a lifetime.

One saving grace when it comes to mashed potatoes is the fact no chewing is involved. This saves energy to keep swallowing bite after bite, but it's still far from easy to handle 15 pounds of anything. For a few moments, viewers are unsure if our man will actually make it to the end, but sure enough, he's eventually scraping the last spoonful out of the bowl and finishes with pride.

People joke about the dreaded "Freshman 15" new college undergrads might develop in their first year away at school. All it takes for Stonie to achieve that is one bowl of mashed potatoes.

Matt Stonie ate an uncomfortable amount of scrambled eggs

There's a scene in the classic film Cool Hand Luke where Paul Newman attempts to eat 50 hard boiled eggs in jail. Matt Stonie saw the film, loved the idea of taking on 50 eggs, so he put his own little spin on the obstacle: What if he scrambled the eggs as opposed to hard boiling them? Would it be easier or harder? Well, there was only one way to find out, and that's the Stonie way.

Stonie admitted his choice for scrambling them over hard-boiling was his own personal preference. Either way, it's the same quantity as Newman's challenge, so have it your way Stonie. After scrambling the massive skillet of eggs, he added some scallions and a touch of salt and was off to the races. It only took six minutes for him to shovel in the entire tray of scrambled fluffiness, and the victory was nothing short of "eggs"-cellent!