TikTok Can't Stop Talking About This $50 Croissant Cereal

Croissants are wonderful plain or with a chocolate filling, but eager pastry chefs and bakers are always pushing the limits of the dessert world. Cronuts put a twist on the classic croissant by combining it with delectable donuts, but this isn't the only form croissants can take. A while ago, there was a trend on TikTok where creators would make their own cereal. But the catch? The cereal is actually mini croissants.

This trend has clearly stuck a chord with some people because TikTok user @chewyorkcity posted a video giving a $50 croissant cereal a try and gave the taste a rating of 10/10. One TikTok user commented, "Stop it who knew cereal could be so freaking cute," and other commenters also wanted to give this cereal a try. But unsurprisingly, some commenters seemed to be deterred by the steep price tag with one writing, "Cool but for 50$ you can keep your cereal." Would you give this cereal a chance?

Here's where you can buy this croissant cereal

If you want this particular croissant cereal, then check out L'appartement 4F's website. The home page of the website says that the bakery is owned by Gautier and Ashley, who started the bakery from their apartment, but according to their Kickstarter, a store location will be opening soon. The top of the home page states that the croissant cereal can be preordered, and you can pick it up in Brooklyn Heights. If you don't want to spend $50 on the cereal, the bakery has other croissants you can order that look just as delicious.

Making these mini croissants must be time-consuming, so we expect that to be the reason for the $50 cereal. The croissant cereal's description mentions that everything is made by hand and there's also cinnamon sugar on these crunchy little croissants. But if you want plain old croissants for cheaper, there are still plenty of options out there. Fans of Aldi might already know about these ready-to-bake croissants, and you can easily make a Costco croissant a lot fancier with a quick hack. Whether you try the croissant cereal or just stick to a plain croissant, you're sure to have a tasty breakfast.