This TikTok Spoon Hack Makes The Perfect Egg Sandwich

The incredible, versatile egg. There are literally dozens of ways to cook an egg, and we don't doubt that there's a TikTok hack for most of them. One recent TikTok trend says you can crack an egg perfectly simply by dropping it into the pan. (It doesn't always work, as learned.)

But cracking an egg isn't really cooking an egg. It's just the first step. TikToker Josh Elkin takes us all the way from the first crack to the first bite with his egg sandwich hack. He borrows an egg hack that's been trending recently on TikTok. Ashleigh Dumas (@ashdee44) demonstrates this hack in a video that's been watched 2 million times: You can separate the yolk from the whites while frying an egg by pouring the egg onto the pan through a slotted spoon. The spoon catches the yolk, so you then plop the yolk on top of the whites.

We're not sure what this accomplishes exactly. People who enjoy their yolks runny might like this hack because the whites start cooking before the yolk hits the pan. In any case, Elkin takes the slotted-spoon hack and shows his nearly 500,000 followers how to make the perfect breakfast sandwich.

Does this TikTok egg hack really make a better sandwich?

Elkin's TikTok account, labeled "Homemade recipes you never thought existed," is very egg-heavy, with each video attracting tens of thousands of eyeballs at least. His egg sandwich hack went viral, with 12.1 million views. Elkin takes his audience through his egg sandwich hack step by step in the video, posted about a week ago.

Elkin pours two eggs through his slotted spoon, making sure to oil both the pan and the spoon first. Drop the yolks on top of the whites; add cheddar cheese, bacon bits, and black pepper; then fold into a handy "egg pocket" once the whites start to brown. Place the egg pocket between two pieces of toast, and there you have it. "Never skip egg day," Elkin advises at the end of his video.

Commenters on Elkin's TIkTok had mixed reactions to this particular egg hack. You can't please everyone, of course. Some people thought the whites were overcooked. Others said the yolks were too runny. As for the virtues of slotted-spoon hack itself, TikTok user @goverboe found it to be "life changing," while @sweetlikehoney75 asked, "Why have I never separated the egg like this?" But then user @mtgator was there to tell them why: "Because it's unnecessary and doesn't do anything to make it better. You've been doing it right all along."