Gordon Ramsay Has A Strong Reaction To TikTok Steak Expert

There's more than one way to cook a steak: Gordon Ramsay's way and many, many wrong ways. We imagine that's how Ramsay sees it, anyway, as he scrolls through TikTok looking for other chefs to scold. Ramsay spends so much time on TikTok, ridiculing other chefs, that his bio on the video-sharing platform says, "I cook sometimes too." Ramsay's duets — split-screens where you see someone else's video on the right side, while Ramsay gives commentary on the left — are his most popular TikToks, routinely racking up tens of millions of views.

One of Ramsay's recent duets was with another TikTok celebrity chef, from a very different world. The chef goes by @stalekracker, and he shoots TikTok and Instagram videos (and plenty of deer) from his Louisiana home. Watching @stalekracker, you'll learn how to clean a cooler full of crawfish, turn leftover crawfish into a tasty fettuccine, or drive your Cadillac full-speed, in reverse, into a plastic garbage can full of water. For some reason.

When @stalekracker got around to demonstrating how to cook steak, Ramsay decided to step in with one of his famous duets (via TikTok). You'd be surprised how similar @stalekracker's methods are to Ramsay's.

Ramsay seems obsessed with the TikTok chef's seasoning belt

While Gordon Ramsay and @stalekracker's methods have a lot in common, the Louisiana-based cook started off on the wrong foot by throwing a stick of butter into a hot cast-iron pan. "The butter will burn in 10 seconds, especially that hot," Ramsay warned. Next, @stalekracker tossed in hunks of chopped garlic. Ramsay: "No! Chop the garlic like that, it will burn as well."

TikToker @stalekracker says to cook steak three minutes on each side, on medium heat — the same advice Ramsay gives in a YouTube video. But the stale one makes another mistake when he transfers the almost-done steak from the frying pan to the open flame for a sear. "No! You put the butter after, sear first!" Ramsay says.

As Ramsay's TikTok commenters noted, the Brit went easy on the chef (via Delish). Ramsay never once yelled, "You idiot," instead, calling @stalekracker "big boy." Ramsay seemed more interested in @stalekracker's signature seasoning belt. "Is that a seasoning belt you've got on? What do you got, a beer in there?" Ramsay asks. The answer, incidentally, would be "yes." Ramsay also noticed a deer antler dangling from the belt. It happens to be the handle on a knife sharpener.

Ramsay eventually questions the wisdom of working with that belt. "Have you got too many beers in that seasoning belt?" We think @stalekracker was in total control. There's no evidence in his steak video that he ever whipped out his promotional Kong beer bong.