This Is The Kind Of Contestant Who Will Never Win On Hell's Kitchen, Judge Says - Exclusive

It's always exciting to take bets when you're watching Hell's Kitchen – to guess which of the wannabe chefs will make it to the finale and which ones will end up going up in flames once culinary legend Gordon Ramsay deems them unworthy. The suspense can be pretty intense, except if you're a true veteran of the show (which is now in its 19th season on FOX). In that case, you may have noticed that there's a certain pattern to which types of chefs incur Ramsay's wrath and end up getting shown the door.

No one knows this better than chef Christina Wilson, judge of this season's "Red Kitchen" and winner of season 10. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Wilson shared the obvious giveaways for a dead-in-the-water Hell's Kitchen contestant. "You can size people up pretty quickly," Wilson explained. "One of the biggest tells is how they react to constructive feedback. You have your people that'll soak it in and, 'yes, chef, okay.' And they will apply it and move on." These contestants often go on to do great things, Wilson noted.

The number one clue that a contestant will get cut, according to Wilson

So which contestants won't make the cut? Wilson said anyone who seems to be hypersensitive can't take the heat, and needs to get out of Hell's Kitchen. "You have your other people that'll get really defensive and shut down because they just don't know how to take feedback like that in the moment," she explained.

Those aren't the only chefs who don't have what it takes to make it to the finale, Wilson added. "And then you have your excuse type people," she said, who shout things like, "I was going to do that" or, "Marrisa's the one that made the eggplant today!" They say these things "just have to have something to say back," according to Wilson. Instead of getting upset or blaming someone else, successful candidates know how to take it on the chin. "Who I find is most successful are the ones that are, 'yes, chef,' absorb the feedback, and then are able to apply it and grow significantly throughout their time on the show," she said.

You can catch chef Christina Wilson on season 19 of Hell's Kitchen, now on FOX.