Seriously Delicious Things To Make With Zucchini

It's easy to overlook zucchini: It's not really one of the fun-looking items in the produce section, the green color kind of blends in with everything else, and it's not something you really crave. Like, ever. We're going to change that, and there's a few reasons you should definitely add zucchini to your list of favorite fresh foods!

For starters, they're super easy — and fun — to grow. According to Off the Grid News, zucchini is one of the best things you can opt for including in your garden, and once a plant starts producing, it's going to produce a lot. (And some plants start producing in just 48 days!)

Healthline says that while zucchini is usually referred to as a vegetable, it's more scientifically accurate to call it a fruit — and there's a thing you know now! They're filled with all kinds of important nutrients and antioxidants, and they've also been linked to things like maintaining a healthy digestive system, reducing blood sugar levels, improving eye and heart health and even helping with weight loss. They're a total package!

Now, let's talk about some incredible dishes you can make with zucchini — and be warned, these are so good, you might just want to try to plant your own!


So first, the elephant in the room: What the heck is albondigas? Even though it's a Spanish word that translates to "meatball," this dish is about so much more than just meatballs. Our albondigas recipe is essentially a meatball soup filled with the flavors of Mexico and the southwestern United States, and it's proof that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And there's a lot of parts here, including vegetables like zucchini, celery, carrots, and onions. Fortunately, they're all totally amazing!

Zucchini tzatziki

Tzatziki is one of the culinary world's most brilliant sauces, and while you might be familiar with the recipe that uses cucumbers, we've actually created a version of tzatziki that uses zucchini instead! It's still incredibly easy to make, still calls for other traditional ingredients like Greek yogurt and lemon juice, and it's brilliant on everything from fresh veggies and crackers to our classic gyros. Try it on kabobs, pita chips, or dab it on a sandwich, and don't worry — if you don't use it all, it'll keep in the fridge for a few days.

Zucchini enchilada boats

Anyone who has planted zucchini knows that you'll end up with a lot of it, and a great way to use a couple entire zucchinis for dinner with our delicious zucchini enchilada boats. You're essentially going to hollow out the zucchini to make the "boats," and then, we'll tell you just how to turn these skins into a quick, easy, and filling meal filled with all the flavors of your favorite enchiladas. (And don't worry — there's no waste, as we use the insides of the zucchini, too!)

Zucchini Walnut Bread

One of the best things you can possibly do with zucchini is zucchini bread, and even if you have your favorite go-to recipe, check out ours for a zucchini walnut bread that's bound to become a family favorite. The mild flavor of zucchini pairs perfectly with bold lemon, and once you add that glaze over the top of the loaf, you're going to want to make another loaf while the first one's still warm! This is one sweet treat you'll feel good about giving your family.


Here's another one that might have you saying, "What's that?" 

"Calabacitas" means "zucchini" in Spanish, but there's so much more in this dish that even if someone in your family might turn their nose up at zucchini, they're going to want to give this light, fresh dish a try. There's a ton of kid-friendly corn in our calabacitas recipe, along with squash, a bit of kick from a jalapeno (or few, if you're feeling spicy), and Southwestern flavors from queso fresco and cilantro. Who says vegetables have to be boring?

Fried zucchini

When it comes to classic dishes, it doesn't get much more classic than fried zucchini. It shows up on countless menus, but this dish — which was invented in the US by Italian immigrants — is so easy to make at home that it might find a home in your regular cooking rotation after you give our recipe for fried zucchini just one try. You'll need just a handful of ingredients and yes, while this is fried, you'll also find that the process adds a brilliant crunch without the soggy texture you sometimes get at a restaurant. Win!

Late summer ratatouille

There are some meals that are just meant to be enjoyed while sitting on the back porch, enjoying the long daylight hours of a hot summer day — and our late summer ratatouille is precisely one of those dishes. This French classic is filled with all kinds of vegetables like zucchini, peppers, and tomatoes, and it's the perfect dish to whip up after a trip to the farmer's market. And best of all? It might take a while to make, but it's so easy it definitely calls for enjoying a bottle of wine with the process.

Pasta primavera

If you love pasta but you're looking for a way to prepare it that gets away from the heavy red sauce, we have the perfect recipe for you: our pasta primavera. Instead of a tomato-based sauce, your pasta and veg — including asparagus, zucchini, and squash — are finished off with just a bit of olive oil and some Parmesan cheese. It's enough to add some extra flavor to the pasta but not so much that it overpowers the delicious veggies, and considering you can have this on the table in just half an hour, it's a total win.

Greek stuffed peppers

A meal doesn't have to be unhealthy to be hearty and filling, and for proof of that, just take a look at our Greek stuffed peppers recipe. These halved bell peppers are filled with all kinds of yummy — yet healthy — ingredients, including zucchini and tomatoes. Ground beef adds some heft to them and builds them out into a full meal, and the traditional Greek flavors (and feta cheese) makes this anything but your standard, traditional, boring old stuffed peppers.

Sloppy joes

Parents know how tough it can be to get kids to eat their veggies, or to try something new. Fortunately, we have the perfect way for you to sneak some veg into your kids' meals, and not only will they not know, they'll be asking for seconds! Our sloppy joe recipe is ideal for sneaky additions: While the official recipe calls for peppers and onions, we also have a ton of recommendations for other veggies you can fine-chop, mix in, and cover with sauce. In addition to zucchini, try carrots, sweet potatoes, or other types of squash for some extra health benefits.

Moroccan chicken with vegetable couscous

Some nights, you're just in the mood for something a little different, a little light, and a little spicy. Those are the nights that are perfect for our Moroccan chicken with roasted vegetable couscous, and don't worry, it's not as complicated or time-consuming as it sounds. Most of the spice comes from giving your chicken a quick marinate in some Moroccan classics, and alongside couscous is the perfect way to serve roasted veg: There's no overpowering or hiding here, so you'll be able to savor those delicious roasted veggies right along with your chicken.

Easy sheet pan chicken

It doesn't matter how much you love cooking, it's the clean-up that's always the worst. We're huge fans of one-pot and one-pan dinners, because let's be honest — we want to make cooking fun. That's why we love meals like this sheet pan chicken breast that's so much more than just protein. Basically, you're going to roast chicken breasts right alongside the meat, and here's the brilliance of this. While our recipe calls for carrots and broccoli, you can absolutely mix and match to include things like zucchini, corn, and parsnips. You don't even have to adjust the time!

Mexican shepherd's pie

Shepherd's pie is a traditional European dish that includes lamb as the meat, but we've taken the idea of a shepherd's pie and given it a complete overhaul into this recipe for a Mexican shepherd's pie. We're using beef instead of lamb, and we're filling the meat with all kinds of New World ingredients, like zucchini, corn, and black beans. The whole thing is topped with a wallop of mashed potatoes, and not only is this a great way to get your family eating their veggies, but there's going to be no complaints!

Egg roll in a bowl

An egg roll might be one of the best components of your meal when you order Chinese takeout, but they're not super healthy. Sure, they're filled with all kinds of delicious, crunchy veg, but it's the deep-frying that hurts! Fortunately, we've taken all the goodness of an egg roll and made it a dash healthier with our recipe for egg roll in a bowl. It's got all the crunch of cabbage and carrots, the flavor of the pork, and it's perfect for adding additional veg like zucchini, broccoli, or baby corn, too.