Dunkin' Has Good News For Fans Of Its Cold Brew

Fresh off marrying couples at a drive-thru on the Friday before Valentine's Day (via KIRO7), Dunkin' is wasting no time moving on to the next thing. As described in a press release, they're hoping you'll love their latest breakthrough in coffee drinks: Dunkin's Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam. No pressure – we're not talking marriage here. Maybe just one date with this new drink, which comes in three flavors. See how things go. If you like it, maybe you and Sweet Cold Foam will become an item around town. To hear Dunkin' tell it, Sweet Cold Foam is pretty special. You may even decide to stop seeing other coffee beverages altogether.

If you're going to get to know cold sweet foam a little better, we should start at the beginning. Dunkin' put cold brew coffee on its menu in 2016, joining a cold-brew craze that Starbucks had started the year before (via The Motley Fool). Dunkin' says its cold brew coffee is steeped in cold water for 12 hours. To be clear, cold brew is different from iced coffee, which is brewed the regular, hot way, then put in the refrigerator to cool. Cold brew ends up being smoother and more caffeinated than iced coffee (via Chameleon Cold Brew).

Sweet cold foam adds a new dimension to cold brew

Of course, Dunkin' customers have been known to customize their cold brew. Most famously, TikTok star Charli D'Amelio always orders her Dunkin' cold brew with whole milk and three pumps of caramel swirl. Dunkin' appreciated D'Amelio's frequent cold brew shout-outs on TikTok, so they named her favorite drink after her. You can go to Dunkin', ask for "the Charli," and have the same beverage experience as a teenage millionaire.

While a lot of people love cold brew coffee, it simply tastes like coffee – granted, with a note of chocolate, as Dunkin' describes it. Also, cold brew doesn't have anything particularly special going on when it comes to texture. That's why Dunkin' decided to add a new dimension to the cold brew experience by topping it with Sweet Cold Foam. "It has a sweet, vanilla-forward flavor that perfectly complements the rich chocolate notes of our cold brew, adding even more flavor, texture, and richness to every sip," one of Dunkin's cold foam developers said on the chain's website.

Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam will be available at Dunkin' locations starting February 24. It will be offered for the special price of $3 through March 23. Choose from three options: straight cold brew with Sweet Cold Foam, Chocolate Stout, or the Charli Cold Foam. The stout version will remind coffee drinkers of the beer, with a hint of molasses flavor. It's topped with hot-chocolate powder for even more chocolate kick.

Dunkin' contest winner will get their go-to drink on the menu, just like Charli D'Amelio

The third Sweet Cold Foam flavor option at Dunkin' is the Charli Cold Foam. Order that, and you'll get Charli's three pumps of caramel swirl added to your drink, along with cinnamon sugar.

Dunkin' is focusing a few special promotions around the new Charli Cold Foam. Order the drink through Dunkin's app February 24-26, and the doughnut-and-coffee chain will donate 50 cents to the Dunkin' Joy in Childhood Foundation, which helps children's hospitals host proms. Fans who love both Dunkin' and D'Amelio might be excited to see their own personal beverage choice on their local Dunkin's menu. They will get that chance through a TikTok contest that runs March 3-10. Post a video describing your favorite Dunkin' drink with the hashtag #DunkinMenuContest, and you'll get your drink up on the menu board and personal video shoutout from D'Amelio herself.

Finally, if you're a Dunkin' rewards member you'll get five times the Perks points when you order the Charli Cold Foam, February 24-27. So don't be shy. Order Charli's signature drink by name – even if D'Amelio herself is too bashful to do it (via Elite Daily).