The Secret Ingredient In John Legend's 'Nightstand Sammie' Is A Total Game-Changer

The one positive thing we can report about Chrissy Teigen's hospital stay is that she isn't putting up with hospital food. Between blood transfusions, John Legend is spoiling his pregnant wife with chocolate ice cream, bags of candy including Reese's, Mike & Ikes, and ring pops, chocolate pudding pies, and Chinese chicken salads (via Instagram). When it comes to food, clearly  Teigen and Legend were raised right.

Want to peak into the model and actress's upcoming, third cookbook? Take a tour through Teigen's Instagram world, stopping at her herby, crunch noodle saladspan maple-glazed orange chicken, and Sweet chili chicken fajitas recipes, and start daydreaming. But if Teigen can bring it in the Kitchen, so can Legend. He proved as much when he gave Teigen's Instagram followers a sandwich-making masterclass from the foot of the model and actress's hospital bed (via Insider). His so-called "nightstand sammie" is made up of all the ingredients you would demand of comfort food: buttered bread, dijon mustard, mayonnaise, American cheese, ham, and crispy lettuce. Already salivating? Legend added an extra-something that elevates his nightstand sammie into an instant classic. 

John Legend's special sandwich ingredient

What does an 11-time Grammy Award-winning artist know about the kitchen (via Grammy Awards)? A lot, as it turns out. John Legend knows, for example, how to make pancakes so delicious that he stopped ordering them at restaurants (via Instagram). And while for that, particular recipe, you'll have to wait for Chrissy Teigen's next cookbook, Teigen was not hesitant to show the world her husband's secret to a spectacular sandwich. Drum roll, please. 

It's Lay's classic potato chips. "Lay's are perfect cause they lay perfectly," Legend explained to Teigen's Instagram following (via Insider). Here's how to do it like Legend. Always butter your bread. Always. Then, add mayonnaise and dijon mustard to your sandwich slices. Only after this do you have permission to add the chips. Following a healthy layer of Lay's, two slices of ham and two slices of American cheese are in order. Finally, top your nightstand sammie with a piece of fresh lettuce. 

We nearly forgot. John Legend has a cardinal rule when it comes to sandwich making. "The cheese should not touch the bread," he said, "so I like to put it in-between things, I don't know why."