Why Charli D'Amelio Hasn't Ordered Her Signature Drink From Dunkin'

At just 16 years old, Charli D'Amelio has achieved what is possibly considered the absolute pinnacle of teenage success. Not only does she have a super popular TikTok account with over 93 million followers tuning in to see her dance moves, but she's now got a Dunkin' drink named after her as well! Seriously, how will she ever top that? She might as well retire now and enter a convent for a life of quiet contemplation — but then, it would have to be a convent that allowed Dunkin' delivery since D'Amelio is evidently quite the fan.

Dunkin' locations nationwide have doubtless been flooded with hordes of tweens all clamoring for "The Charli" -– which consists of a cold brew made with whole milk and three pumps of caramel swirl, according to Fox News – but one person who has yet to order the beverage is Charli D'Amelio herself.

Charli D'Amelio feels self-conscious about asking for her drink by name

So why hasn't Charli D'Amelio ordered her signature drink yet? Did she suddenly convert to veganism or cut out all sugar from her diet? No, nothing quite so drastic. On a recent episode of her new podcast 2 Chix (the other "chik" being her sister Dixie) D'Amelio explained that she's just a little shy about doing so (via Elite Daily).

While it would be nice to think that D'Amelio disclaimed this beverage once she realized how unhealthy it is and how it really isn't a great thing for growing teens (or anyone else) to be ordering, that is not the case. This drink is still Charli's go-to order, and Dunkin' still her go-to coffee shop. It's just that, as she told podcast listeners, "I haven't ordered it as 'The Charli' because I get nervous! I feel like they're going to make fun of me... But seeing everyone else order it is really cool." Well, okay, that makes sense; but what would be even cooler is for D'Amelio to maybe speak out and tell her young fans that this drink should really only be a "sometime thing," now that she sees just how much influence her actions can have on young viewers.