Here's What The Members Of BTS Really Eat

McDonald's soon-to-be-released BTS meal is a bit of a departure from the chain's previous celebrity meal deals. Both the Travis Scott and J. Balvin menus were supposedly based on those stars' go-to orders, but the BTS meal would be the first one named after an entire group. The meal, available on May 26, will include 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, fries, Coke, and Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces. So do all, or any, of the BTS members actually list McDonald's chicken nuggets among their favorite dishes? They're not really saying, and, more to the point, neither is Mickey D's. A press release put out by the latter organization (via PR Newswire) made no such claims, merely quoting BTS' record label as saying that "The band has great memories with McDonald's." Memories of what, they don't say. 

Still, speculating on what the members of BTS would eat at Mickey D's, or if they even eat there at all, got us wondering about their favorite foods in general. With all the dancing these young men do, they must work up some kind of appetite. Does each one of these "bulletproof boy scouts" eat nothing but home-cooked favorites, or do they enjoy a bit of fast food from time to time?

BTS enjoys American fast food

According to an interview that BTS did for People magazine's YouTube channel, all of the members of BTS are quite fond of certain American fast foods. The overwhelming favorite, popular with each member of the group, is Panda Express! Suga and V started chanting "Panda, Panda, Panda," while Nam-joon (RM) confessed "I guess you didn't expect this, but we love Panda Express," adding "it's always tasty, it never gets bad." In fact, Suga loves it so much that later in the interview, he claimed he'd even like to open a Panda Express franchise in Los Angeles. (Should he ever do so, expect lines around the block!)

J-Hope and Jin do have a favorite American burger chain, as well — and no, it's not the Golden Arches. Both of them expressed a preference for In-N-Out burgers, animal-style of course, with Jin adding that he likes to order his with a Sprite. Jimin and RM named another favorite dish of theirs, Chicago-style pizza. They love it because, as Jimin points out, "It's really thick."

They've also got their Korean favorites

Just because BTS are now international superstars doesn't mean they're not still fond of Korean home cooking. In a BuzzFeed video where all the members took one of that outlet's "Which member of BTS are you?" quizzes, they named a few of their favorite Korean dishes: black noodles, also known as jajangmyeon, for RM, bulgogi for Suga and J-Hope, and the popular street food lamb skewers, aka yanggochi (via AgWeek) for V. Jungkook, Jimin, and Jin went for steak, which is delicious prepared Korean-style. BTS discussed their favorite Korean foods in their People YouTube interview as well, with J-Hope giving a shout-out to kimchi fried rice and the whole group saying their favorite chain is Yam Yam Chicken, Korea's answer to KFC.

Evidently, none of the band members have had much time to perfect their cooking skills, though. One Quora thread discussed appearances band members have made on Korean cooking shows. While the general consensus seems to be that no BTS member would survive for too long in Hell's Kitchen, RM's knifework when he attempted to chop an onion was so epically bad that it became instantly meme-worthy.

But BTS still loves sweets and snacks

While BTS may make what they do seem easy, the fact is, they have to train pretty hard to stay in shape for their concert tours and music videos, as CheatSheet shares. After all, they not only sing, but they also perform some pretty complicated choreography. While BTS Bomb says that band members get serious about working out and dieting when they have a tour coming up, that doesn't mean they still don't love to snack. 

Each member has a favorite snack food, according to Buzzfeed. V and Jungcook pick popcorn, Namjoon and Jin are all about gummy bears, Jimin and Suga keep it healthy with fruit, and J-Hope shouts out "I love lollipops!"

That same video also covered their dessert preferences. V likes waffles, Jungkook prefers pancakes, J-Hope will take tiramisu, but for Suga, Namjoon, Jimin, and Jin, it's all about ice cream. Yet another video from BangTanTV shows the band members indulging in ice cream — fish-shaped, corn-shaped, and red bean popsicles, the last one being something Jungkook says is one of his favorites. He also shared that he's partial to green tea and mint chocolate ice cream, but doesn't care for "tangy and tart" fruit flavors. Other BTS members' preferences, according to the Run BTS! broadcast (via KoreaBoo), include chocolate for Jin, ice cream with popping candy for J-Hope, pear for RM and Jimin, and apple with strawberry sauce for V, while Suga shares Jongkook's fondness for red bean. Another dessert the band members all love is churros, telling SiriusXM's Morning Mash Up that they first tried them at a theme park in Korea.