Dunkin's Halloween Costumes Are Back By Popular Demand With An Adorable Addition

One thing you may not know about Dunkin' is how committed the donut slash coffee giant is to making sure that Halloween is fun — even during a pandemic. Last year, for example, Dunkin' rolled out its DIY donut kit specifically aimed at making Halloween fun for those staying home, and it was a huge hit. So were Dunkin's spicy ghost pepper donuts. But Dunkin's approach to Halloween is more than just about sweets. Last year, Dunkin' entered into a clever and very successful Halloween costume collaboration with Spirit Halloween, the largest Halloween specialty retailer in North America, according to a press release sent to Mashed (Spirit Halloween is also the maker of the now-famous Flamin' Hot Cheetos costume). 

Last year's collaboration was such a success that this year, they're doing it again. Back by popular demand are the two costumes introduced last year (an adult-sized Dunkin' Hot Coffee and an adult-sized Strawberry Frosted Donut costume), plus two new ones, one of which is a particularly adorable addition.

The latest Dunkin' costume is made for all the munchkins among us

Last year was the first year that Dunkin' and Spirit Halloween collaborated on Dunkin'-licensed costumes for Halloween, and it was an unqualified success. Indeed, the two costumes offered (the adult-sized Dunkin' Hot Coffee and adult-sized Strawberry Frosted Donut costumes) sold out in a mere 24 hours on Spirit Halloween's website. Accordingly, Dunkin' and Spirit Halloween have done it again, only this time, they're introducing two additional costumes, including an adorable one meant just for kids.

Firstly, Dunkin and Spirit Halloween are debuting the adult-sized Dunkin' Cold Brew costume, described in the press release as a "three-dimensional plush iced coffee cup costume ... featuring Dunkin's signature branded iced coffee cup design and orange straw." And for the younger crowd, there is the child-sized Munchkins Donut Hole Treat Box costume, which is described as "bursting with delicious donut hole treats" that comes with a Dunkin' hat.  

"The official Dunkin' costumes at Spirit Halloween allow our fans to take their dedication to the next level," Dunkin's brand engagement manager, Kemma Kefalas, stated in the press release. "With four costume options this year, we can't wait to see all the ways our fans show off that they're runnin' on Dunkin' this Halloween." You can find all of the Dunkin' costumes at Spirit Halloween and online at Spirit Halloween's website for $39.99 each, while supplies last.