Trisha Yearwood Reveals The Recipe Garth Brooks Always Asks Her To Make - Exclusive

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Trisha Yearwood has garnered the attention of country music fans for decades. But that's certainly not all she's known for. The multi-hyphenate talent has also gained the respect and following of many home cooks. With her long-running Food Network show "Trisha's Southern Kitchen," the country star welcomes audiences into her own kitchen to walk them through delicious, family-oriented dishes they can make in their own homes, per the network. And now, her latest cookbook, "Trisha's Kitchen: Easy Comfort Food for Friends and Family" is jam-packed with simple comfort food recipes to share with your friends and family.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, we chatted with Yearwood about all things cooking. Yearwood waxed nostalgic about how her parents influenced her passion for cooking and all about how her new cookbook came together. Another hot topic? The country singer spoke about her husband, Garth Brooks', favorite foods. And some are even in her cookbook! Yearwood dished on how Brooks helped with her latest project and the one recipe that he always asks her to make.

Garth Brooks is a big casserole fan

When asked about her husband's favorite foods, it wasn't hard to pinpoint certain dishes. According to Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks loves anything in a casserole dish. "Anything that's a one and done kind of thing, because he likes to eat the whole meal in the pan," she shared. For Brooks, recipes like a chicken pie made up of chicken and biscuits, or a broccoli chicken cheese rice casserole are the ultimate dish.

His love for casseroles even sparked the idea for one of Yearwood's latest recipes in her cookbook. "He was the one who said 'Hey, can you come up with a breakfast lasagna that's really like a lasagna, not a casserole," she shared. And after plenty of testing, that craving turned into a real recipe made with eggs, sausage, and cheese sauce. "That's kind of become one of our favorites. We love breakfast for dinner so it's not just for breakfast," she said.

Garth Brooks' breakfast bowl is his signature dish

Trisha Yearwood and her husband Garth Brooks definitely share a love of breakfast for dinner. But they certainly still sometimes enjoy a good breakfast in the morning at home as well. We asked Yearwood if she and her husband cook together very often, but for them, it's often best to take turns. "He has kind of some of his specialties, so a lot of times we'll take turns cooking, rather than cook together," she said. And part of that is because Brooks has his own signature recipes he loves to cook, and his breakfast bowl is one of the top recipes on that list.

"I like to sleep in. So I'll wake up and there will be bacon cooking, and I'm like, 'He's doing the breakfast bowl,'" said Yearwood. Yearwood leaves the breakfast bowl cooking up to her husband, especially because it has everything you could ever want for breakfast in it. "It's pretty great. He just rolls up his sleeves and gets in there," she said.

Garth Brooks is an honest taste tester

Garth Brooks certainly has his favorite dishes that Yearwood cooks, and he makes it known. According to Yearwood, Brooks can't even make words if he really loves a dish. "If he loves it, you have no doubt that he loves it because he doesn't speak," said Yearwood. And while she certainly values his positive feedback, Yearwood also noted that her husband's honesty is incredibly helpful as well. "The thing about Garth that sometimes drives me crazy is that he's brutally honest. That's also the thing that I love about him, because when it comes to these recipes, you need feedback and I need somebody to say 'something's missing,'" said Yearwood. And that's exactly where Brooks comes in.

According to Yearwood, Brooks was one of the final taste testers on a lot of the recipes in her new cookbook, and he's one of the best to listen to. "He's also big on texture. So it's not just about the spices, it's about the mouthfeel, which is a big thing," she said. "He's not the guy that just says, 'Oh, it's all great.' You want someone to say 'Hmm, that one ...'" And Yearwood says he's pretty much always right. 

For more from Trisha Yearwood, tune in to Season 17 of "Trisha's Southern Kitchen." To start making Trisha's recipes at home, find great ideas in her latest book "Trisha's Kitchen: Easy Comfort Food for Friends and Family."