The Meal John Legend Eats Before He Goes Onstage

Most people know that Chrissy Teigen's husband, superstar musician John Legend, is a bit of a foodie himself. If you did not, well, he is and you should visit Teigen's Cravings site ASAP to learn how to make his breakfast sandwich because it deserves its own star. (That's not hyperbole. It's that good.) You will definitely be skipping the McDonald's run with this one, kids included. Food is definitely a focal point in the Legend household. Teigen is always sharing her eating adventures with her hubby and kids, and Legend told GQ that cooking is a big part of his and Teigen's life together. Not to mention if you check out both of their Instagram posts, many of them involve eating. A couple after our own heart. 

But when Legend is touring, what is his go-to meal before he takes the stage? Is it fast food? Is he as big of a fan of Del Taco and Taco Bell like his wife is? The "Preach" songwriter revealed to GQ that he did a juice cleanse to prepare for his 2018 performance in "Jesus Christ Superstar" to get ripped abs, and while his team definitely includes green drinks on his hospitality rider, that's not Legend's meal of choice before he starts crooning.   

John Legend loves roast chicken and steamed vegetables

John Legend's pre-show meal is super healthy and he says he eats the same food before every show. Legend told GQ, "I eat the same meal every time, usually a half-hour before I go on: roasted chicken and steamed vegetables, usually broccoli. Some people don't like to eat before they sing, but having a meal makes me feel more warmed up and ready to go." Broccoli definitely has its haters, but Legend is not one of them. He said, "Broccoli is like my favorite vegetable. It's the s**t. I love it." 

How does Legend like his roast chicken? Delicious, obviously. He further enlightened fans, telling Cooking Light, "I like it nice and juicy and flavorful. It makes me feel like, 'I'm ready to go sing now.'" After he has sung his heart out and the fans have gone home, Legend shared he relaxes with a cup of tea. So relatable, right? And when the Grammy award-winning singer finds himself jetting off to his next destination, he told GQ that, if he is going to eat at an airport, he likes to enjoy a meal from Shake Shack. Just like us.