These Chocolate Gems At Costco Are Turning Heads

When you want to find out about the latest goodies at Costco, there are a few fan Instagram accounts that give all the scoop, like @costcobuys that often shares delicious and exciting new gets with their 434,000-plus followers. Fans have been following along as the feed has shared things like baklava trays, raspberry crumble cookies, edible brownie batter, chicken stir fry, mashed sweet potatoes, and many more unique finds.

And the popular account recently shared another fantastic item from deep within the Costco aisles: Hu Snacking & Baking Gems. These bite-sized chocolate treats have graced shelves along the East Coast, and snackers and bakers alike can't get enough. According to the Hu website, the Gems are made with three ethically sourced ingredients: organic house-ground cacao, organic cocoa butter, and organic unrefined coconut sugar. The Hu Gems are certified Fairtrade and USDA organic, and are also vegan, Paleo, and gluten-free, and the product contains no refined sugar, no cane sugar, no unnatural flavors, no dairy, no sugar alcohols, no stevia, no soy lecithin, and no sunflower lecithin. Even better, @costcobuys shares that they taste great and are much cleaner in the ingredient list than traditional chocolate chips.

Where to find Hu Gems at some Costco locations

The product appears to be now available at select Costco stores in the following East Coast states: New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Washington, DC. Fans from California, Wisconsin, Texas, Georgia, and other states are already sharing their hopes in the comments section of the @costcobuys post, hoping that Hu Gems will make their way to other states soon, as they are a must-have for snacking and baking.

You can also purchase Hu Gems, along with other tasty (and clean!) products, from Hu's online store as well. And @hukitchen on Instagram shows Hu Gems in action, melting over fruit, baked into cookies, and set aside on the counter for a quick handful. The brand was excited to share on Instagram their 20-oz bags made their return to Northeast Costcos (since they are an NYC-based brand). You can also learn more about founders Jessica, Jason, and Jordan and the story behind their healthy living on the official website.