Oreo's Mystery Cookie Flavor Isn't What You Expected

We like to pride ourselves on our carefully honed taste buds, whether we're using them to determine which wines you should be drinking and which you shouldn't, or ranking Oreo flavors from worst to best. But even we have to admit that the newest Oreo mystery cookie flavor isn't what we expected.  

Oreo released their newest mystery flavor back in September 2019, which followed the release of a mystery flavor in 2017 that ended up being Fruity Pebbles cereal flavored (via Today). 

This time, the mystery Oreos in question featured the usual chocolate Oreo cookie, but the creme in the center was doctored up with a mystery flavor. Now, Oreo has revealed exactly what that flavor is. 

What is Oreo's mystery flavor?

Those who tasted the mystery Oreo flavor before the truth was revealed picked up on a heavy taste of cinnamon, leading some to think that it was an assortment of flavors including egg nog, caramel corn, praline, and graham cracker (via The Takeout). 

While picking up on the cinnamon flavor was astute, it turns out these tasters were on the wrong track. Oreo has revealed that the mystery flavor is actually churro (via Today).

While we may have missed the mark, someone did guess correctly. Oreo held a contest for fans to guess what the mystery flavor was, and the winner is now going to receive a $50,000 prize for guessing correctly (via USA Today). 

For those who are curious, churros are sticks of choux pastry that are deep fried, and then rolled in cinnamon and sugar (via Living Tours). You can enjoy them as-is, or dip them in chocolate.

These Oreos, with a cinnamon-creme filling and chocolate cookies, seem to capture that flavor flawlessly. 

Strangely enough, this isn't Oreo's first foray into the world of churros. Before they introduced their churro-flavored Oreos, they started selling Oreo-flavored churros, which were frozen chocolate churros stuffed with cream filling (via Walmart). Who knows how they'll be able to combine the two in the future.