Why Duff Goldman Is Confused By This Dairy Queen Blizzard Ad

Leave it to the perennially whimsical-yet-science-y celebrity chef, Duff Goldman, to deconstruct a Dairy Queen Blizzard advertisement until it either makes no sense at all or all the sense in the world, depending on your own unique worldview. The host of Food Network's appropriately whimsical-yet-science-y "Happy Fun Bake Time" took to Twitter the other day to register his legitimate confusion over a Dairy Queen advertisement for its iconic frozen soft-serve-mix-in-mashup, The Blizzard (via Twitter).

According to Goldman, the ad lists the various mix-ins that you can have incorporated into your DQ Blizzard. The ad purports to accompany this listing with visuals seemingly intended to show viewers precisely what said mix-ins actually look like (um, just in case you don't know what M&M candies or Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies look like?). The only problem is that the video doesn't match the audio, and Duff Goldman picked right up on this. Here is the reason why Duff Goldman has found himself strangely confused about a Dairy Queen Blizzard ad.

Duff Goldman wants answers to this confusing Dairy Queen Blizzard ad

On June 27, Duff Goldman, formerly of "Ace of Cakes" and currently of "Happy Fun Bake Time," observed on social media that a certain Dairy Queen ad had him scratching his head (via Twitter). "Alright, there's a @DairyQueen ad where they're listing off the ingredients you can get in a Blizzard, and as they say 'peanut butter cups' and 'cookie dough' they show the ingredients. But then they say Snickers, and they show Oreos, then they say 'Oreos' and show ... wait for it ...Oreos." With a "throwing the arms up in confusion" emoji, Goldman signed off with a quiet (all lower case) "wth." 

Hey, Duff Goldman, we feel you and can't help but wonder — was Dairy Queen was planting a pro-Oreos subliminal message? But we can't say for sure because when we went to look for the ad, it was nowhere to be found. We're thinking perhaps Goldman's tweet inspired the soft serve giant to pull the ad for repairs. In any case, July's official Blizzard of the Month is made with neither Snickers nor Oreos, but rather Nestlé Toll House chocolate chip cookie chunks. So maybe we should all just pretend like this never even happened?