Twitter Has Ideas About What Duff Goldman's Baby Is Thinking In This Photo

Ever since Duff Goldman and his wife Johnna welcomed their first child in January of this year, the internet has been overjoyed by scenes of the jelly bean's experiences, and her dad has dutifully obliged doting fans. "The Ace of Cakes" host wrote in an Instagram post, "We made a family! I have a whole little family! I keep telling Josephine about all the wonderful things she's gonna get to try like pizza and candy and swimming and concerts and riding a bike. She already loves music." The cake master is so smitten with his cutie pie and determined to explore life with her, he declared, "I'm trying to do everything but breastfeeding, the thing I really can't do" (via Yahoo! Life). His philosophy of fatherhood seems to be "do all the things that you can, and get some daddy time."

Goldman has been true to his word about all the wonderful things little Josephine is getting to experience. From eating her first watermelon to spending a little time with "Grandma" Nancy Fuller while filming "The Holiday Baking Championship" to being carried around like a Sack O' Potatoes through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Goldman is making sure the apple of his eye gets to taste all of this world's goodness while getting in that precious daddy time. Well, recently, Goldman shared yet another moment that has Twitter gushing. But this time, some members of the Twitterverse had ideas about what baby Josephine was experiencing in her mind.

Checking her Twitter feed for likes?

In a tweet that now has close to 1,000 likes, Duff Goldman shared with his Twitter followers this adorable picture of baby Josephine sitting in a high chair, writing, "Josephine's first high chair at @hcfj Fozzie's Smokin' BBQ in Bemidji Minnesota!" But Twitter couldn't get over the look on Goldman's baby's face and where that face was looking. One follower hilariously asked, "Is she looking down at her iPhone?" This was echoed by a second person who thought the child looked like someone preoccupied with their phone. Another suggested, "She's wondering where her BBQ is." And a Twitter user seemed to paint a mental scene with a single word: "Anticipation." Whatever she is thinking, she looks pretty chill, and the Fozzie's Smokin' BBQ account tweeted that "little Josephine is, looking awesome in her high chair."

Fozzie's sounds like a prime spot for eating barbecue if you are in Bemidji, Minnesota. One Google reviewer wrote, "Such a great BBQ place! The atmosphere was so comfortable. Saw the owners in the kitchen making food with smiles on their faces. Everything tasted great, Mac and cheese was the best I've ever had. We can not wait to go back!!" A reviewer on TripAdvisor wrote, "Was very impressed! Had awesome food and great service ... it was family friendly." We hope baby Josephine had a similar experience. We can't wait for her to write her own reviews!