Why TikTok Is Cracking Up Over This Chocolate Chip Cookie 'Tip'

Ah, cookies and the internet. Two of our favorite things of all time. Both satisfy the need for immediate gratification and are only really problematic if consumed in excessive quantities.

And of course, chocolate chip cookies are basically a global symbol for peace and harmony, whether you're team crispy and crunchy or team soft and chewy. Since the invention of the classic recipe in the late 1930s by Ruth Wakefield of Toll House fame (via Sugar.org), folks everywhere have tried, tested, and debated what makes the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Food Network even did the grunt work for a lot of us, putting together this Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Guide, using variations of ingredient quantities, substitutes, and baking methods.

But again, there's the internet. Much like how FN's cookie guide is readily available to the masses, so is the satirical and even facepalm-inducing content of TikTok. After all, the name of the game is "views and going viral," right?

This TikTok user's chocolate chip cookie 'tip' has the internet cracking up or facepalming

As we all know, TikTok is a breeding ground for "hacks;" people across the world can now effortlessly share their unique tips and tricks that make everything from peeling potatoes to ordering a burrito bowl at Chipotle easier. Some of these hacks are indisputably good. Stepping up your mashed potato game or making shredding chicken a breeze are some of the viral TikTok hacks that have stood the test of at-home chefs.

Other hacks might be a bit deceiving if you're not great at picking up on sarcasm or satire. Or if you're just not paying close enough attention. TikTok user @yung_francis_bacon recently shared a video that has some of the internet laughing and some of it doing a hard facepalm.

The video shows a very goopy-looking chocolate chip cookie batter that's been splattered onto a sheet pan, then put in an oven and taken out once baked (via TikTok). The result is kind of one large, flat cookie. Not the most appetizing-looking creation but hey, who are we to judge?  Alongside the video, the audio of the user plays as they walk us through their recipe and "tip" for the best chocolate chip cookies, saying to replace all the flour in your chocolate chip cookie recipe with "melted ice."

We just want to let that one sink in for a sec.

This This TikTok user's chocolate chip cookie 'tip' doesn't hold water

Some users noticed an issue with the tip and responded with bemusement or amusement. One commenter wrote, "melted ice um you mean water." Another, less confidently made the same point, writing, "isn't melted ice just water." So, yes. Melted ice = water. And we now have to wonder if this video is really trying to be helpful (not likely) or if it's poking fun at all of the TikTok videos out there showing off "hacks for the best whatever" (very likely). One viewer, who clearly saw the humor, asked, "What if I used melted frozen water? Would that work?" The creator's reply: "Yes I believe so."

The thing is, this user has posted similar videos before, making those familiar with their videos keen at distinguishing these faux hacks from real ones. This "pineapple pizza" video is labeled as a "great recipe" but is just two slices of pineapple with chocolate chip cookie dough spooned on top and baked for some amount of time. So, not really pizza. Also, this TikToker really loves chocolate chip cookie dough.

Whether they're an amateur chef-in-training or just enjoy messing with the internet, this user knows how to get views. Let's just hope they don't take it too far and end up on some list of major internet facepalm moments. In the meantime, we'll keep some flour in our cookies and let the experts make our pizzas, thanks.