Gordon Ramsay's Hilarious Reaction To This TikTok Donut Bread

One of the most popular YouTube genres, from back in the days when YouTube was a thing (remember them, kids? kind of like TikTok for people with attention spans over 30 seconds long) was something called reaction videos. Popular titles included such gems as "Kids React to Blockbuster Video" and "Elders React to Kim Kardashian." Well, trust TikTok to evolve its own viral genre, "Gordon Ramsay Reacts." 

It seems Ramsay's new hobby is watching TikTok cooking videos and then ripping them to shreds, which he famously did with this teen's scrambled egg demo, this self-proclaimed chef's attempt to cook steak in a toaster, and this Louisiana cook's steak-seasoning technique. Ramsay's latest viral "duet," where he split-screens with a TikTok cooking video while providing his own take on it, involves a guy who bakes bread with a secret ingredient: Dunkin' Donuts. What did Ramsay think of this new recipe? He reacted pretty much as you'd expect, with his patented blend of disbelief and outrage at what he clearly considers to be a crime committed against food.

Gordon Ramsay was unimpressed, to say the least

TikToker @jojo_sinz flat-out admits that his donut bread was a blatant attempt at getting Ramsay's attention, but if his statement of "this will be my last video trying to get Gordon Ramsay's attention," is anything to go by, it hasn't been his first. In fact, he's actually posted previous "Willitbread" (as in, "will it bread?") TikToks where he bakes bread with such unconventional ingredients as spaghetti and meatballs, Valentine chocolates, and Lady Gaga Oreos. While all of these sound even more dubious than donut bread, still, it was this last effort that caught the celebrity chef's eye.

Ramsay starts out his video by assuring the TikToker, "Trust me, you've got my attention now...you're NOT slicing up donuts to put inside a bread dough with sprinkles, no, come on." He goes on to question the bread's calorie count and the baker's technique (admittedly, sped-up TikTok cooking would make even Julia Child look like a bumbler), but it was the end result that drew the video's best line from Ramsay, "It looks like a deflated football!" (Hey, maybe they could market this under the name of Brady Bread).

No matter what Ramsay thought of this new recipe, at least that TikToker achieved his 15 minutes of viral fame. While the original video earned a respectable 488.8K likes, Ramsay's remake has 1.4 million. Guess that's #goalachieved.