The Wendy's Chicken Nugget Deal You Won't Want To Miss In September

Back in April, Wendy's offered customers free 10-piece chicken nuggets when they ordered through Postmates, according to The Krazy Coupon Lady. That might have been due to a beef shortage at the time (via Thrillist). But if you were someone who missed out on this deal or you just love chicken nuggets, then your time has come again. The fast-food chain is launching another 10-piece chicken nugget promotion this month.

Thrillist encourages you to choose any excuse you need to take advantage of these free chicken nuggets whether it's celebrating National Chicken Month, joining the new Wendy's Reward Program, or just trying to end a bad day on a positive note. No matter what happens, those free chicken nuggets will be there for you through September 27th. They're super easy to get, and best of all, there are other perks coming to Wendy's fans that will likely have you visiting a location more often this month. The only catch to free chicken nuggets or any of the other deals is that you will need your smartphone and you'll need to download Wendy's app.

Here's what you need to know

To get free 10-piece chicken nuggets from Wendy's, you'll need to make any purchase through the fast-food chain's app. When they say any purchase, that means you can just buy a small fountain drink and get a free order of nuggets on the side. Really, any purchase qualifies you for this promotion. Just remember to place your order on your phone's Wendy's app. As if free nuggets were not enough, you'll find plenty of other incentive-worthy deals inside the app too. Think coupons for $1 off any soda, $3 off any order of $15, and $2 off any breakfast or Premium Combo meal, according to Thrillist. That means you could get a dollar off a soda that gets you one purchase closer to 10 free nuggets.

If you join the Wendy's Reward Program in addition to downloading the app, then you can gain points with your purchases. Eventually, those points will also earn you freebies. So, if you're already making any purchase for free nuggets, why not join and earn points for more free Wendy's? It's so easy to join and it will only pay off as you visit. Download the app and join the rewards program today, then go pick up your first order of free nuggets.