The Rare McDonald's Travis Scott Action Figures That Will Be Worth A Ton

McDonald's and Travis Scott have dropped the big one in their ongoing promotion: a limited-edition action figure of the Houston hip-hop star that will go to five lucky winners of a Twitter contest. The contest announcement shows an image of the mini-Travis Scott in a clear case, which would be ideal for collectors or resellers. Entering the contest is easy, but you must follow the directions exactly. Quote the tweet from McDonald's and add the line, "Cactus Jack sent me to @McDonalds #CactusJackSweepstakes." Many people have already entered, but your chances might be better than you think. Some people are tweeting the line without retweeting the original McDonald's post. McDonald's is gently reminding them to do the quote and the retweet if they want to be entered.

McDonald's also tweeted some of the rules. The contest is only valid in the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, and you must be at least 14 years old to enter. Click through to the fine print, and you'll find that people can only enter one time — don't bother spending the next 48 hours doing nothing but retweeting. The contest ends at 9 a.m. EST on Sunday, September 27. McDonald's and Scott are giving away five action figures, which were first popularized in the chain's TV commercial for the Travis Scott meal.

How much would you pay for a Travis Scott action figure?

Music and fast food fans have responded well to the McDonald's and Travis Scott partnership. Introduced on September 8, the Travis Scott meal, also known as the "Cactus Jack" after Scott's record label and nickname, was the rapper's favorite McDonald's meal growing up: a Quarter Pounder with added bacon and lettuce, fries, barbecue dipping sauce, and a Sprite. The meal was so popular, McDonald's started running out of some of the ingredients that go into the burger. To fix the problem, McDonald's started offering the low $6 price on the app only. The Travis Scott meal is available through October 4.

Since McDonald's and Scott are giving away only five action figures, there's no telling what these rarities might fetch on the resale market. Scott fans risked arrest by stealing vinyl Travis Scott meal posters off McDonald's windows and then put them up for sale on eBay for as much as $6,000. The $90, 3-foot-long chicken nugget pillow that sold out on Travis Scott's merch website is on the resale market on eBay for upwards of $7,500 or more. On Twitter, someone suggested the resale price for the action figure would be $60,000. Another Twitter user replied, "that's gonna be minimum pricing."