The Legendary Hardee's Secret Menu Item You Never Knew Existed

Is there anything more fun than being in on a big secret? It's all so mysterious and thrilling to be one of the first people to know and be part of the "in crowd." As most fast food lovers can attest, this is especially true when it comes to secret menu items. There's something special about ordering food that's off-menu — and a total unknown to other people — that makes these dishes feel more exotic and exciting. While some staff may not be as into learning a new menu item, others take great joy when you mention secret keywords like "Burritodilla" at Chipotle.

Many other fast food places (including McDonald'sBurger King, and Wendy's) have items that are exclusive and secret, but can still be ordered at most locations — presuming the employees are in on it or you have the recipe handy. Hardee's is no exception, with one very special item that you may want to remember next time you place an order.

Hardee's secret menu item is deliciously Southern style

According to The Takeout and the Sandwich Tribunal, there are varying myths about this secret Hardee's menu item. Story number one tells of a local farmer who lived and worked near a Hardee's in Macomb, Illinois and ordered a customized item that included "biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, and Hardee's Hash Rounds — a bite-sized version of hash browns shaped like coins" (per The Takeout). This meal eventually became known as The Harold, named after this smart farmer, and was adopted by other Hardee's locations because of its growing popularity.

Story two takes a different turn. In this version, Harold was a Hardee's employee, not a customer, who would often put these well-fitting menu items together on the sly. The popularity of the dish grew with employees — so much so that others took note and started following suit with preparing the dish.

Regardless of which Harold actually created the namesake concoction, it sounds like a great and hearty meal perfect for breakfast or brunch time.