The Surprising Items Martha Stewart Keeps In Her Pantry

Martha Stewart is a woman just full of surprises! Back at the end of the last century, she was the household goddess everyone loved to hate, because she was just too, too perfect and there was no way anyone could ever live up to her ornately-sculpted jack-o'-lanterns, her gold leaf-wrapped hazelnut brittle, her s'mores made from homemade marshmallows, and other Pinterest-perfect recipes and crafts from a time long before there was even a Pinterest — and of course, there were never any (documented) Martha fails. But then, the unthinkable was thunk, the goddess was de-throned, and Martha actually spent time in jail.

When she got out, though, she didn't slink off into shame and obscurity. Instead, she reinvented herself as a domestic diva with an edge, became BFFs with Snoop Dogg, the host of her own reality show, and a stacker of wine glasses. Even her food preferences aren't quite what we'd come to expect of her — who'd ever have guessed Martha is a hater of truffle oil and a lover of American cheese

A recent peep inside her pantry which she shared on Instagram put us back on familiar territory, however, since of course Martha Stewart would have 47 varieties of salt and 27 different olive oils. And really, who else could even name more than a few types of either condiment?

What else does Martha have in her pantry?

Martha recently cleaned out just the savory portion of her pantry, a feat which took her until 10 pm. In addition to her gargantuan oil and salt collection, she also has, "Numerous kinds of vinegars, pastas, Many types of hot sauces and barbecue sauces Lots of Asian ingredients for Japanese, Chinese and Thai recipes, Lots of liquor and liqueurs for cooking and baking," although of course, "The serious stuff is in the wine cellar for parties or in the freezer for mixing drinks." She's also got "Quite a few types of rice [and] grains, [but] only one small jar of garbanzos [since] I don't use very many dried beans."

Martha admitted to not being all that thrilled by her massive pantry clean-out, although she did say she'd get pretty mad at anyone who dared to mess up her arrangement. She's also glad there will now be no need to make any last-minute grocery for a missing ingredient — although what could possibly be missing from her magic pantry, besides perhaps a second jar of garbanzo beans? 

She also announced her intent to donate all duplicates and discards to her farm workers so they need never experience a tragic deprivation of EVOO or fleur de sel themselves. Congrats on your accomplishment, Martha, and may we say how much we're looking forward to seeing your "sweet" pantry? (Place your bets now for how many different types of sugar she's got in there.)