The Best Dinners To Make When You're Craving Something Creamy

You know those times when you get a craving you just can't ignore? Sometimes, the craving is for something specific, like pizza. Other times, it's a little more nebulous — you may not know exactly what you want to eat, but you know the genre it falls into. If you're feeling that way now and are in the mood for something creamy, we've got the recipes for you.

These are amazing dishes to make when you want to eat something that's rich, smooth, and indulgent. Whether you want something that's going to be more on the filling side or you're looking for a lighter side dish, we have plenty of options for you. And even if you don't find the exact recipe you want to make here, you can at least get some ideas on how to fulfill your craving for creaminess.

When you're ready to indulge in the creamiest recipes we've published here at Mashed, take a look at these dishes you can make on any weeknight. One thing is for sure: You're not going to be disappointed.

Creamy butternut squash stuffed shells

When you're craving something that's as creamy as can be, you certainly can't go wrong with these creamy butternut squash stuffed shells. Of course, you've got the initial creaminess from the butternut squash: If you choose one that's nice and ripe (by tapping and listening for a hollow sound, for example), you'll find that it pretty much just melts in your mouth once you've taken a bite. And this recipe goes even further by adding not one, not two, but three different cheeses to the mix. With the mozzarella, ricotta, and Parmesan all melting into each other, every shell tastes like all of your pasta dreams have come true.

Creamy beef stroganoff

There are some dishes that, for many people, are classics, as they likely ate them when they were young for several nights a week. And that's why classics like this creamy beef stroganoff make people feel nostalgic the second they take a bite. Luckily, this recipe is just what you're looking for: creamy, filling, and perfectly hearty when served over pasta (or really over any other carb). It might seem like this recipe is difficult to throw together, but when you see how easy it is, you might start making it on the regular as well.

Creamy fettuccine Alfredo

When you think of the ultimate creamy dish, what's the first thing that comes to mind? If you're like most people, your brain goes to fettuccine Alfredo. Why? Well, this classic dish is a favorite for many, even young kids. It's fairly inoffensive but can taste downright mouthwatering when it's done right. If you want to make sure you serve up the very best bowl of the stuff, you have to check out our very own fettuccine Alfredo recipe. You may think that this pasta will take a long time to make, but it can actually come together in under ten minutes. So, why are you not already boiling the water for your pasta now?

Creamy winter squash soup

When you're looking for a soup that feels healthy and light while still warming you up on the coldest of winter nights, you have to turn to this creamy winter squash soup. It's filled with veggies and other good-for-you ingredients, but at the same time, it's really hearty and filling. You can eat a huge bowl of it without feeling bad, but it also works perfectly as a side dish. And when you consider that it's actually pretty easy to make, there's no reason why you shouldn't give it a try for yourself. If you love healthy and creamy dishes, this one is sure to please.

Favorite creamy macaroni and cheese

Here's the thing: There are some dishes that will never go out of style, and the iconic recipe that comes to mind is mac and cheese. Kids love it, adults love it, everyone loves it. It's creamy, cheesy, and gives you the kind of comfort that you can only get from a steaming hot bowl of pasta. Of course, everyone has different ways of making it, but if you want to try it the Mashed way, you have to check out our favorite creamy mac and cheese recipe. It may be simple, but sometimes, the best things in life just are.