This Fan Favorite Will Make A Guest Appearance On Duff Goldman's New Puppet Cooking Show

Fans of the Food Network show "Spring Baking Championship" may be pleased to know that one of the fan favorite guest judges – Duff Goldman's mom, Jackie Winch — will have a spot on his new kid's baking show, "Duff's Happy Fun Bake Time."

Some "Spring Baking Championship" viewers quickly developed a sweet spot for Jackie after her appearance on the program back in 2016 (via IMDB). Duff's mom charmed the audience by revealing, among other things, that "Duffy" is the adorable name the cake mogul's family calls him (via Twitter), and it stems from his older brother's attempts to say "Jeffrey" when baby Duff was brought home from the hospital.

One of Duff's followers on Twitter, @kmagana1102, tweeted "@Duff_Goldman your mom is awesome! So fun to see you and her interact together!" Another, @SpookyGemology, suggested on Twitter that a petition be started for Jackie to become a full-time judge on "Spring Baking Championship."

Knowing how many love his mom, Duff proudly keeps fans updated via Twitter on Ms. Winch's doings — including the time during 2020's pandemic lockdown when she demonstrated her impressive hula hoop skills (as soon on the social media site).

Duff's Happy Fun includes a visit from mom Jackie

Duff Goldman also revealed via Twitter that his mom Jackie Winch makes an appearance on his new kid's puppet and cooking show, "Duff's Happy Fun Bake Time."

The six-episode series debuted April 29 on discovery+ and features the TV personality in his laboratory kitchen along with some creative and entertaining puppet friends. Duff teaches them about the science of cooking and baking, and everyone learns how to make some delicious dishes. The show is produced by The Jim Henson Company, creator of "The Muppets," according to discovery+.

In the first episode, titled "Pasta," Duff hosts a dinner party and makes a homemade Italian feast, according to Food Network. His puppet buddies help him pick a pasta shape and Duff teaches them all about the history of the noodles, and how to make them, as well as the accompanying pesto and meat sauces. Along the way, Duff and his friends visit his mom Jackie's kitchen, where she gives them her favorite pasta dish, her very own noodle kugel (via Decider.) Decider opines that Jackie, from whom Duff seems to get his relaxed and easy manner, should make more appearances on the kid's show. We're sure Jackie's fans will agree.