Aldi Shoppers Can't Get Enough Of These Ready-To-Bake Croissants

Looking for a quick, easy way to treat yourself to a sweet pastry first thing in the morning? Thanks to Aldi, it just became a whole lot easier to make the day special with a buttery, flaky breakfast — you won't even have to leave the house to go to the coffee shop around the corner. The supermarket chain's ready-to-bake croissants are here to make your morning. 

Instagrammer The Amazing Aldi, the self-declared "The ORIGINAL Aldi IG fan page" recently posted pics of Aldi's Specially Selected Ready to Bake Butter Croissants and Chocolate Hazelnut Croissants. The account, whose motto is "I love Aldi and it is my mission to get you to love it too," pointed out that these croissants are $3.49. With eight croissants in a pack, that comes out to 44 cents per pack. Sure beats the $2-3 croissants you'd get at your local Starbucks (though it looks like these ones may be significantly smaller).

The reviews of Aldi's croissants are in

These croissants are generating some serious excitement. Another Aldi Instagrammer Aldi Made Me Do It, described as "Your Aldi BFF Your new favorite friend, lets talk Aldi," posted another shot of the croissants. The caption read, "I had to fight with myself to not buy these!! They looked so amazing."

Commenters weighed in with their positive reviews. One said, "Bought one bag Wednesday and went back today and bought 5 more they were heavenly!" Another agreed, "They're delicious!"

An Amazing Aldi commenter added, "They're sooooo good. I was tempted to buy out the freezer on 21st and Woodlawn, but I resisted the urge and left some for others." 

A 44-cent croissant that's good to go, ready to be defrosted and baked with minimal effort? Sounds like a pretty perfect way to start off your day — check the freezer section of your local Aldi for these tasty treats today.