Aldi Shoppers Are Loving These Taco Bell Tortilla Chips

Taco Bell is a popular fast food chain, and there are so many reasons why their tacos are so delicious. Many people also love their sauces that add extra flavor to the dish, whether it's their hot sauce packets or nacho cheese sauce, the latter of which got an unexpected upgrade earlier this year. And, if you're always leaving Taco Bell with extra sauce packets to hoard for later, then we have good news for you. These new tortilla chips from Aldi may be the next best thing.

Instagram user @adventuresinaldi posted a photo of these Taco Bell brand tortilla chips that appear to come in two flavors: Fire! Seasoned and Mild Seasoned. The new chips of course are inspired by the two popular TB hot sauces, and the bag includes photos of the packets themselves to drive that point home. The photos on @adventuresinaldi's page shows each bag is just $2.99. So, whether you're a Taco Bell fan or just want to try some new (and super tasty) tortilla chip flavors, this product is a great find.

What do Aldi fans have to say about these chips?

If the incredibly enthusiastic comments on the @adventuresinaldi post are any indication, these Taco Bell tortilla chips are a must-have. As one Instagram user wrote, "I bought these last time they had them!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!! So dang good." Another Aldi shopper commented on the Instagram post saying, "OMG!! We need these," and then tagging a friend and using a fire emoji. In fact, plenty of fire emojis are posted in the comments, though we'd expect nothing less of these spicy chips that are sure to be a hot item.

Based on the excitement and the many comments posted, if you see these chips in store, you'll want to grab a bag before someone else does. While you can certainly enjoy these chips on their own, we also recommend using them with our copycat Taco Bell Triple Layer Nachos recipe. Whether you choose the Fire or Mild flavor of these new chips, they're sure to pack an extra punch of spice and flavor on their own or used as the base of a dish. And if you're already at Aldi and craving Tex-Mex, don't forget to keep an eye out for these cheesy stuffed nachos.