This Is Martha Stewart's Unique Hidden Talent

There's no denying that Martha Stewart is a woman of numerous talents. She used to be a world-famous domestic diva who could do everything absolutely perfectly — from cooking to cleaning to decorating, if it had to do with gracious living, everything Martha did was apt to be not just a Good Thing, but the Best Thing.

Then finally Martha seemed to slip up, and ended up doing jail time, but when she came out, she was, if anything, even more perfect — the new and improved Martha, now with street cred. She even got a new blockbuster hit TV show co-hosted with the coolest bestie any woman could ask for — Snoop Dogg. Since she's been back on the outside, Martha's also opened up about some wild stuff including an, um, intimate knowledge of sexting, an unexpected talent for rolling really tight joints, and a gift for cup stacking. Martha being Martha, though, she does not perform this last party trick using red Solo cups — instead, she prefers fine crystal goblets.

Martha's wine glass stacking feat

Out to dinner with friends at a restaurant one night, Martha decided to get a little crazy. She posted a picture to Instagram which showed her balancing a stack of four wine glasses — and not just empty ones, either. It looks like she alternated the glasses by color of contents, with red wine on the bottom, then white, then red, then white again on top. She captioned her photo, "Conversation lively — Martha gets adventuresome... One of my favorite balancing acts stacking wine glasses !" — the interesting implication being, if this is "one of her favorite[s]," then she's done it before. Or does she refer to some other type of balancing act of which she's adept at?

Hmm, now we're envisioning her spinning fine Limoges china plates... or perhaps she'd stick to her more budget-friendly line of Martha Stewart Collection dinnerware. Martha is nothing if not practical, after all. She even offers the following advice on a subsequent Instagram post for all those would-be fellow wine glass stackers: "Don't try it if you have had too much to drink! or if you are wearing a very expensive outfit!" Thanks for the tips, Martha, but few of us would ever dare to compete with you. If glass-stacking was an Olympic event, you'd win the gold medal for sure.