Fans Are Heartbroken Over This Spring Baking Championship Loss

Jahmal Dailey had a good run in season 7 of the Food Network's Spring Baking Championship. But that run came to an end this week, and his fans took to Reddit to commiserate over his loss. For Dailey, who is a top-notch baker like everyone else in the competition, the March 22 episode was just one of those days.

"I felt awful for him. He had a terrible day in the kitchen, and with a group this talented you will go home for that," Reddit user Missie1284 said. Redditors discussed how Dailey decided to ditch raspberry as an ingredient in the middle of a heat, which caused him to be too rushed. "Had to have been so disheartening to hear that you made one of the best-tasting dishes only to be eliminated," JoeMama9719 said.

To hear the judges tell it, Dailey consistently made good-tasting dishes in the first few rounds of Spring Baking Championship. In a clip from the show Dailey posted on Instagram, he presents the judges with coconut rum hot cross bunnies, with prickly pear jam. Judge Kardea Brown declared the bun itself to be "incredible." Brown added, "It's nice and crusty, and it's so fluffy and airy on the inside. It just really does melt in your mouth."

Despite his departure from Spring Baking Championship, Jahmal Dailey says he is proud

Two days before the February 22 premiere of season 7 of Spring Baking Championship, LRM Online posted an interview with contestant Jahmal Dailey on YouTube. Without giving anything away, of course, Dailey discussed the stresses that came with being on the show. "It gets so chaotic, I think that I was definitely kind of scrambling a little bit at pretty much every point," he said in the interview. "At the end of the day you can plan all you want, but then, like, life happens," he added. Dailey also told the LRM Online interviewer that the show changed him for the better. "Some of the challenges were like, ridiculously out of the box, and I was able to really do some things I was proud of," he said.

In the real world, Dailey runs The Dailey Pastry shop in Brooklyn. Now that the show is over, Dailey told LRM Online, he wants to focus on promoting his unique macarons. He has come up with a vegan and nut-free version of the pastry, which is a real feat because the outer cakes of the macaron are traditionally made with three ingredients: sugar, egg whites, and ground almonds.