Twizzlers Is Coming Out With Its First Mystery Flavor. Here's What We Know So Far

One sure way in the food product biz to generate a lot of buzz is to release a "mystery flavor." Airheads have been working this angle for almost 30 years, Oreos have done it a few times, and even juice-makers Snapple have joined in the fun. If there was one product you wouldn't think would need a mystery flavor, though, that product would be Twizzlers

They're already plenty mysterious as they are...are they licorice, or aren't they? (Some non-Twizzler fans may even question if they're candies at all, or just some kind of scented novelty eraser). And the flavor, such as it is, of the red ones...sure, they say it's supposed to be strawberry, but has anyone, ever, detected even a hint of resemblance to the actual fruit? Perhaps the biggest mystery of all, however, may be the enduring popularity of Twizzlers in a world with millions of better tasting candy. Nonetheless, Team Twizz has said that they, too, are going to be dropping their first-ever mystery flavor this spring.

What could the new flavor be?

As Twizzlers' Senior Associate Brand Manager, Ryan Hagemeyer, announced in a recent press release (via Cision), "In 2021, TWIZZLERS is getting in on the mystery game with a fun and flavorful twist by introducing its first-ever TWIZZLERS Twists Mystery Flavor," comparing the enigma to that of centuries-old cryptids such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Chupacabra. While it's doubtful that anyone's quite so excited to discover the secret behind Twizzlers' new flavor, the search for this elusive beast will require little in the way of expensive equipment and Twizzler hunters will likely face nothing riskier than unwanted weight gain or tooth decay.

The Twizzlers company aren't giving out hints as to what the new flavor will be, but they did release an image showing the candy to be purplish-brown. So could it be grape? Possible — Candy Blog says Twizzlers did do a limited-release Pull'n'Peel Grape about 10 years back, and their current Pull'n'Peel Fruit Punch combines grape, orange, and cherry strands. The color may also indicate some kind of berry or possibly even plum. Despite the brownish tint, it won't be chocolate, since chocolate Twizzlers already exist. It's always possible, though, that Twizzlers are trolling with a color meant to mislead, and their new product is actually coconut or mango-flavored. Guess we'll just have to chew on this problem a while and see if we come up with anything.